Saturn in the 7th House: Single Forever?

Saturn in the 7th House: Single Forever?“I have Saturn in my 7th House. Am I doomed to be single forever?”

I’ve been asked this question so many times that I’ve decided to write a response. The short answer is no. This planetary position does not mean that you will be single forever. There are challenges that come with a 7th House Saturn but they’re nothing you can’t handle. Read on to find out why.

First, I want to tell you why having Saturn in the relationship section of your chart makes you an outstanding partner. You’re serious about relationships and this makes you the real deal. You’re steadfast, and when you meet the right person, you’re prepared to be with them for life. These qualities are nothing to sniff at. Also, you’re a force to be reckoned with. We all know that Saturn is a powerful planet. Why else would so many people be afraid of it? Saturn in your 7th House is emphasized because it is on one of the angles. Angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) and anything in them are considered to be particularly strong. So you have this powerhouse planet that is prominent in your chart. That makes you strong. So why do you keep having relationship difficulties?

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. I’m always interested in articles about Saturn in 7th, as I have this placement. It’s great you took the time to write this one.

    My 7th house is in Taurus and it also contains Juno, tightly conjuncting Saturn. Also Saturn opposes Jupiter and 7th house ruler Venus, which are conjunct in Scorp…obviously. 😛 I wonder what my own combo means more exactly, as I only have a rough idea. Thank you!

  2. The combo opposing Saturn also contains Vesta. Are Saturn aspects to asteroids less important?

  3. @Fleursdumal: Just addressing the Juno conjunct Saturn. It tends to make for marriage bonds that last or are hard to break.

  4. @Neeti Ray

    Thank you! I’m unsure about how to put all this together and interpret the whole combo.

  5. @fleursdumal, I will leave asteroids out of it as I’m no expert, but Jupiter/Venus opposite Saturn would indicate a tension between a very extravagant, self-indulgent part of yourself being possibly contained or restrained by a partner or by your idea of how you have to behave to be in a relationship.

  6. @Jeffrey Kishner

    Thank you! It makes a lot of sense. 🙂

  7. @Fleursdumal:
    Vesta represents the place where your focus and devotion are. It is associated with the Vestal Virgins, and also home and hearth, so it can be indicative of sacred sexuality (sexual energy which is channeled). So Saturn opposite your Vesta could suggest that the structures or restrictions of relationships pull your focus away from yourself (this relates to what Jeffrey wrote in his post).

  8. @Nadia Gilchrist

    Hmmm, I see… I do tend to focus more on my r.ship than on myself. Thanks! 🙂

  9. I’ve got my Vertex in Virgo sitting in the 7th house lol I have no planets that sit in my 7th house…

  10. Wow, thanks for explaining. I thought I was doomed 😀
    I have Sat on 7th in Scorpio (ruler) and its conjunct Pluto in Libra. My Saturn is sextile Midheaven and Neptune…..
    I think its a lot to have in that house.
    I think I start sabotaging rel once it gets serious. Its hard to handle that fear that you’re talking about….

  11. I wanted to add my Sat is opposite my Mars (1st house)… 🙁

  12. Where can one look to find how their asteroids are aspected?

  13. has those features, @novlady

  14. @elle;
    w/Saturn opposite Mars your aims (Saturn) regarding relationships are in conflict w/your actions (Mars) towards yourself. The fears are challenging for sure but the good news is Saturn in any contact with Mars gives you the capacity and follow through to meet your goals.

  15. kristen stewart has this aspect actually.

    I have a stellium of outer planets in my 7th house, including saturn, square my mars in 10th house. I am quite flirtatious by nature and have no shortage of interested guys. But I get very very serious when it comes to real relationships, and don’t date around. Venus in virgo makes it worse. I find it very hard to fall in love, and on the rare occasion I do, the guy is always unavailable (distance, commitment issues on his side or married).

  16. I’m checking it out on astrotheme, and quite surprised to find there’re quite a few celebrities with this aspect actually. Both Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Jennifer Lopez, Kurt Cobain, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jude Law, David Bowie, Gerard Butler, Colin Farrell (wouldn’t have thought it!), Claudia Schiffer, Vince Vaughn etc.

  17. @missbluesky, is your Venus making an aspect to Neptune?

  18. No but I have Neptune and Uranus in my 7th house too. Uranus also squares my mars. The ruler of my descendant is in the 12th house, and I my venus tightly conjuncts my lilith in virgo by 1 degree.

  19. What an excellent article! Thank you so much for writing this.

  20. Ananthi R says:

    Hi !

    I am little sad on seeing my horoscope. I doubt I may live all alone in life because I have got with 3 planets in my 7th house : Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

    Saturn – Sagittarius – 26°31’54”
    Uranus – Sagittarius – 27°14’16”
    Neptune – Capricorn – 7°26’12”

    I am little upset, I have to adapt myself. You have any suggestions for me

  21. I have Saturn Aquarius prominent in my chart, almost exactly conjunct Descendant in 7H and loosely square Pluto in Scorp 4H. Not to mention, it is also Singleton in Air. Fairly strong.

    I am currently in a relationship going steady for 4 years. However, the prospect of marriage absolutely terrifies me. My SO is Mars in Scorp and very ready to marry me, and it hurts him that I am hesitant to take the plunge.

    The source of my Saturn fears is probably that my mate will one day find someone better than I am and abandon me. That he will one day realize that I’m not good enough at all and lose interest. This fear eats me up every day even though I try not to show it.

    Reading about Saturn 7H always makes me feel lonely and scared for my future…

  22. What would you make of a double whammy? Saturn in my 7th house at a critical 0 degree Leo…Cancer on the cusp… and also opposite capricorn moon in the first conjunct ascendant?? Relationships are so hard for me… am I going to be an old maid? Am I the problem?

  23. Danielle, there is a sense of isolation and difficulty getting one’s emotional needs met with Moon opposite Saturn. Also, with the Moon in Saturn’s sign, your needs (Moon in 1st) may feel subservient to a partner’s (Saturn in 7). I cannot say if you will be an old maid, but it might help to learn how to be more self-sufficient such that when you are in relationship you are less dependent on your partner to fulfill your needs for you. However, don’t do this to the point that you are catering to your partner. More that, through the difficult process of coming to terms with the nature of loneliness (that we all existentially have to face) you can come to be in relationship without the unrealistic expectation that another can nurture you beyond what’s reasonable for an adult, i.e., certain holes cannot be filled.

  24. Danielle says:

    Wow… that is wonderful advice. Yes, my expectations are totally unreasonable and it stems from deep holes within that no human could possibly fill. I’ve come to accept my alone-ness but to the point where I’m afraid to get too close to anyone. Walls that can’t be penetrated. I have faith if I work through the self-love issues that Saturn will turn lead into gold. I appreciate your insight. Thank you.

  25. Danielle, I’m sure I could fill those holes and penetrate your wall 😛 I’m Saturn in 7th too, so I can understand what you mean by aloneness. I usually keep people away with crude innuendo and mind numbing ideas, works well. Its good for Saturn 7thers to relax and enjoy lifes bounty and gain experience before settling for intimate relationships imo. Saturn 7thers need a Saturn in Libra partner who will reflect back the same energies. I have experienced this and I see why relationships are a problem, did someone say prenuptuals on the second date instead of coffee. We need to relax and enjoy the company and resist all temptations to kill the moment, just see everything as friendship until “the feeling” gets you and go for it. Good luck, we’re a catch I tell ya! 🙂

  26. I don’t have saturn in the 7th – mine is in the 8th house in Libra. I try and remember that despite some of my struggles, I make a damn solid partner – definitely the real deal! Thanks for this article.

  27. I have Saturn in 7th house and I have best friend of 20 years, close relationships with a small group of friends, and I have not been lucky in love at all. It’s really difficult for me to commit because of insecurity and whenever I’m committed it won’t last very long because of the appearance of a third person (always). My friends often wonder why I am not in a relationship while I always have guys pursuing me (I don’t mean to brag). I had only a few relationships which were frustrating and now I’m 29, going through my first Saturn return, hoping things to change because it really feels doomed.

  28. Ameet Mahamuni says:

    I have Saturn, Neptune and Uranus all three in my 7th house. I am really upset that my married life will not be good enough. Is that true? If it is what has to be done to be with only one woman for whole life. I don’t want to be divorced

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