Venus in Virgo, Mars in Gemini Compatibility

VirgoHeadmistress meets class clown when Venus in Virgo and Mars in Gemini come together in love. Though plenty of turmoil and tension abound between this couple, they have a passionate interplay that neither can resist. This couple enjoys nothing more than to spend time stimulating the love organ that to them is the most important: the mind. Their shared love of words and communication keeps them hopelessly fascinated with each other, engaged in endless intellectual debates. Though their union is high energy, both enjoy the pace.

As a lover, Venus in Virgo is conscientious and thoughtful. She aims to please and often gets it just right. She is at her best when she feels needed and appreciated in her relationship. Since she can sometimes feel insecure about her style of loving, she needs plenty of positive strokes for reassurance. Mercury-ruled, Venus in Virgo values an intellectual bond, but her earthy nature demands physical chemistry as well.

GeminiMars in Gemini seduces with a silver tongue and a sharp wit. Mercurial and hard to pin down, this Mars is a whirlwind of activity and words. He pursues the object of his affection in a haphazard manner, often going in many different directions at once. Though not known for his lusty nature, Mars in Gemini has a creative mind in bed, putting his dexterous touch to good use. This Mars may woo with words, but he’s also smart enough to know when words alone just won’t cut it.

Venus in Virgo’s desire for order and neatness may be challenged in this relationship, but entertained by Mars in Gemini’s quick mind, she is never bored. Mars in Gemini loves the challenge of trying to get under her skin. Nothing excites him more than when he is able to get a reaction from his not-so-prim partner in love.

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