Mars in Sagittarius, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Mars in Sagittarius’ enthusiasm will meet Moon in Leo’s need for big love. Sag’s urge to go further and faster will be encouraged by Leo, as long as his efforts are directed at her.

Mars in Sagittarius is a joyful adventurer with a keen sense of right and wrong. This combination of passion, fun and ethics makes him an appealing partner. His assertive faith will convince his lover (most of the time) that he’s on the right track. When Mars in Sagittarius fails to convert his partner to his latest cause, he’ll be perfectly happy to get things done on his own. While he loves having a companion who’s a lover, playmate and fellow fighter, he won’t sit around and wait for her.

Moon in Leo needs bold statements and actions from her lover. She needs to know, and needs everyone else to know, that she’s Number One in her partner’s life. The more love and attention that Moon in Leo receives, the more she’ll give back. She can be extravagantly generous, when her pride and strength are directed at the one she loves. In order to feel proud, she needs to be proud of her partner and the relationship.

Mars in Sagittarius will catch Leo’s attention with his over-the-top energy. She’ll appreciate his confidence and grand gestures, as he pulls out all the stops to woo her. Moon in Leo’s inner child will also resonate with Sag’s optimism and sense of humor. Mars in Sagittarius will sense that he’s found a companion who’s strong enough to handle him, while supporting his goals. If Sag gets hooked into a cause that he wants to fight for, Moon in Leo’s pride in his efforts will keep his fire burning. If he starts to wander, and Leo senses that he’s not as focused on her as he should be, she’ll remind him who’s Number One.

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