Composite Uranus: Relationship Liberator or Destroyer?

Composite Uranus

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You know those relationships that start suddenly and end faster? How about the ones you knew would never last, because the two of you were just so different? These partnerships can leave you feeling blasted, burnt out and blown away. If you look at the composite chart for any of these, you would likely see Uranus as a major player.

If you’re wondering what a composite chart is, think of it as an entity that you and your partner create. It takes on a life of its own, and becomes stronger (the energies become more pronounced) the longer the relationship lasts. Technically, it is created from the mathematical midpoints of the planets between you. For example, if your Sun is located at 10 degrees Virgo and your partner’s Sun is located at 28 degrees Aquarius, your composite Sun would be 4 degrees Sagittarius. The composite planets will make their own, unique set of aspects with each other that define how the energy of the relationship is directed (the same way your natal aspects define how your energy is directed). For more background, check out this introduction to the composite chart (PDF).

Fortunately you don’t have to fuss with manual calculations; Sasstrology can whip up a composite report for you. Order your customized composite report for insight into how the planets play out in your relationship, or you can get a free copy of your chart at (choose the Composite Chart, Midpoint Method).

Uranus, in the composite chart, represents liberation, excitement and breaking free from the past. It can add sizzle to a relationship. But strong Uranus aspects can also create instability and abrupt separations. The good news is that an emphasized composite Uranus does not have to spell the end of a partnership. While there’s never a guarantee that a union will last (and some are not meant to), this energy can be given a positive outlet. And you don’t have to walk away feeling like you’ve been hit by a nuclear bomb.

Emphasized Uranus

What constitutes an emphasized Uranus? Hard aspects (conjunction, square, opposition) to the composite Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars. These are personal planets, and tough Uranus contacts to them can dominate a relationship. Uranus in a hard aspect to one of the angles or ruler of the angles (cusps of the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Houses), will also be felt strongly, because these points are extremely sensitive.

If the composite chart between you and your partner has one or more of these Uranus contacts, what do you do? Start by identifying the house where this planet sits. This will tell you what area of the relationship Uranus’ energy is based in. Birth times for both partners are essential in order to have accurate composite house positions.

Example 1: Uranus in the Composite 5th House Conjunct Composite Moon

For example, Uranus in the composite 5th House will influence the area of children, romance, ego and creativity. And let’s say it’s conjunct the composite Moon. When these partners first got together it probably felt (Moon) exciting (Uranus), and over-the-top romantic (5th House). But this level of sparkle can only be sustained for so long. Trying to maintain that initial childlike discovery and fascination (5th House) can be difficult under the onslaught of day-to-day responsibilities. The shadow side of a frustrated 5th House Uranus would be one or both partners looking outside the relationship to revive that brand-new romance feeling (the 5th House is also the house of love affairs). But it doesn’t have to unfold this way.

This energy can find a healthier expression by bringing something new (Uranus) and emotionally fulfilling (Moon) into the relationship. Having children is one option, but so is creative expression for both partners. Uranus likes to stand out, so both partners will need to feel (Moon) that they have something special (5th House) of their own—something that lets each express themselves in a unique way (Uranus). I’m talking artistic projects, creative hobbies, writing, a garage band … whatever. They can work on something together, but ego clashes are a risk. So it’s best to find separate ways to shine. This is not the kind of relationship where one partner stands back and lets the other one take the spotlight.

Example 2: Composite Uranus Conjunct the Descendent

For another example, let’s put composite Uranus on top of (conjunct) the Descendent (cusp of the 7th House). The planet of disruption is hitting the spot that governs this couple’s partnership with others and their own relationship projections. With this placing, it is so important that each person has room to move. It will not be a conventional pairing; this could be a long-distance relationship, or there may something about it that flies in the face of what other people expect. Trying to force it into the confines of a traditional union will trigger Uranus’ destructive energies, and make it vulnerable to outside disruptions.

The highest expression of Uranus is ideals for, and about, the collective. If Uranus conjunct the composite Descendent can be expressed outwards on a joint mission (such as improving conditions for other people), there will be an external goal to keep this couple occupied and together. This can be the couple that unites (7th House) to rebel (Uranus) against something (in a constructive way, of course).

Example 3: Uranus Square the Composite Sun

My final example is Uranus square the composite Sun. This is a direct challenge to the relationship’s purpose. It could indicate a relationship that developed suddenly, or one whose purpose is unusual. If we put the Sun in the 1st House (the identity of the relationship), it looks like the purpose drives the relationship. It stands out and feels important to the partners. This is the couple who is going to accomplish something. But throw in a square from Uranus in the 4th House (the relationship’s foundation), and there’s a conflict. Uranus in the composite 4th makes it very difficult to build a stable home. Family conflicts or the disruptive childhood of one or both partners can cause enough insecurity to rattle their mutual purpose (Sun).

The danger with this placement is that instability based in the past can make it an on/off relationship. The key is that both partners need to be okay with the unusual home life this partnership will demand. This could be the couple that marries, but maintains their own dwellings. It’s not a relationship that favors the needy. Also, breaking away from the past and forging new habits based on this relationship (rather than past relationships) is critical. It’s not easy to start fresh, but this is the kind of partnership that demands it.

Composite Uranus is energy, and it can be directed. It can propel a couple forward, or it can tear them apart. With enough creativity and self-awareness, two people can experience its benefits together.

Recommended Reading: Planets in Composite: Analyzing Human Relationships (The Planet Series) by Robert Hand

Does Uranus in your composite chart bring excitement or instability to your relationship? Let us know in comments below.

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  1. @Nadia Gilchrist

    This is amazing timing for this article for me. I have often wondered if it was MY chart that was responsible for the Uranus aspects I have made with romantic interests. So, thank you for explaining how the composite chart is derived.

    It has seemed like every heavy interest had an Uranus factor (man was an Aquarius or aspects to Uranus). I have Uranus in the 7th and 8th with a Sun Conjunct and Moon Opposing, so I have often felt like I have attracted these types of partnerships. So, I have been working on assimilating these Uranus qualities into my own personality so some advantageous union could occur- even, if its unconventional, as you say. (I had an Aquarius older man who was interested in having an open relationship with me where I was the only one that was permitted to still see other people).

    However interesting these scenarios, I seek more constancy! Can there be adventure and uniqueness WITHIN something more secure. I always seem to have some Uranus ties and electric attractions and it terrifies me when I see it because I fear the lightning bolt disappearance. Everything I read about the aspects indicate to let the relationship define itself.

    Someone I am currently powerfully drawn to I met like lightning on the street on my birthday a couple years ago. The second day we were together he asked to me to be his girlfriend. I was a bit hesitant at the fast pace and a little over two weeks later it ended like it began! Now, I have encountered him again and the attraction is still electric. (I also originally met him during a Venus in Retrograde- can you rekindle someone you met during a Retrograde Venus???) He and I have a Venus sextile and Jupiter Trine Uranus. He is uncertain of his birth time as the delivery of him was difficult. He only knows the approximate time range.

  2. Thanks Nadia. Boy, I know this one very well! My husband and I have composite Uranus, Sun, and Venus all conjunct in our first house. The relationship started suddenly . Our backgrounds are very different, and neither of us were really the other one’s usual “type”. His natal Saturn also squares my natal Venus. Needless to say, it’s been challenging. It really feels like we are together for a purpose, but the thing is, even after 18 years of marriage I have no idea what that purpose is! So I’ve made it a bit of a mission recently to figure it out…

  3. @Limerance
    That is wonderful that you both have been together amidst a natal square of Venus and Saturn. Saturn seems to provide a binding in some cases.

    As far as the Uranus aspects, how does the Uranus energy play out after all this time if you don’t mind me asking?

  4. So I reviewed the composite charts between me and 4 significant romance interests (meaning they had some type of impact on me or made an indellible impression in a HUGE way).

    3 of 4 Our composite uranus falls in my natal 7th house. 2 of 4 Our composite Uranus falls in the composite 4th house. lol Thank you for covering that piece of it. The one who lacks the composite Uranus in my 7th is the one who I absolutely avoid. I almost detest him and don’t even understand why there is such a strong sense of not only dislike, but that I KNOW for a fact that is not a relationship I want any parts in. So, I am interested in knowing more about this composite Uranus in my natal 7th affect. The others have boomeranged at will and I have let them without feeling any type of violation or residual regret, because there’s something about them that felt “fated” with that unfinished business feel to it.
    Does the fact that my NATAL uranus fall in my 7th house have significant meaning as to why these things just don’t work out, but yet they seem to keep reappearing and on a strong basis, when they do? Or could it be that I like a certain type of guy so when he boomerangs, he goes hard? IDK which one is the determining factor. Your help/insight is greatly appreciated.

    I always thought that Uranus was a relationship destroyer. I think that some type of strong Saturnian aspect would have to exist in a composite chart or some heavy Saturn and other planet placements in my 7th house for me and a person to last. lol Or maybe alot of my planets would have to fall in his 7th house. I still don’t understand the planet/house relationship in that who would be more affected, the planet person or the house person.

  5. @NovLady
    It’s certainly possible to rekindle a Venus Rx relationship. Retrograde is all about return. Sounds like the two of you have flowing Uranus contacts in your composite chart (Venus sextile and Jupiter trine). To answer your first query….you can have more consistency in these scenarios with the soft aspects (trines and sextiles). They give the Uranian energy a smoother path to follow so it’s expressed in smoother ways (mutual freedom instead of shocks). It’s also helpful to have some nice, easy composite Saturn aspects (more trines, with an anchoring conjunction) to form a supporting framework for that Uranian energy to dance over.
    Of course (as always) you need to look at every composite aspect plus your synastry to get the full story.

  6. @Limerence
    Uranus/Sun/Venus will definitely account for the sudden start. My guess is you must have some strong, composite Saturn contacts as well to hold your relationship together.

  7. @Ms.Teeq1974
    If you’re saying that you compare your natal chart with the composite chart(s) of your various relationships…then yes, it makes total sense that a composite Uranus overlay in your 7th would feel favorable to you. Natal Uranus in your 7th House means you are drawn to partners who liberate you by providing upheaval. So you’ll feel most comfortable with a relationship that does the same. As for house overlays…it is the house person (the person receiving the planetary energy in their house) who feels the impact most strongly. Planetary overlays to your house (from another person or a composite chart) are like a transit hitting your chart.

  8. “Natal Uranus in your 7th House means you are drawn to partners who liberate you by providing upheaval.”

    @ Nadia…to me this says that partners who literally turn my life upside down are the ones who increase/expand my horizons.

    Sounds about right, because every single serious relationship I’ve had hasn’t worked out, BUT the things that I’ve discovered about my abilities and the world alone introduce me to new “playground”. My exhubby is a snob. I used to be timid before I met him and truthfully, him bringing me out of my shell has given me ALOT of freedom.

    I prefer a committment that has the security of knowing that person is available, but they don’t always neeed to be around. Even if we are physically close, I relish in partnerships where he can watch TV while I’m talking to a friend on the phone or something…where we don’t have to always DO the same exact thing at the same exact time.

    I just made a pact with a guy who I hardly ever see to get married next year. LMBO!!! I think it’s hilarious. I figure, the less of him I see before the marriage, the more inclined I am to marry him and if we establish a pattern of doing our own thing now without that possessive/jealous feel that it will be easier to go into a committment without having to change anything on that level. We shall see. lol ha ha ha ha He keeps asking me, “Where do we go from here?”, but I don’t have any answers. I say, “Shoot….just live and what will be, will be.”

  9. @ Nadia…so sorry, I had a migraine when responding earlier. lol My natal Uranus is not in my 7th house. My natal Uranus is square my Venus, which has a similar affect from the way I understand things. lol

    I think I get what you’re saying though….the composite Uranus in my 7th house would probably feel compatible with the Uranus square Venus inherent traits. Does the fact that my 7th house is empty in sign maginify the composite Uranus in my natal 7th house affect? I’m just trying to figure this all out. lol

  10. And to add to boot…sorry that I misinformed you yesterday. SMH Crazy crazy times on the work front. lol It’s strictly the composite Uranus that falls in my 7th house…not my natal. Big Oops. Again, my apologies.

  11. I have composite uranus in 4th house opposite venus in 10th…maybe a sign that we are coworkers (fact!) and this is a huge barrier to a normal relationship for us (fact!)..just speculating as i have nil experience or ability to interpret either synastry or composites, especially composite. the paradox is that being coworkers prevents us having it all (it is very close quarters at the office, meep); yet i somewhere in me suspect and fear that without this, there may be no basis for us. like that dang place is actually what brings us together and in more normal circumstances the glue may unstick. though i have far worse fears and inklings of what’s wrong, that just adds another cherry on top.

    Also uranus square mars (7th conj decendant) and so square ascendant too.

    Lots of alarm bells go off for me if i see potential for disruption in 4th house terroir.. natally it is like my cork lined room where i am safe and secluded and free to be me, which is unfortunately very negative and desperate, but necessary. it is my lunar house and i get fittingly loony and Crazy McCrazy when intruded or disrespected there(as happened with my family since time immemorial).

    just thinking out loud here
    bis xo

  12. @Nadia Gilchrist – Uranus was also transiting my 7th house when we met and married, which might have also contributed to the “suddenness”. And there are a few composite Saturn aspects: trines to Mercury and MC, a sextile to Chiron. Saturn resides in our 5th house.

    @NovLady – Over time, I think the Uranus energy becomes less exciting and more stressful. The eccentricity and instability that was so much fun at first turns into another form of Saturnine restriction. Having so little in common becomes annoying rather than stimulating. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is a great guy, but sometimes I do find myself wishing for something lighter, more comfortable, more compatible. It’s never boring though, that’s for sure!

  13. @Ms.Teeq1974
    No need to apologize…
    You’re correct about composite Uranus in your 7th echoing your natal Uranus square Venus. But the fact that your natal 7th House is empty would not magnify it.

  14. @hell girl
    Composite Uranus in the 4th opposite Venus in the 10th can certainly describe private disruption (4th House Uranus) of a professional, public relationship (Venus in 10th). It also suggests that the childhood experiences and upbringing (4th House) for both of you will have a destabilizing effect (if you ever pursued a romantic relationship).

  15. Thank YOU Nadia!!! Big hugs and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  16. Considering that i’m in the middle of Uranus transiting my 7th house it is fitting for me to attract Uranian relationships lol.

    My boyfriend and I right now currently have Uranus opposite Sun & Merc and Uranus square Moon in the composite chart. I don’t have his birth time we are just going off of what I think his birth time is… so i’m not sure how that would really affect the composite.

    We did move pretty fast at first and it has since cooled off a bit but we are still in love and thinking about the future.

    I honestly do have a fear that it won’t last… but not because of the chart so much as I’ve just always had bad luck in relationships (thanks to Uranus). But I am more mature now and he is too so I’m hoping this can mean we’ll know how to handle these aspects.

  17. Ah yes….good timing. I’m in the middle of a uranus mess right now. And looking back it seems like a consistent thing. I have venus conjunct uranus in the first, opposing my 7th house chiron. My only major relationship had…

    sun trine uranus
    moon square uranus
    venus square uranus
    mars square uranus

    uranus was in the 2nd.

    it was on and off, mostly off, for 7 years! Age 13 to 20! Yeah. That’s right. the only time we ever lived together it was an absolute mess and i moved out in less than two months and hitch hiked to florida. We’re still good friends but its apparent that he was not into my obsession with personal freedom. I just wanted to travel and he was really earthy and did not like that one bit. the longest stretch we dated was when i lived 2 hours away and only saw him on the weekend. go figure.

    A short but committed relationship I was in had all good aspects…
    sun trine, mercury trine, venus sextile, with uranus in the 12th.
    we dated solidly for 5 months but he ended up being a bastard. still, there were no crazy on off things.

    my latest never ending disaster has:
    mars and venus conjunct square uranus
    ascendent widely conjunct uranus
    mercury sextile uranus
    with uranus in the 12th.

    ugly situation!!!!! venus mars conjunction is trine saturn so this is another never ending but not happening scenario.

    i don’t mind things being unconventional or erratic…but i want the feelings to stay stable at the very least.
    in this case i have no idea.

  18. oh yeah and his natal has jupiter conjunct uranus…which i suppose should make him the type to benefit from uranus, no? EXCEPT this conjunction is unaspected in his 11th house. Perhaps meaning he likes to keep that energy in the friendship department? Boo.

  19. @Jo
    Birth time would affect the composite house positions. It would have some effect on the degree position of the composite Moon but the aspects between composite planets should remain the same. Composite Uranus opposite Sun/.Mercury can cause some conflicts with joint goals/relationship plans. Composite Uranus square the Moon means the two of you might have to struggle for emotional unity. On the positive side, things will never get stagnant between you and there will always be “sizzle” when you’re together. You didn’t say what your natal Uranus aspects are but your comment made it sound like you might have a couple of strong ones (“always had bad luck …thanks to Uranus”). If this is so, you are correct in your hope that time is the biggest factor in helping you deal with challenging natal aspects. Uranus aspects can be overpowering to start with and need a few years to grow into.

  20. @zoriana
    See my comment to Jo (above) about natal aspects to Uranus. Venus conjunct Uranus (opposing Chiron) is challenging for sure but as you learn how to deal with its energy relationships can get easier. In your case, it’s about what the conflict between your drive for freedom in relationships (Venus/Uranus) and sensitivity to your partner’s needs (Chiron in the 7th) can teach you. Remember that the 7th House is your projected stuff so Chiron (Wounded Healer) in the 7th means you are very sensitive, perhaps defensive, about relationships. Venus/Uranus is your escape clause.

  21. @zoriana
    I’m unclear if your last description of Uranus aspects is for a composite or natal chart but I’m going to assume it’s composite (composite Uranus in the 12th). The composite 12th is the hidden part of the relationship so Uranus’s impact will be even more unpredictable…the combined subconscious drives of the two of you will trigger disruptions. The best solution for this is awareness. Pay attention when disruptions happen and make a note for next time so you can tune into how Uranus’s energy manifests in your relationship.
    Your partner with his natal Uranus/Jupiter in the 11th: he has the two, big freedom planets combined. Jupiter represents the drive for expansion/exploration and Uranus the drive for liberation. Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches so it will boost his natal Uranus. 11th House is friendship but also group activities, the collective and hopes/wishes for the future. So this energy will manifest as him wanting to explore socially (lots of friends/unusual friends). This does not have to have a negative impact on his romantic relationships as long as he’s not restricted in the types/number of friends he has.

  22. @nadia

    Hello! Yes, I am speaking of a composite. Hard to pay attention to subconscious disruptions when it would appear that this entire “relationship” is a disruption! We are not formally together, though we are sleeping together exclusively and everyone *thinks* something real is happening…from day one it was the crazy jumping into it really fast thing, then retreat, then possible returns and maybes, retreat, then add intensity, retreat, total hatred, return with added intensity…you get the idea. there is nothing more uranian than this “relationship”. And yes, unusual friends and situations are a common theme with us, we often end up in weird places with different people. I restrict no one from anything, ever. Just not like that. I think the reason I feel negatively about this composite is because I wouldn’t categorize the man in question as a uranian type per se. He has no air in his chart except pluto in libra, though there are planets in airy houses. He also has mars venus and mercury in taurus. seems he would want relationships to be conventional and stable (though i wouldn’t say he’s conventional or stable in any other way). I think the only way for a uranus challenged chart to work is if both individuals can get down with chaos. I’m down with it as long as the feelings and commitment are stable.

  23. @Nadia aha interesting… I really need to get his birth time… he just always forgets to ask his mom.

    I was actually complaining about Uranus transiting my 7th house… I’m so ready for it to move on but I have about 3-4 years left of this.

    My Natal Uranus is trine my Sun & Moon and square my Mercury and Descendant.

    As for my boyfriend his natal Uranus is trine his Sun and square his Venus.

  24. oh and I should mention that we are long-distance for the time being (I’m away at school for the semester). Just thought it would be an interesting tidbit considering Uranus sq. Venus in his natal chart.

  25. This is very timely Nadia. My composite with an SO (with known birth times), is going through a Uranus transit on the 7th house cusp. At this early, both of us are feeling the strain of push/pull towards defined relationship terms.

    We have a composite uranus conjunct pluto in the 12th house, squaring both sun/venus/mercury (8th) and moon (2nd). In effect, the transiting Uranus will activate this combined aspects into a grand cross. Difficult times ahead kept ringing in my ears as a warning.

    Our emotional and physical ties are very strong though. It’s something I can count on to tide us over. As if on cue, we briefly split a couple of weeks ago – hitting an unbearable point in the relationship for no apparent reason really. We got back together after a week, coz we can’t bear to be emotionally distant from each other as well.

    I’d like to address this uranus transit properly. I think it’s an energy we both could use to jazz up the relationship and probably enhance our personalities as well. The transiting uranus will form a grand trine with my natal sun and uranus; while it will conjunct his natal sun.

  26. dannster says:

    great article!

    I just looked at the composite chart of a girl I have been dating only for a few weeks now, so we”re just getting close….
    And we have moon/venus conjunction opposed by uranus…(moon and venus are not aspected in any further way)… what could be the meaning of this? as I don”t know her for too long I don”t have the birth time and don”t know the house position… just looking for a general meaning?
    thank you !!

  27. In our composite chart we have Sun in Virgo 28 degree conjunct venus and mercurius in at 1 degree Libra…in 4th house.Moon also in Libra in 5Th. Mars and neptun in Shorpio in 5Th. Uranus is in 3th and make only sextile with neptun…Jupiter is in 10th Aries and makes opposition with stellium in libra (wide)…
    Sounds great…but our progressive composite is a bit different because Uranus in Virgo makes almost 90 degree with Mars in Sagg…Wat can we expect…?

  28. My friend and her boyfriend have composite uranus in the fifth but with no aspects how does this affect their relationship ? But they have composite sun in the seventh with all aspects squared – confusing chart ! You’re input would be great !

  29. Um a composite Sun in the 4th house, Uranus in the 1st house square in Aquarius threaten the foundation of the relationship?

  30. charlotte marie says:

    what does means “tr Uranus squares the composite Sun” and ‘her Neptune Mars fall in his 8th’ in a synastry?

  31. What bout composite Uranus conjunct Mc. What is it really about?

  32. It is in zero orb so i guess that is the main factor of the partnership?

  33. Hi Nadia,

    What do you think of a relationship that has Composite Sun/Mer/Venus Conjunct Uranus, with Moon Opp Uranus? The Sun and Mercury are Conjunct, the Venus does not Conjunct Sun or Mer as it’s too far away (and in different signs to be Conjunct). They have one Saturn placement of Saturn Square Mars. No Pluto or Neptune involved in anything. They recently just got married in July.

    She’s a sorority sister of mine, and while they have been together for 7 years total (he’s actually going through some tough transits of Jupiter Square Saturn, and an upcoming Saturn Square Saturn), they were long distance for 5 years of it (which speaks to Uranus being so heavy in the Composite). She moved closer to him two years ago to go to grad school. They are looking for a house, and (I haven’t told her this at all when she asked me what I thought about them astrologically) I’m a little worried that once they do the traditional buy a house in the suburbs with a dog etc (which they are trying to do)…one will start to feel the need to be free. I’m actually leaning towards him and having a cheating inclination (he’s a Leo Venus Square his Mars Uranus Conjunction in Scorpio…he’s also a Libra Sun Conjunct Saturn and Cancer Moon…he’ll cheat for newness but not leave to preserve his security or have people think bad of him).

    What do you think about something like this, when it’s is so heavily Uranian? Can it ultimately last long term and be a committed traditional relationship? Oh, and the relationship isn’t unconventional (like different races, or anything like that…they are both the same race) in terms of what people see with them.

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