Signs A Mars In Taurus Likes You

Mars in Taurus tends to be discreet about their attractions, which can leave you questioning their feelings towards you. This initial period of uncertainty may lead you to presume that they’re just not that into you.

However, before prematurely dismissing the possibilities, it’s important to understand that individuals with Mars in Taurus are not game-players. If your patience endures, you might find yourself rewarded with a committed partner for whom pleasure is paramount.

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The Evaluation Phase: An Exercise in Patience

A person with Mars in Taurus is cautious and meticulous in their pursuit of a suitable partner, aligning their interests with someone who shares their values. Despite finding you incredibly appealing, they’re unlikely to immediately initiate a pursuit.

The Fixed Earth characteristic of Taurus lends them a cautious demeanor, particularly when it comes to relationships. Taurus individuals prioritize their survival and personal resources. Thus, they’ll take time to assess you, ensuring that you’re genuinely available and interested.

During this phase of careful evaluation, avoid coming on too strongly or incessantly pushing for progress. It’s entirely acceptable to indicate your interest, but it’s best to subtly communicate this once and then give them space.

They’re highly attuned to such signals and will pick up on your intentions. Any form of pressure, be it constant invitations or persistent texts and emails, will likely deter them. If you assert control rather than allowing them to set the pace, they may distance themselves permanently.

If the concept of waiting seems too daunting or unappealing, a relationship with a Mars in Taurus individual may not be for you. Their style dictates that things progress at their speed, or not at all.

The duration of this evaluation phase is not set in stone, but generally guided by practicality, a characteristic intrinsic to Taurus. If months pass without progress, it’s safe to assume you may not align with their expectations.

The Signs of Progress

When a Mars in Taurus decides to make a move, they’;l do so quietly yet unmistakably. They might propose a shared activity that typically includes relaxation and comfort. They may invite you to a quiet dinner at home or suggest a tranquil walk outdoors. In such interactions, they will demonstrate how they can cater to your comfort, perhaps by cooking for you or offering a soothing neck massage.

However, these gestures are selected based on their preferences, a characteristic to be aware of when dealing with Mars in Taurus. They tend to communicate affection through deliberate physical contact rather than words. If such physical interactions cease, it may signify trouble in paradise.

The Final Evaluation

If Mars in Taurus shows consistent interest, you’re nearing the end of the evaluation phase. They’re on the brink of a committed partnership but require final confirmation before committing themselves.

They possess an uncanny ability to discern inauthentic behavior, so being your true self is crucial. Potential deal-breakers could include significant discord between your lifestyle or values and theirs.

Unwavering Commitment

Once Mars in Taurus commits to a relationship, their consistency is a prominent strength. If they return after the second or third date, it’s safe to assume that they’ll continue to do so. You’ve become a part of their routine.

Physical intimacy holds significant importance for Mars in Taurus. They excel in expressing affection physically and take pleasure in unhurried, sensual exploration. This makes them an ideal partner if you value a sensual connection.

They tend to favor tried and tested methods, often avoiding adventurous experiments in the bedroom. Their sexual approach is earthy, straightforward, and elemental, shunning analysis, refinement, or guilt.

Maintaining Interest

To keep a Mars in Taurus interested, continue being your authentic self. You’re not required to meet specific standards or continually improve yourself. However, be aware that an underdeveloped Mars in Taurus may primarily focus on physical gratification.

A partner with Mars in Taurus is dependable and decisive, although it may take them time to initiate actions. They persistently pursue their goals until achieved. While this can make them seem inflexible or unyielding, it also demonstrates their calmness, confidence, and patience.

They can indeed become angry, but it takes continuous provocation to trigger their intimidating rage. Their subjective nature means their actions are primarily driven by self-interest, which can occasionally come off as selfish, but also bestows a sense of calmness, confidence, and patience in them.

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