Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Libra Compatibility

ScorpioAs a couple, Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra have not just a heightened sensitivity to the emotional subtleties of relationships, they also bring a certain delicacy or finesse to the subject of love. Together, they always have their fingers on the pulse of their relationship, ready to respond, relate and interact as needed. Yet though they are both inherently relationship-oriented, their air vs. water elemental interchange gives each a distinctly different style of relating.

Venus in Scorpio thrives on intensity, depth and power in love. Emotional and physical passion are a required — not optional — part of a satisfying relationship for this Venus sign placement. Thriving on a challenge, Venus in Scorpio wants to explore and understand every part of her partner’s psyche and emotional world.

LibraMars in Libra has a passion for romance, and will actively strive to create an environment that encourages love to flourish. But this Mars may have a hard time grappling with the more intense elements of relating, and prefer to keep emotions and conflicts at a minimum. He is motivated by a desire to be nice, diplomatic, and pleasant to be around. When emotions drift into deeper waters, airy Mars in Libra may create a distraction in order to move things to safer ground.

Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra engage in a delicate dance in their relationship. Venus in Scorpio feels “turned on” in love by expressions of passion and primal energies, and though Mars in Libra always aims to please, he has such a “gentlemanly” approach that he may not be able to sustain the raw emotion and depth that Venus in Scorpio longs for. Venus in Scorpio may also interfere with Mars in Libra’s need for balance and harmony in love and romance, as she would rather have intensity than peace.

If the partners in this Venus/Mars combo can learn about each other’s subtle differences in relationship, they will be able to tease apart exactly what is needed to help them thrive and survive as a couple.

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