Mars in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Mars in Cancer’s desire for closeness and security will feel smothering to Moon in Aquarius, while Aquarius’ need to do things her way will not blend at all with Cancer’s bonding efforts. This is not an easy combination. But if more harmonious connections exist between their charts, Aquarius’ ability to play it cool could work in this couple’s favor.

Mars in Cancer wants his efforts to mean something. He’s focused on caring for his partner, and will do his utmost to ensure that she’s safe and comfortable. His actions are also driven by his desire to be needed, which means he takes it very personally if his efforts aren’t appreciated. Mars in Cancer isn’t interested in being anyone’s servant. He’ll cook and provide emotional support, but he wants a significant amount of loving in return.

Moon in Aquarius needs her partner’s friendship more than she needs his care. She feels most secure when she’s not weighed down by her lover’s demands, although (with the right person) she is one of the more committed signs. Moon in Aquarius is detached, which means her way of expressing emotion can be a bit cool for some people. She loves and hurts just like everyone else, but doesn’t immerse herself in the moment. This also makes her an unflappable partner; when there’s a crisis, she’s able to hold it together because she doesn’t get overwhelmed.

Mars in Cancer will take everything personally, while Moon in Aquarius will take almost nothing personally. He’ll get angry, frustrated, hurt and needy as he tries to push his brand of care onto Aquarius. She’ll respond as best she can (if she’s not feeling smothered). But Cancer may constantly attempt to trigger responses from Aquarius (that he feels comfortable with). If this is a love connection, she’ll take his moody displays in stride. But this will be an awkward relationship, and on an emotional level, they might never fully connect.

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  1. sailor.mercury says:

    Dahn dahn dahn… I’m in one of those, I hear yah. Recently I learned that Aquarious is the house of fellowship and a very important card. Cancer is the house of security, and a focal point for my self… Because moon in Aquarious is the highest emotions for that sign, I often react in a cold-blooded manner to the intensity of such. But ppl who know me, know I’m feelin it. I just don’t react the way everyone else does, BC I’m me ! Mars in cancer is a wicked, ferocious counterpart, kinda like papa bear. So he may seem like my care bear from childhood to me, but to les autres, he is demanding respect. It actually makes for a good combination, for the reasons u mentioned above. Thanks Nadia X!

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