Mars in Gemini, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Mars in Gemini gets off on intriguing puzzles, and Moon in Pisces will certainly intrigue him. Pisces’ vague, shifting emotions will be difficult for Gemini to make sense of, but he’ll keep trying. However, Mars in Gemini’s flirtatious come-ons may completely miss the mark, as he offends Moon in Pisces. Then again, Pisces may find him totally hilarious (sometimes). It depends what mood she’s in.

Mars in Gemini uses his wit as bait. An off-color joke here, a challenging observation there — whatever it takes to get a reaction from the object of his desire. In order to keep Mars in Gemini’s quickly shifting attentions, his partner has to remain interesting. This is why a lover who is somewhat unpredictable (and always responsive to new ideas) is the best match for this Mercury-ruled sign.

Moon in Pisces goes with the flow. This does not mean she’s laid-back. On the contrary, she’s one of the most sensitive signs out there. But her moods shift according to distant and magical tides, that no one (except for her) has access to. Moon in Pisces can be giving to the point of sacrifice, but can also withdraw into her own world. Her partner will have difficulty coaxing her out of this emotional isolation, and sometimes it’s best if she emerges on her own schedule.

Mars in Gemini may find it challenging to hook Moon in Pisces. He’ll toss out some comments as she swims by, and she may completely ignore him. But if she’s in a receptive mood, she’ll bite. Even then, Gemini runs the risk of saying the wrong thing. Or, she may find his observation to be the most profound thing she’s ever heard, and she’ll want to hear more. If these two move forward together, Mars in Gemini will have to learn to exercise some sensitivity, because Pisces won’t always be in the mood for his wit. Some days, she may not even want to talk.

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  1. sailor.mercury says:

    Ah, another good and nice one…my mercurial moods something end in long periods of reciprocal ‘silence: if you want more action, find a creative outlet’. It is very enlightening and i find it very, very fun in the long run. But not too long 😉

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