Mars in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility

The passion between these opposite signs will always be fresh, as Mars in Gemini’s wit excites Moon in Sagittarius’ need for new and exciting. Gemini will throw out edgy remarks, and Sagittarius will meet his challenge with her uninhibited sense of humor. These two will utter an ever-evolving stream of risqué replies that may offend other people, but will suit this couple just fine.

Mars in Gemini wants to get the conversation started. With the right person, he’ll keep talking. His conversation will consist of fast-moving observations, new ideas and sexual innuendos, because Mars in Gemini thrives on the exchange of information. All information is acceptable, but edgy, naughty and new is preferred. However, nothing turns him off faster than dwelling the on the same subject for an extended period of time. He’s great at touching on multiple possibilities, but sustained focus is not his strength.

Moon in Sagittarius needs room to breath. Freedom is a must in her relationship, and that includes emotional and physical freedom. Moon in Sag feels most secure when she can wander, although she’s capable of committing to a partner (as long as he doesn’t fence her in). But even in the most stable relationship, she’ll need something new to explore. When she feels that her partner is open to who she is, she’ll reward him with an equal amount of acceptance and laid-back, generous love.

Mars in Gemini’s off-color remarks will delight Sagittarius. She loves a dirty joke, and her openness will encourage Gemini. He’ll make pointed observations that are designed to grab her attention, and she’ll run with whatever he says. But it will be about more than innuendo between these two. They’ll also explore any random ideas and activities that grab their interest. Together, they’ll feed each other’s desire for newness with a conversation that never ends.

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  1. sailor.mercury says:

    I fucking love this bc I see this happen all the time on twitter, even with myself. I can relate to the antagonist in this article, and I receive the most feisty attitudes because of it. But I love my life 😉 ty Nadia

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