Composite Grand Trines: A Relationship Gift With an Edge

Grand TrineA Composite Grand Trine is the mother of all relationship stabilizers. In this configuration, planets in all three signs of the same element in a composite chart (read this PDF to learn about composite charts) form a harmonious angle (approximately 120 degrees) with each other. A magnetic, closed circuit of energy is created and the resulting relationship can become an island for two people. This sounds ideal, but the inherent harmony can become too much of a good thing. Energy in a trine follows the path of least resistance, so a stable but repetitive cycle dominates the entire relationship.

The Composite Grand Water Trine

Think of a cross between an oasis and a whirlpool. This couple is so emotionally connected they can draw complete sustenance from each other. They not only share each other’s joy and pain, they are each other’s joy and pain. Let’s say the trine consists of composite Saturn in Cancer, Venus in Scorpio and Moon in Pisces. Saturn in Cancer can give the relationship an “us against them” attitude. The restrictive qualities of Saturn combine with sheltering Cancer to provide a bulwark against the outside world. The trine to Venus in possessive Scorpio can indicate controlling and/or exclusive love for each other. The Moon in Pisces (fantasy) hooked into Saturn (reality) can mean that this couple creates their own dream world. What was comforting can easily become stagnant.

The Composite Grand Earth Trine

If a Grand Water Trine is emotionally binding, a Grand Earth Trine is binding, period. Here is the relationship that is so grounded it seems to be made from concrete. In this example, Mercury is in Taurus, the Sun is in Virgo and Mars is in Capricorn. Mercury in survival-focused Taurus trine the Sun (identity) in finicky Virgo means the relationship evolves obsessively along conventional lines. Where will we live? Who balances the checkbooks? Mars (energy level) in structured Capricorn gives the relationship ambition. This couple maps out where they will be in 5, 10, 15 years. They work as a team and build their financial future or get divorced but remain bound by support payments and joint accounts.

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Comment below: Do you have any composite grand trines in your relationship?

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. I have a grand air trine with a good friend of mine. We write often to each other, but when we tried a relationship, we just…. floated away. Lol!

    What do you say about a fixed grand cross in a composite? I don’t see much written about those…

  2. brigidmac says:

    Thank you. This was interesting as I haven’t read much on grand trines in the composite chart. I am in a romantic relationship with an Air Grand Trine involving the SUN-SATURN-URANUS. How does saturn and uranus blend harmoniously together? A trine like this almost seems contradictory (stability versus changes). And yes it feels to us both like we are cerebral soul mates..Never experienced anything like it before. Please write more on composite charts…

  3. @brigidmac

    Yes! Cerebral soul mates… that is how it feels with my friend with whom I share a grand air trine. It is actually sun/venus-uranus-saturn with us, and though we experienced “mutual drift” (the composite sun was involved in the trine, but out of sign, in Pisces) in a romantic type relationship, we remain close friends, writing to each other often.

    We have known each other for three years, but our relationship has been in spurts. We can go for months too busy to write or call, then exchange several letters/visits/calls in quick succession, only for it to die down for a while soon after. This is how Uranus-Saturn plays out with us, anyway.

  4. Another excellent article, Nadia. You’re making a habit of it here :o)

    My husband and I have 2 grand trines in our composite, one with earth (Taurus Moon, Mars in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn) and one with water (Venus in Cancer, Chiron in Pisces, Neptune in Scorpio). These help balance us out. We both have Aquarius/Uranus signatures in our natals; our composite has a Moon-Uranus square. Those grand trines add some needed stability.

  5. What about a Grand Sextile?

  6. @Jenevere:
    A fixed grand cross would produce conflict but also the impetus for change. Even in the fixed signs it is a more active aspect then a trine (as it consists of 2 oppositions fenced in by a square). Tension and the desire to do something to relieve that tension.

  7. @brigidmac:
    Saturn and Uranus would work together as the desire to apply structure to anything new (including changes). It’s also a good aspect to have if you ever decide to go into business with each other (structure and ideas). You should also find that your tolerance for each other is high….conservative Saturn is ameliorated by open -minded Uranus.

    There will be more articles to come on composite charts….

  8. @hardyhiker:

    The composite you share w/your husband sounds fantastic. Nice balance between emotion and practicality.

  9. @Angelica:
    A Grand Sextile is quite rare. It would consist of 2 interlocking Grand Trines and 3 oppositions which would form a hexagram (also known as a Star of David). It would involve 6 planets in total. It’s actually a more active aspect then the Grand Trine as the oppositions give the needed tension to prevent things from sliding into the comfort zone. It would all depend on the planets and houses involved but I would say a composite chart w/this configuration would indicate a couple who could accomplish much together. There is enormous potential but an effort would still need to be made to focus the energy in a positive direction.

  10. @psychicphonereadings1 I appreciate your participation but any comments that contribute absolutely nothing to the conversation, i.e., “What a great article. Truly informative and useful. I’ll keep this is mind. Great job.” will be deleted.

  11. ufgatorjul says:

    I’m a little late to the conversation, but hope you can still provide some insight! First, I’ve heard most astrologers would include an angle in a grand trine, but conflicting thoughts on asteroids. What do you think?
    My current partner and I have a Sun-Moon-Venus stellium (Aries, 3rd house) that all form a grand trine with Neptune (Sagittarius, 12th house) and Jupiter (Leo, 7th house). Conjunct Jupiter is the asteroid Karma, which also forms a double grand trine with the Sun-Moon conjunction and Neptune. … If asteroids count… The three-planet stellium is opposite Pluto in the 9th (Libra). And Neptune is opposite Mars (6th, Gemini). Venus sextile Mars, to form the basis of a yod apexing at Uranus (10th house, Scorpio). I’m guessing that these “outs” are good for breaking up the potential laziness that could be caused by a grand trine? Also, we feel extremely energized around each other – I’m guessing this is the strong fire component of the grand trine? (note – the yod scares me a bit, especially with Uranus at the apex and ego/love pushing against it. I’m not sure how to read that…)

    If asteroids count, then we have an earth grand trine: Chiron (Taurus 4th), Saturn (Virgo, 7th), and the Ascendant (Capricorn).

    How tight should a grand cross be? It appears there is a mutable one (Neptune sq Saturn sq Mars sq Mercury, with the oppositions), but it looks a little loose to me (neptune sq saturn is +6S.

  12. Hi Nadia! Loved this post. Would you be willing to tell me what this grand trine is all about? It’s between me and a new love interest. We seem to be really hitting it off and taking it slow and I’d like to learn more about it.

    In fact, there seem to be two trines. Tell me if I’m wrong:

    One is:
    Venus in Leo and 9th
    Moon in Aries and 5th
    Uranus in Sagittarius and 1st

    The other:
    Venus in Leo and 9th
    Moon in Aries and 5th
    Neptune in last degree Capricorn and 1st

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Hi Nadia!

    I hope you don’t mind my further question about saturn/uranus.

    in this composite they are sun trine saturn and moon square uranus.

    do you think it’s possible that saturn can smooth the turbulent nature of uranus to some degree?

  14. Have a grand trine with a guy I just met:
    Saturn to moon to sun/venus/jupiter – they are conjunct, conjunction including also mercury – to saturn.

    The grand trine is seemingly in fire but could be water also.

    We also have Pluto/uranus conjunct ascendant (and in a small trine with neptun and mercury).

    The only square is mars-moon. No oppositions.

    I have a grand trine in my own chart in fire (moon-saturn-jupiter)

    Scary? This is the composite.

  15. What does it mean when you have a composite grand trine in earth with mars, jupiter and neptune?

    would love to get some wisdom for you guys!

    Thanks 🙂

  16. Hi there, I have a Grand Trine in Earth. Sun in Virgo at 8 degrees, Moon in Taurus at 7, Neptune in Capricorn at 7. Very Tight Grand Trine, just wondering what anyone thinks of that and how it will go as My Son to be Born this coming February will have a Grand Air Trine with Me, I just did our Composite chart and it will be with Venus in Libra Trine Jupiter in Gemini Trine Uranus in Aquaurius. any thoughts on us as a Mother Son duo??? any Feedback would be Appeciated beyond wonder!! thank you – Carmela 🙂

  17. Hi!
    What would you excellent astrologers would say about a grand trine of earth in composite chart with Chiron (10th), Saturn (1st) and Mars (5th)? Saturn is unfortunately also in square to Sun and Venus (but sextile to Uranus).

    …Chiron is also standing on MC, if that has any effect.. ?

    In my Natal Saturn is also having quite rough placement, so I am very used to it’s power… I have grand trine of fire (Saturn-Venus-Neptune).

  18. Hi–i just googled grand triangle and ended up here. i just came from an astrology reading comparing mine and my daughter’s charts–i’m 66 years old, she is 32. She is my only child and she had her first baby a year ago. What i was told is that there is a grand triangle, it’s in fire signs, my sun is at 15 Aries, my Venus is at 12 Aries, and my Mars is at 11 Aries. Her Venus is at 16 Leo, my Pluto is at 14 Leo. Her Moon is at 12 Saggitarius. He also said we have an astrological marriage, her Sun and my Moon, in Cancer. He said this means our souls are partners and we are helpful to each other in making progress with stuff we’re here to learn and become. We have always been close and enjoy each other. We are at odds in very few ways, mainly her Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra squaring my Jupiter in Capricorn. That seems to explain a life long conflict that has gotten more evident as she becomes independent, it’s coming out more, her kind of restrictiveness and caution v my expansiveness and hopefulness, it manifests in various ways. Everything else in our charts are trines and sextiles, and conjunctions. i wonder what the influence of the grand triangle is, where we might be stuck and how we might each work with it most creatively.

  19. I found a grand sextile, hexagram, (star of david) in a composite compatibility chart between myself and someone I had a dream about who asked me to do our chart ….. its so rare to have a single star of david but to almost have a double TWIN star of david is legendary! ITs an 11 pointed Star in Water and Earth. If I add the transiting Pluto at 14 Capricorn it does seal the deal of the TWIN Star of David in a compatibility chart.

    If anyone is interested to see it or know more I would love to share this with you!

    I think this could be revolutionary to know if the Twin Flame exists or not as above so below…..because in the Synastry it is His Moon/Isis exact opposite MY Sun/Osirius! : )

  20. TWIN STAR OF DAVID Compatibility Composite Chart.

    Sun/Venus/Mercury/North Node 2nd House Cancer 2*
    Vertex 6th house Scorpio 3*
    Saturn 10th house Pisces 5*

    Uranus 4th house Virgo 6*
    South Node/Part of Fortune 8th house Capricorn 2* 4*
    Anti-Vertex / Anteroes 12th house Taurus 3*

    Second Star of David

    Jupiter Asc 1st Taurus 15*
    Pluto (4th) 12* / Mars (5th) Virgo 18*
    Capricorn 14* 8th house

    Sirius 2nd house Cancer 13*
    Neptune Desc 7th house Scorpio 15*
    Chiron 11th house Pisces 18*

  21. Hi. Very well explained. I had multiple composite grand earth trines in my actual relationship, check this out:

    What do you think about it?

  22. ringsofsaturn says:


    Can grand trines also include angles?


    Composite Sun, Mercury, & Neptune in 5th house Sagittarius


    Composite Jupiter in 9th house Aries


    Leo Ascendant?


  23. Dhara Fae Moonchild says:

    Hey Sheldon! I am in a twin flame relationship too.. in our composite, we have a stallium in our chart of All the planets and some asteroids in the 11th house (of humanitarian works).. except saturn, which sextiles it. It is a unique chart for sure… quiet different from a star of david.. the opposite i wud say! With all the energy focused in 1 section of the chart, as against the star having a beautiful balance with the whole chart energized.

    We have had magical experiances since before we met! Its an incredible relationship.. unconditional love! Comple acceptance of each other and v v progressive. We know we are to work together at some point in the future, and it will be some form of healing/councelling thing.

    It was sooo good to read your posts on a few blogs i stumbled upon.. lets chat! Lets exchange notes! I am so excited to meet another twin flame couple!!

    And oh.. i recently saw a star of david in the composite chart of me and a student/friend of mine. We got v friendly v v soon, its platonic though.. and we have a very karmic/fated synastry too. I teach yoga to him.. wud love to discuss that too with u. Dont know what it means… except it is v significant.

    Please feel free to email me..

    Much love!

  24. bluebird11 says:

    Hi guys.

    I have an grand trine in air in a composite with a friend and am new to interpreting the planets in the grand trine (actually it’s a kite, with a close 2nd kite/castle). Since this is an article on grand trines, I’ll keep the kite questions for another place.

    Is anyone able to give any pointers for how to go about reading this? I have read to pay attention to the houses each of the planets are in.


    Jupiter in Gemini in 10th House
    Moon in Aquarius in 6th House
    Pluto in Libra in 2nd House

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  25. miro westmmas says:

    Hi, any chance of getting a description for fire and air grand trines in composite?? Especially the fire grand trine I would be interested in…

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