Your Sun/Moon Midpoint: The Key To Your Relationships

Sun/Moon Midpoint - Relationship Key

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There is a critical point in your natal chart that’s sometimes overlooked in relationship analysis. It’s called the Sun/Moon midpoint, and it is the mathematical halfway point between the degrees of your Sun and Moon. It symbolizes the union of masculine (Sun) and feminine (Moon), ego (Sun) and emotions (Moon). It represents what makes you feel complete. Transits to this point can often foretell major events such as a new relationship, marriage, or disruptions to an existing relationship.

Calculating Your Sun/Moon Midpoint

How do you know where your Sun/Moon midpoint is located? Manual calculations are complicated, but I recommend this tutorial.

When a Transit Activates Your Sun/Moon Midpoint

Now that you’re armed with this information, you need to know what upcoming transits are going to hit your midpoint and what they will mean. A transit’s influence is strongest within one or two degrees of your midpoint. Although all aspects will have an impact, it’s usually the hard ones (conjunction, opposition or square) that you’ll feel most strongly.

Example 1:Transiting Saturn Conjunct Sun/Moon Midpoint

Let’s say your Sun/Moon midpoint is at 28 degrees Libra. Right now, transiting Saturn is at 29 degrees Libra. But it’s retrograding, so it will back over this point in March. It already hit 28 degrees Libra in December 2011/January 2012. You may have experienced this as a desire to formalize (Saturn) a relationship. Or maybe you’ve been feeling the burden of responsibility (Saturn) in a relationship. Some scenarios could include a distancing (Saturn) between you and your partner. Before you jump to this conclusion though, you must look at other transits to your chart.

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If you’re ready for a commitment, Saturn’s energy can feel reassuring. If you want your freedom, Saturn’s energy can weigh you down. Also, transits to your Sun/Moon midpoint will describe what’s happening to you, not your partner (more about this later).

Example 2: Transiting Uranus Square Sun/Moon Midpoint

If your Sun/Moon midpoint is at 2 degrees Capricorn, you’ve been feeling an irritating square from Uranus in Aries (it’s at 3 degree Aries right now). Squares from Uranus do not indicate the desire to settle down. An existing relationship could be destabilized by this energy, or you could encounter a new relationship that blows away your ideas about convention (Capricorn). Remember, anything that happens will be due to your feelings of restlessness, and the desire for change. Uranus aspects to your Sun/Moon midpoint will revolutionize your needs for companionship and union.

Reading Transits to the Midpoint for Commitment Potential

If you’re in a relationship and are wondering if your partner is ready to commit (or move on), checking the transits to his midpoint can be very revealing. Transits from Jupiter could indicate that he is ready to expand (Jupiter) his commitment or, at the very least, feels enthusiastic about the relationship. A square or opposition from Pluto will dramatically transform what makes him feel complete. Chances are he’ll be under too much internal pressure during this transit to make a commitment. But before you push the panic button, know that this is not a guarantee that your partner is going to leave you.

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Once again, you need to look at the whole picture, including transits to the composite chart for the two of you. (The composite chart is one chart that takes the midpoints of all the planets in both people’s charts.) But if you do see that his midpoint is being hit by some transformational energy (such as Uranus or Pluto), you’ve got some information to work with. If his relationship needs are changing, this means his existing relationship (with you) will need to change. You’ll be prepared because you know (of course) that things that remain static under these transits are left behind.

Inner Planet Transits

I have described transits from the outer planets, because they are long lasting. Inner planet transits (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) don’t usually last long enough to have an effect. The exception to this is if a planet is retrograde. If transiting Venus or Mars is making an aspect to your midpoint (or your partner’s) and it goes retrograde, it will hit that point at least twice. Venus transits are generally positive, although a square could stir up some conflict. Transits from Mars can be dicey; watch for irritability, and the urge to push for a commitment before the other party is ready.

Natal Planets in Aspect to Your Midpoint

If you have natal planets in aspect to your midpoint, they will add another layer to your relationship needs, and will intensify any transits that hit it. If your natal Neptune aspects your Sun/Moon midpoint, you may have difficulties with confusion and deceit in relationships. Natal Mars aspecting your midpoint will energize your need to find a partner, but you’ll have to deal with impatience, power struggles and challenges to your will. Transits can magnify or balance these influences. If transiting Jupiter aspects your midpoint and Mars, the need for a relationship “right now” could be expanded (Jupiter) and lead to overconfidence or aggression on your part. But if a calm trine from transiting Saturn comes along, your domineering tendencies could be dampened long enough to let a potential partner take the lead.

Think of the Sun/Moon midpoint as your most personal relationship button. Most of the time you may not even know it’s there, until it’s activated by a transit. If you look back over your romantic milestones, you’ll probably see at least one major transit activating this midpoint. Going forward, it can be an invaluable tool that helps you map the future of your partnerships.

What happens when your Sun/Moon midpoint is activated by a transit? Let us know in comments below.

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  1. Oh!….my natal moon squares my partners sun moon midpoint and transit chiron will soon conjunct our composit su/mo midpoint.

  2. So if you’re in a romantic relationship and your sun/moon squares his/her sun/moon or there’s squares/oppositions/conjunctions and stuff in both of your charts, will you without a doubt breakup or get a divorce? Even if you’re highly compatible?
    Sorry if my question sounds odd. I’m a novice…

  3. hi, i have just discovered this site and these articles are SO helpful to gather some personal insight, thank you..
    I have mars in Aquarius natally on my midpoint between my sun and moon. I didn’t realise this importance was so strong.
    Mars aspects a bunch of things in my chart, and i found my most intense relationship meltdown / insights was around the time when neptune was conjunct chiron, exact on my Mars. The relationship didn’t survive, we both had “issues”, but a L O T of wisdom came from that little (big) cocktail.

    It is also square jupiter natally which I read can make me impatient and grabby, but when it comes to matters of the heart… I think a capricorn moon and saturn in Leo second house pours cold water on, well, everything. Still trying to work out how to be more of a ray of sunshine, less of a shrinking violet.

  4. My sun/moon midpoint (29 Leo) is currently being bashed by squaring Saturn Rx at 29 Scorpio, and will be spun out on when Venus goes retrograde next month conjunct at 0 Virgo. Natally I have my nodal axis at 2 Vir/Pis, and Neptune at 28 Scorpio. I’m getting hard lessons in relationships: purge what no longer serves me, plus a thorough analysis of what it is that serves me, what my values are, where my self esteem arises from. Gonna be an interesting summer.

  5. Courtney says:

    So I have a moon in Libra at 19.34 and sun at 25.3 in Scorpio. If I did it correctly, then my midpoint is 7.32 in Scorpio. That would mean that it is conjunct my natal Mercury at 7.22 Scorpio and my Pluto at 10.31 Scorpio (2nd house). Would this play a bigger role in everyday life, and even bigger during transits and synastry?

  6. well I wish i knew or was able to have some guidance on this especially at the moment, because Ihave simply prepared myself for anything because my sun/moon midpoint is highly left field thus “surprise” for good or not… my mid point is conjunct Uranus natal at 22Leo 10th house…so hardly under the radar, currently being easily exercised by a trine from Uranus in Aries and being given the power of 3 passes by my chart ruler Venus…it feels highly significant and hoping it isnt so far left felid I miss whatever golden opportunity it has the potential to offer…

  7. sailor.mercury says:

    My sun/moon midpoint is coming any day now. Or week…I can feel the rush of energy increasing, and my circumstances are ebbing like the ocean. Therefore, I must be in love.

  8. Would love to hear your answer to Pali34 question too Nadia.

    “So if you’re in a romantic relationship and your sun/moon squares his/her sun/moon or there’s squares/oppositions/conjunctions and stuff in both of your charts, will you without a doubt breakup or get a divorce? Even if you’re highly compatible?”

    My boyfriend’s Sun/Moon midpoint was square his ex’s Sun and they broke obviously. It seems it doesn’t guarantee a relationship will last… Her moon was square his Mars and Pluto. She was also and Mars conjunct pluto person so clearly too extremely stubborn people that won’t back down.

    My sun-moon midpoint squares my boyfriend’s moon exact and my Mercury is opposing his sun-moon midpoint but wide orb

  9. Hi. My Sun/Moon midpoint is at 25deg Leo squaring Pluto in Scorpio at 26deg. As for transits, haven’t been paying any attention to those. Will have a look sometime.

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