Mars in Leo, Moon in Gemini Compatibility

Mars in Leo’s impressive moves will pique Moon in Gemini’s curiosity. Mars in Leo does have a childlike side, and this will be encouraged by Gemini. Her need for variety, and Leo’s ability to put on a show, will create a partnership that’s based on fun and games.

Mars in Leo wants to show the world (and his partner) what he can do. His actions are not only meant to impress his lover, they are a direct expression of who he is and what he wants. Depending on the rest of his chart, this can make Mars in Leo a showoff, artist, raging success or spoiled brat. He can manifest significant ambition and creativity, or get sidetracked by self-entitlement. In his relationship, he’ll do everything in his power to roll out the red carpet for his lover. But if he’s ignored or criticized, it won’t be long before he’s looking around for someone new to make him feel special.

Moon in Gemini needs to interact with the world (and her partner). The give-and-take of information keeps her feeling vital and secure. As long as there’s something new to discuss or investigate, she’s happy. Moon in Gemini does best with a communicative lover who doesn’t demand intense, emotional interactions. She’s more than happy to talk about anything, as long as the vibe doesn’t get too heavy — and as long as the same subjects don’t get recycled (routine can be depressing for her).

Mars in Leo will catch Gemini’s attention with his flash, and Moon in Gemini will encourage Leo as she asks him questions and prods him with cheeky suggestions. She’ll be curious to see what happens if he does X, and his playful side will indulge her. Together, they’ll have a lively, youthful partnership, no matter what their chronological ages are. However, there is a risk of constantly chasing after the next “high” as Leo tries to keep Gemini’s attention. More grounded connections between their charts will be needed to give this relationship longevity.

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