Composite Mars Square the Composite Nodes: Relationship Deal Breaker?

If you want to know how a relationship will manifest, look at the composite chart. It’s the final word on how, or if, you and your partner will create a union. Which brings up the question of composite deal breakers. Are there any red flags that guarantee a relationship will not work out? Well, there’s no guarantees. I believe that, if you and your partner are ready and willing, you can encourage a relationship (whose time has come) to reach its full potential. But the fact remains that some relationships face major obstacles, and those obstacles are immediately apparent in the composite chart.

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Composite Mars square the composite North and South Nodes is an aspect that can appear when there is a strong desire for you and your partner to be together, but external circumstances create blockages. The composite South Node represents the relationship’s incarnation in a past life, and the North Node is the relationship’s path forward. Any composite planet squaring the nodes points to the reappearance of past life obstacles. When composite Mars is involved, there seems to be an extra level of challenge. Mars represents the actions you and your partner take together, and your sexual energy as a couple. When it squares the nodes, this action/attraction seems to go against the current. There is something about the relationship that was (in a past life) forbidden or inappropriate. And it was the sexual component (Mars) that made it inappropriate. In this life, that sticking point is repeated, although not in exactly the same way. Relationships with this aspect have a great deal of difficulty getting off the ground. They may manifest as a brief fling, long-term affair, or unrequited attraction. But there is something preventing the union from gelling into a complete commitment, where both parties are free to be with each other.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. if Composite Mars(in 9th House) trine composite North Node(1st House) 4 degrees, it’s good?
    and what about Composite Saturn(7th House) conjunct South Node, orb 4 means? thks.

  2. Sag Rising says:

    Does mars semi-square north node still have the same effect as the square? My good friend of almost 5yrs
    and I had a falling out and have never spoken again since. Pluto is conjunct the NN exact at 24 degrees in the 8th. A true transformation that’s for sure.
    Thanks –

  3. Very interesting! If the aspect was smooth in synastry and becomes square in composite, does that mean you’re atracted but pursuing a relationship brings up the described issues? Likewise, does the opposite mean that there is tension in the square attraction but becoming a trine in composite means”We can work it out”? Thanks!

  4. Does this apply for Mars conjunctions and oppositions to the Nodes as well or just the square?

  5. This is interesting. I have natal venus square saturn. And I’m the one with a natal planet opposite composite mars. I have Jupiter 1 Cancer 9H which is opposite composite mars 3 Cap 3H. It’s true I lose my mind with fear when I see we’re getting close and I couldn’t work out why. My friend panics too, but I think I do it more. I was reflecting on this earlier this week and I hope I have found a way forwards, which is to take a deep breath, know I am safe, and just take a tiny baby steps.
    Also, whilst my friend isn’t violent, my parents were, and I think some of my anxiety may stem from this lifetime. Thanks, Nadia 🙂

  6. Aphrodite says:

    Nadia, what orb do you use and does it vary according to the planet? For instance, would you use the same orb for Mars as for Saturn or Pluto square the composite Nodes? What about aspects from the Natal to the Composite? If one party has a personal planet, especially Natal Sun or Moon square the Nodes, what orb would you use and would it differ for the outer planets? Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience. I learn so much from you!

  7. Ouch, this is so true… I just lost every hope my “relationship” whit this guy would ever take off 🙁

    We have a composite DSC/Mars conjunction in Taurus squaring an exact Sun/SN conjunction in the composite 9th house in Leo…Furthermore, my natal 1st house ruler inconjuncts our composite SN, while his natal 1st house ruler inconjuncts our composite NN…Even our natal planets are in disagreement with NN/SN…What makes it even more difficult is the composite Moon at 0 degrees Cancer in the 8th house.

    Nadia, thank you for this post, what you’ve written here is a real “eye-opener” for me.

    PS: The only thing that gives me some (false?) hope is my Moon’s exact trine to our composite SN and his Saturn’s exact trine to our composite NN…What can I say, hope dies last!

    Cheers, Ana

  8. Your articles and your insight into astrology have given me such a sense of faith that things happen for a reason in this lifetime, and if they are meant to be, they will be. It’s a relief to realise that I’m only required to play my discrete part in this lifetime, as part of a much bigger tapestry. Thank you, Nadia.

  9. Interesting and explains alot, the composite chart with my ex husband has moon conjunct mars in 10th square venus conjunct south node in 2nd opposing obviously nth node which is conjunct Uranus and BML, there is also a sextile between neptune and pluto in 8th. It was an addiction, the relationship that is and emotionally abusive and when i ended it and filed for divorce, it has been diabolical and yet he manages to look like he is smelling of roses, it has had severe effects on our children, yet managed to have me cop the blame and I have had to do it all myself while also battling with his “stealth” tactics and it is indeed in the chart, (even ceres and vesta in the 5th house of children) I am quite amazed actually, if only I had been able to learn astrology way back then…may not have changed anything would have been nice to have an inkling though 🙂

  10. @Gee
    Any trine to the North Node is positive; it enables the relationship’s future. Any square presents a challenge (defined by the characteristic of the planet that’s squaring the Nodes).

  11. @Sag Rising
    No, I’m not sure if I would even count Mars semi-square. I only consider major aspects to the Nodes.

  12. @Leo
    Yes, to both. If you check in the archives on this site I wrote an article a while back about synastry and composite charts not agreeing.

  13. @Pamela
    Just the square.

  14. @Aphrodite
    4-5 degrees max, doesn’t matter what the planet is, or whether it’s natal or composite.

  15. @Manana
    Those trines can certainly help, but it remains to be seen if they (and other aspects between you) will balance out the Mars square.

  16. @Kisses
    I’m sure that experiencing violence in your childhood will crank up the anxiety. At least you know what the source is.

  17. @Katie
    You’re welcome, Katie.

  18. @debbie
    Astrological hindsight is good for catching those same patterns in present and future relationships. As for the past, you could only work with what you knew then.

  19. Nadia, thanks! Your correlation of the composite nodes sq Mars explains a particular situation I encountered that wasn’t productive, though had tremendous potential. He was born nine and a half years after me…our natal nodes are reversed and exactly conjunct. Both of us have natal Mars square our nodes in the same sign and degree. This puts composite Mars conjunct our composite nodes. Not the same as the composite square you write about, but the same result…a frustrating, nonsexual courtship that didn’t go anywhere, leaving me with an unrequited grand attraction…LOL.

  20. Thanks, Nadia. It’s a mystery solved, and also I kind of feel bad for how much I’ve been projecting on to my friend. Maybe we both do it equally as much, with his natal moon/uranus opposition on his AC/DC? Or maybe it’s all my fault? 🙁 Starting to appreciate Mars Rx and the time it’s giving me to do this, and also that he and I are still friends. At this point, I don’t know what to think or what I can reasonably hope for. Maybe I can begin by meditating on forgiveness or something, and also browse your saturn posts. I feel sad.

  21. @mike
    Wow…thanks for sharing that example. Interesting twist on the Composite square. Your natal squares were brought into prominence.

  22. @Kisses
    It always takes two. It’s never all one person’s “fault.”

  23. Thanks Nadia for yet another great article.
    A friend and I have composite MSN in H10 and MNN in H4 squared (1 degree orb) by Mars in H7. Would that match a past life experience of being thrown out of the full church to which we had gone to be married, because the priest disapproved of our having already lived together while unmarried? (H10 the public humiliation, H7 marriage etc,)
    My friend and I are not (yet?) together – the sorts of reasons you mention apply.
    Our synastry has lots of yummy Mars-Venus etc signs of attraction and harmony, also 10 or more signs of past life connections (Moon Pluto hard aspects both ways, H12 planets, MSN contacts, etc etc). However there are also challenges – eg Sun square Moon both ways, Lilith opposite Sun squaring the Lilith person’s nodes. Most of the orbs are about 1 degree.
    If (or when) we do get together, it seems that much will be asked of each of us (although also great gifts to be had.).
    Does all this suggest an evolutionary potential path forward (or work) for us in the field of H4 but perhaps not as conventional partners? Why else would we have set up such a scenario? (We each have natal H5 Uranus and are no strangers to the unconventional!).

  24. Hi Nadia,
    I was wondering, is there a famous couple with Mars square NN aspect in their composite chart?? That would be interesting 🙂
    Cheers, Ana

  25. I have Nodes (NN 1H 21 Sagittarius, SN 7H 21 Gemini) square Mars 20 Virgo, intercepted in 9H. My ex’s Saturn was exactly conjunct at 19 Virgo. Since I am unable to dump myself, how do you recommend I deal with these energies, Power and abuse of power are strong themes in my life but, with a Libra Sun and Venus, I find it very difficult to protect myself. NN trines Jupiter 9H @ 23 Leo. Can I (somehow) use that? I will say that possibly Jupiter has helped in that I have had to be philosophical.

  26. Ericka says:

    Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward had this aspect in their composite. Probably because Paul was married when they met. I bet they took a lot of work to get together. Thanks!

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