Mars in Virgo, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Mars in Virgo’s assistance will fall flat with Moon in Aries. Aries needs a warrior, not a helper, and Virgo will not be assertive enough. If other contacts between their charts are sufficiently magnetic to pull them together, Aries will need to quell her impatience with Mars in Virgo’s fussy ways. And Virgo will have to accept that Moon in Aries doesn’t always need his help.

Mars in Virgo wants to make things better for his partner. His efforts to organize, improve and correct are all manifestations of his attraction. Mars in Virgo’s drive to do things perfectly can become a bit much for his lover, as his dutifulness turns to obsessive precision. His partner may appreciate the fact that he’s always ready and willing to do the right thing, but she won’t appreciate his constant corrections. This is when it helps to remember that Virgo’s actions are aimed at improving everything and everyone (including himself).

Moon in Aries needs a partner who challenges her. Her quick-tempered, passionate nature is fed by a lover who pushes her emotionally. Moon in Aries is naturally courageous, but she needs to feel that courage. Which means she must have the freedom to initiate. Mellow partnerships won’t cut it. If her lover doesn’t respect her freedom while standing up to her, Aries’ fire can be distorted into meaningless outbursts of temper and drama.

Mars in Virgo will try to make himself useful to Moon to Aries. The more he tries, and the more he worries about the results, the angrier Aries will become. Virgo will take the hint pretty quickly and back off; he’ll have no desire to waste his energy on someone who obviously wants nothing to do with him. But if these two connect on other levels, they’ll have to deal with this tension. They may be able to bond over their mutual desire to move forward. Mars in Virgo always wants to improve, and Moon in Aries needs constant progress. If they can focus their energies on a joint goal, Aries can provide the initiative and Virgo can fine-tune the results.

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