The Dance of Progressed Ascendant and Descendant

The study of progress charts provides a deeper insight into our evolving identity over time. The story of our personal journey can be seen through the lens of these progressions – from our natal chart, which outlines our inherent traits, to the changes that manifest with the progression of our Ascendant (Rising Sign) and Descendant.

The Concept of Rising Sign, Ascendant, and Descendant

The rising sign or Ascendant is the zodiac sign rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. It represents your social mask, your approach to life, and the first impression you make on others.

The Descendant is on the opposite end of the spectrum, or the natal chart. The Descendant sign represents how you interact with others, the kind of partnerships you seek, and the traits you admire or desire in others.

From Natal Chart to Progressed Chart

As time passes, your natal planets continue their celestial dance, leading them to change signs in your progressed chart. The first year of your life equates to the first degree of progression, painting a vivid picture of your evolving identity. For instance, if your natal Ascendant was Taurus rising, a calm and steady approach would be your natural state. 

But as your progressed AC changes to a new sign, say, to Gemini rising, you may find new ways of interaction, a newfound curiosity, and an inclination towards versatile and communicative pursuits.

Simultaneously, if your natal Descendant was Scorpio, you might initially seek intense, transformative relationships. As it progresses into Sagittarius, your love life could significantly change, with a greater need for freedom-oriented partners or intrepid explorers.

The progressed Descendant speaks volumes about the dynamics of your relationships. As the Descendant progresses, it could transit to a different sign. This could be quite a significant change and a time of new partnerships and growth. Imagine a Capricorn Descendant transitioning into an Aquarius descendant: the serious, secure partners you once sought may transform into more eccentric, freedom-loving individuals.

Suppose your progressed Descendant shifts to Leo descendant, suggesting a propensity towards glamorous, good-looking partners who love taking center stage. However, remember Leo’s love for power plays and mind games. In contrast, a shift to Cancer could mean you are drawn towards family-oriented partners, seeking warmth, care, and secure home environments. 

The Impact of Ascendant/Descendant Progressions

The timing of this change depends on your birth degree, moving approximately 1-2 degrees per year. If you were born with 29 degrees Pisces/Virgo, you’d experience the shift to Aries/Libra early in life. If born with 8 degrees Taurus/Scorpio, the shift to Gemini/Sagittarius wouldn’t occur until around age 27.

These changes can profoundly impact your relationships. For example, if your natal Ascendant/Descendant is Sagittarius/Gemini, indicating an explorative identity and dynamic partnerships, shifting to Capricorn/Cancer could lead to a more focused identity and desire for more emotionally connected relationships.

The relationship may face challenges if the changing needs aren’t communicated or embraced. Similarly, a Capricorn Ascendant/Cancer Descendant shifting to Aquarius/Leo could disrupt your traditional relationship approach, encouraging independence and self-sufficiency.

These progressions depend on your unique chart and will influence your relationships or approach to them. This shift often signifies a significant step forward in personal growth and relationship dynamics.

The Impact on Social Status and Love Relationships

A huge shift in the Descendant can cause a whirlwind of change in your social status and love life. This change might not be immediate but happens gradually, like how a Leo rising transforms into Virgo rising. This indicates a shift from the limelight to a more analytical, detail-oriented approach to life.

Moreover, shifting from a Scorpio Descendant to a Sagittarius Descendant could indicate a preference for partners who love wide open spaces over those drawn to secret rendezvous and clandestine relationships. A progressed Descendant in Libra could mean you attract fair, balanced, and charming partners with a great fashion sense.

The Progressed Moon, Sun, and Inner Planets

The progressed Moon and Sun, as well as the inner planets, indicate subtler shifts within us. The progressed Moon reflects our emotional evolution, while the progressed Sun shines a light on our developing ego and life force.

As the progressed Moon shifts, so do our emotional needs. For example, a progressed Moon in Taurus might desire more stability and comfort than a progressed Moon in Aries, which might crave excitement and spontaneity.

Aspects From the Progressed Descendant to Natal Planets

Progressed Ascendant and Descendant describe your evolving identity and relationship dynamics, forming new aspects to natal planets that can last for 2 to 3 years. For instance, if the progressed AC/DC squares your natal 5th House Jupiter, this could trigger a thrilling, though potentially unstable, relationship, elevating your confidence while posing certain risks.

The nature of these relationships is influenced by the blending of the aspect type and the planet involved. Squares to Jupiter might indicate enjoyable yet challenging relationships. Similarly, a square to Pluto suggests an intense power struggle that could impact your identity and relationships. Conjunctions to your progressed DC will oppose your progressed AC and vice versa, affecting the relationship dynamics based on the planet involved.

For example, a conjunction with Venus could lead to meeting a significant partner or deepening love in existing relationships, while a conjunction with Neptune might result in a loss of identity or a spiritual transformation. Trines and sextiles, being harmonious aspects, can bring positive changes aligned with the nature of the planet involved. For example, a trine to Saturn could bring stability and comfort in your relationships or solitude.

Progressions to natal planets indicate an integration of your evolving love life with your inherent potential, embodying both who you are and who you are becoming. While this process may have challenges, they’re part of the growth in your evolving love life.

Final thoughts

Studying the progressed Ascendant and Descendant allows us to trace the ebb and flow of our evolving identities and relationships. As we journey through life, these progressions symbolize the significant shifts and transitions that shape us. They influence our outward persona, the types of relationships we form, and how we interact with the world.

These progressions can bring about fun romance and significant changes. They add a vibrant and playful energy to our interactions and partnerships. For example, transitioning from a Taurus Ascendant’s steady calmness to a Gemini Ascendant can introduce a more lighthearted and communicative approach, making room for exciting and adventurous romantic connections.

From the steady calmness of a Taurus Ascendant to the communicative energy of a Gemini or the intense relationships preferred by a Scorpio Descendant. Our progressed charts tell a unique story of growth and transformation.

While the shifts might challenge us, embracing these changes, acknowledging their impact, and communicating our evolving needs can help foster more meaningful and fulfilling relationships. Understanding these transitions not only offers a deeper understanding of our own journey but also provides insight into the dynamic dance of our celestial counterparts. We grow, change, and evolve as the heavens continue to dance.

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