7th House Synastry Overlays: Look in the Mirror

In the articles I’ve written on house overlays so far, I’ve looked at how someone could activate your compulsions (8th House), your inner child (5th House) and your blind spot (12th House). Now I’ll explore the 7th House of committed partnerships.

If someone’s planets activate this area of your chart, the traditional analysis is that you’ll want to marry them. While this could be one outcome, there’s much more to it.

This article on the 7th House partnerships describes it as your projected qualities. Sometimes these qualities manifest as what you admire about the planet person, to the point where you want to be them.

At other times, the person who activates your 7th House becomes another in a long line of “types that you always fall for”; you can predict the unpleasant outcome. No matter which category the planet person falls into, there’s usually an instant recognition (on your part) that your attraction is more than sexual. You want to build a one-on-one relationship with them.

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Mars Overlay to 7th House Virgo

Seo-yeon’s 7th House cusp is in intellectual, perfectionist Virgo. She loves those neurotic Woody Allen types.

She meets Ben at work, and his Mars falls in her 7th House. She’s immediately drawn to him, because he embodies the sexy/smart energy that she adores. His Mars (actions and sexuality) actively grabs her attention, making him the type of Man she wants as a partner. She admires his sterling work-ethic, and wishes that she were more focused, so she could match his achievements.

Seo-yeon wonders: If they spent some quality time together (just the two of them having drinks after work) would some of his skills rub off on her? At times, she even competes with him for choice assignments. When someone’s masculine planets oppose your 1st House of identity, their presence in your life can feel like a challenge.

Seo-yeon and Ben may or may not become more than co-workers (depending on the rest of their synastry) but she’ll always feel a mixture of envy, attraction and admiration for him.


Let’s make things more interesting

We’ll put Seo-yeon’s Pluto (power) in her 7th House Virgo (and Ben’s Mars conjuncts her Pluto). Now Ben’s energy goes beyond challenge to power struggle.

He activates her unacknowledged tendency to uncover (Pluto) flaws (Virgo) and weaknesses in every man she’s attracted to.

If you asked Seo-yeon about this, she’d say that the men she’s attracted to end up trying to control her. She’s overwhelmingly drawn to Ben, but feels like she’s in danger of losing herself whenever they interact.

She feels that he’s trying to manipulate her, so she has to push back. They may be simply chatting about a work project, but their conversations turn into a game of one-upmanship that Seo-yeon must “win” by (verbally) going for Ben’s jugular.

Even if it starts out as a group discussion, it always ends up with Seo-yeon and Ben, locked in combat. They never become more than co-workers, but their interactions are so intense (and reminiscent of her previous, romantic relationships) that she’s compelled to examine her actions.

Ben is aware that he has a significant impact on Seo-yeon, but is unnerved by the tension between them.

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Moon Overlay to 7th House Sagittarius

Ioan’s 7th House cusp is in optimistic Sagittarius, ruler Jupiter in dreamy Pisces. He’s looking for a relationship that expands (Jupiter) his reality, by helping him transcend (Pisces) it. He wants a dream partner who lifts him up, and thinks he’s found her when he gets involved with Ecaterina.

Her Moon falls in his 7th House. Her optimistic way of expressing her feelings (and getting her needs met) is a shot of pure magic for Ioan. He admires how she’s able to laugh things off and keep moving forward. Also, she intuitively (Moon) knows how to offer him emotional support.

This could be a beautiful relationship, but the danger is that if Ioan has not independently realized his dreams, he’ll project all his hopes onto Ecaterina. This will gradually lead to disappointment for Ioan (no one can manifest his dreams for him) and it’s a huge burden for Ecaterina to carry.

If her Moon makes a hard aspect (square or opposition) to one of his planets, that disappointment will hit him even more quickly; her expansive needs (Moon in Sagittarius) will clash with some part of him, and the bubble will burst.

However, if Ioan is already aware of what he needs to make himself happy, Ecaterina can be the partner that pursues his dream with him (not for him).

Sun/Venus Overlay to 7th House Libra

Sometimes, a person who activates your 7th House can fit perfectly into your life. Steph has Libra on her 7th House cusp, ruler Venus in slow-moving Taurus. She wants a partner who’s solid (Taurus) and who’s always ready to listen (Libra) to her.

She has agressive Aries Rising, with ruler Mars in dramatic Leo. She’s the star, and her partner has to support her. Steph is married to Greg, and his Sun/Venus conjunction sits in her 7th House. His sociable, harmonious way of expressing his ego (Sun) and love (Venus) is just what Steph needs.

When she gets pushy, his unruffled demeanour reminds her to back off. When she’s blunt or overbearing, Greg steps in to smooth things over. Steph sometimes forgets that she needs balance (Libra) in her life, but Greg is always there to provide it. They make the perfect team.

When someone activates your 7th House, they emphasize or challenge part of your identity. Whether you’re aware of this or not, you’ll end up projecting some of you onto them. If you think they would make the ideal partner, part of what you’re drawn to is your potential (they truly are your better half).

If you end up feeling hostile towards them, they’re highlighting a side of you that you’d rather not acknowledge. Either way, the ensuing interactions will always be a one-on-one dance, fight, or both.

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