Sun in Scorpio Moon in Leo Compatibility

This post looks at the compatibility between the combination of Sun in Scorpio Moon in Leo.

Sun in Scorpio will have the stamina to meet Moon in Leo’s craving for adoration, but he may get fed up with her Drama Queen moods. Scorpio can be tolerant when he’s in love, but push him too far (which Leo will do) and he’ll lash out.

However, both of these Fixed signs share the desire for profound commitment, so it may be this (plus their stubborn natures) that keep them together.

Although “she” is used for the Moon and “he” is used for the Sun sign, these pronouns are only used for convenience. 

You can look at a man’s Moon and a woman’s Sun, or the Moon and Sun placements for the partners in a same-sex couple.

Graphic of a golden scorpio on a night sky background.

Sun in Scorpio

Sun in Scorpio has a reputation for being dangerous. While it’s true that his capacity for obsession (combined with resourcefulness and an inclination for vengeance) make him a fierce adversary, most people will only see this side of him if he’s crossed.

In a relationship, Sun in Scorpio can be a profound source of strength, healing and tolerance for his partner.

He does nothing halfway, so when he loves, he does so with his entire being.

However, even his partner will learn that Scorpio can only be pushed so far; he has non-negotiable boundaries.

Graphic of a golden leo on a night sky background.

Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo needs more attention than some partners are able to give. That’s ok, because this lady knows she’s special, and will not settle for a lover who offers her anything less than adoration.

When Moon in Leo feels happy and appreciated, she’s a proud guardian of the relationship and a passionate lover of her partner.

But when she feels ignored or underappreciated, she can erupt into some fearsome moods that range from thunderous sulks to all out temper tantrums.

Sun in Scorpio Moon in Leo compatibility

This will be a volatile, but strong, relationship. If anyone has the strength to take on Moon in Leo, it’s Scorpio.

He’ll dedicate his life to loving his queen, and she’ll glow with happiness under his intensity.

But when the day comes (and it will) that Leo demands more from Scorpio than he’s willing to give, there will be a fierce confrontation.

Scorpio will erupt, and Leo will roar back. However, the strength of their bond should keep them together, even as another confrontation brews on the horizon.

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