Natal Saturn in the 6th House: Service Versus Slavery

Credit: AVAVA via iStockphoto

Credit: AVAVA via iStockphoto


The 6th house is about service to others, health and routine. When natal Saturn sits here, you’d think it would indicate a healthy person who honors their commitments. While this is the best outcome, Saturn’s limits can create blocks in whatever house he occupies. In the 6th house, they can manifest as resentment of duties and the domination of obsessive routines. Read on to discover how this house/sign position might impact your relationships.

Beyond the mundane concerns of daily life, the 6th is the house of integration.  In her book “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil”  Liz Greene states that the 6th House suggests “…the integration of the individual with his physical environment.” It’s where you connect the mind, emotions and body, in preparation for the balanced give-and-take of the 7th House. A simpler way to put this: Your mental state has a profound effect on your physical state, and vice versa. The 6th house is where you work to become a whole person, so you can function as a 7th house partner.

That’s the ideal. The reality can be much different. Most of us achieve some degree of unity between our thoughts, feelings and physical state, but if you have Saturn in the 6th House, your work is cut out for you. Saturn can create frustrations and fears that manifest as ill health or obsession with “perfect” health. Either state can dominate your daily life, and by extension, the life of your partner. Saturn creates the need to exercise authority, based on the fear that you might lose control of your environment and well-being. I’m not a doctor, and this article is not intended to present medical advice. But 6th house Saturn health issues can lead to distorted control of your life and your partner’s life. Putting aside medically-diagnosed illnesses, the most extreme examples are hypochondria and militant diet/exercise regimes.

On the same track, the push to maintain order can manifest as grinding away at a partnership task or obligation that you truly dislike. You become a “slave” in the relationship, taking on more than your fair share of the duties. And yet, you can’t/won’t say “no.”  Saturn’s fears create avoidance of the real issue, which probably goes deeper than not wanting to do the laundry. If Saturn makes hard aspects to Venus, Mars or the ruler of your 7th House, the resentful fulfillment of duties can include your commitment to the relationship. In your head, you’re thinking you don’t want to do this. Or you feel a tight knot in your stomach when your partner asks you to do something. And yet, your actions say otherwise as you get the job done. There’s the split between mind, emotions and body.

Saturn creates restrictions or unhappiness, and the resulting discomfort marks the area that you need to change. This is true in any house that Saturn occupies. Note the difference between 6th and 7th House natal Saturn. 7th House Saturn pulls you towards relationship situations where you feel lonely or denied. You’re forced back on yourself, and pushed to take responsibility for your own happiness. Another person cannot make you complete. 6th House Saturn creates unhappiness with daily life/obligations, so you’re forced to look at what has true meaning in your life. Just doing any old work cannot make you whole. Saturn is where you need to do the real work, rather than function on automatic pilot. This involves understanding (mind) what you really need and want (emotions) and then following through with that (body). Sounds simple enough, but 6th House Saturn can make this a challenge.

This is not to say that your 6th House Saturn means you don’t want to be in your relationship or do things for your partner. You know how to get things done and honor your obligations. No one is as dependable as you are, and you should be proud of this. It’s probably one reason why your partner was drawn to you. But be wary of equating love with service. Saturn is results-oriented; all that matters is the outcome. In a relationship, this can translate to “all that matters is that I fulfill my obligations/do the housework.” If that makes you happy, fine. But feelings of resentment or stress-induced physical symptoms are clues that something is amiss.

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