Marriage Aspects in Synastry

One question I’m often asked is “Does this aspect in our synastry indicate marriage?” There are only a few aspects between partners that encourage potential matrimony, and even then, they can also indicate other types of commitment. In the context of this article, “marriage” refers to a mutual decision to formalize a romantic commitment in whatever spiritual or social context is meaningful. Note that all these synastry aspects can be applied to straight or same-sex couples.


Before a couple even goes near the idea of wedlock, there must be at least one Saturn connection in their synastry. Saturn interaspects can be part of any long-term relationship (co-workers, friends, parent/child), but they are absolutely essential for commitment between two people. Saturn contacts are the cement that stabilize a relationship, so marriage can be built upon it.

If your partner’s Saturn hits your relationship planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars) or your angles (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th House cusps) with a hard aspect, they’ll feel a baseline responsibility to you. This sense of responsibility must be there before your partner can contemplate a long-term relationship. Trines and sextiles are weaker, but if they occur in multiples (your partner’s Saturn trines your Sun and Venus) there can still be enough glue to hold the two of you together. The feeling of commitment that Saturn creates goes both ways, but the Saturn person will feel the primary responsibility.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Hi Nadia,

    I have two seperate questions if you dont mind me asking both in one go.

    First question.
    Do asteroids and asteroid midpoints make an impact when they make tight hard aspects to the Sun/moon midpoint in synastry?

    Juno conjunct sun-moon midpoint OR
    Juno-Ceres midpoint conjunct sun-moon midpoint (particularly when both asteroids are also within the same sign as the other’s sun-moon midpoint) I have this case in a double whammy synastry.

    Second question.
    Regarding planets overlaying other’s houses in synastry. Do you consider a planet just BEFORE a house cusp to be in the next house? If yes, what is the orb you use for this rule?

    Thank you very much.

  2. Sorry it is me again with a third question.

    What could Lilith (so called mistress??) be doing to the odds of marriage, when it is opposite or square other’s Juno within one degree.

  3. I am surprised to hear that a square between Venus and Saturn or Moon and Saturn in synastry can be considered a marriage aspect. Isn’t it usually considered a difficult aspect in a couple’s synastry?

  4. My friend and I have most of these aspects, especially a lot of saturn. For now, we are just very good friends…. of course! Typical saturn…. 🙂

    I haven’t looked at Juno before. We both have Juno in Aquarius (mine 5 deg, his 25 deg), and we both have Venus in Sag (mine 19 deg, his 0 deg). So mutual sextile to 5-6 degrees, if that’s close enough. Also, my Juno has progressed to 20 deg, so again that’s 5 deg away from his natal Juno. His Juno has progressed to 11 deg Pisces, which conjuncts my Saturn at 10 deg.

    My north node falls in his 7H. Would that count? We have nothing else in our 7Hs otherwise.

    Also, I wanted to ask about sun/moon opposition that doesn’t aspect. My sun is in scorpio 3 deg and his moon is Taurus 19 deg. Opposite signs, but don’t connect. Does it make much difference?

    Thanks Nadia 🙂

  5. Hi Nadia. Great article. There is moon (mine) trine Saturn (his) aspect in my relationship’s synastry, and some reading showed that the responsibility factor really is in place, alongside some other things. Thanks for addressing the moon/Saturn relationship. I have a question about 7th house synastry; my partner’s Juno conjuncts (2°orb) my Part of Fortune in Cancer in my 7th house. Do you regard this P.F. point in synastry at all? Thank you!

  6. What is the orb used in synastry?

  7. His Juno square my Asc 2 deg.
    His Juno trine my Jupiter (exact)
    My Juno sextile his sun (exact)
    My Juno conj. his Cupido (exact)

    My Saturn conjunct his sun (2 degrees) diff. My Sat is at Leo 13 deg. And His Sun is Leo 11 deg.
    His Saturn square my moon 4 degrees.
    His Saturn square my venus 5 degrees.
    My 10th is Libra 5 degree. His Mars at Libra 5 degree. His Mars conj. my 10th 0 degree. (exact)

    My Sun/moon midpoint oppose his moon (exact)
    My Sun/Moon midpoint square his MC 1 deg.
    My Sun/moon midpoint conj. his Asc 3 deg.
    His Sun/Moon midpoint sextile my Asc 3 deg.

    My Sun/moon midpoint conj his NN 3 deg. ………Double Whammy!
    His Sun/moon midpoint conj my NN 2 deg. ………Double Whammy!

    His Asc is in my 7th House.
    and His North node is in my 7th House.

    My sun trine his moon (and his moon trine my moon)

    Pls help me for interpretation

    my English may not good. (I’m not an English native speaker ,I’m Asian people) and new studies/ new comer here. : )

  8. Excellent article. So the difficult aspects like Saturn Sq Moon (or similar) are making the Saturn person want a relationship even though Moon does too but struggles? Would a composite relationship planet, like Moon, etc. conjunct one peron’s Juno make that person feel that this relationship is the type that suits them? Thanks for the excellent writing.

  9. I had a man who’s Saturn conjuncted my Sun and squared my Moon. I wanted a relationshilp with him, but he just wanted a casual thing. I felt restricted and confined by him because he was not as into it as I was, so he had the power. That’s how the Saturn contact manifested. I don’t think the Saturn person always wants a commitment. And he certainly felt zero responsibility towards me. I know he liked me, but he didn’t like me ‘enough.’

  10. @marion
    Asteroids hitting the Sun/Moon midpoint will have an impact, but not enough by themselves to move a relationship towards marriage. I consider a planet to be in whatever house it’s in, regardless of how close to the cusp it is. Lilith might frighten the Juno person, or make them very, very uncomfortable. Not an aspect that would encourage marriage.

  11. @Petra
    As I said in the article, Saturn contacts are not specifically related to marriage. So these are not marriage aspects. But any Saturn contact (even the hard ones) can create commitment and responsibility. Squares to Saturn are not easy (the Saturn person can be very controlling) but I have seen marriages based on synastry with Saturn squares.

  12. @Kisses
    Your NN in his H7 won’t make much of a difference unless it’s aspect his planets or angles. Oppositions between the Sun and Moon are most potent when they are within orb. Just having them in opposite signs doesn’t create a strong enough pull (for marriage).

  13. @megan
    I look at POF more on first meetings, or to establish if a relationship is going to be significant.

  14. @stardust
    6 deg for conjunction/oppositions, 5 deg for squares, 4 deg for trines, 3 deg for sextiles, 2 deg for inconjuncts (these are the maximum orbs)

  15. @Gee
    There’s too much information here for a quick interpretation. Please order a consultation if you want all these aspects interpreted.

  16. @Leo
    Squares from Saturn can make the Saturn person very controlling. Whether or not both people want a relationship depends on the rest of the contacts (which is why I said Saturn contacts are not marriage specific). Saturn squares simply indicate responsibility/control on the part of the Saturn person…these people could even be co-workers. Composite Moon conjunct Juno may make the Juno person feel that the emotional climate of the relationship fits with their idea of what a relationship should be.

  17. Well, he certainly had the control part down. I suppose there’s always exceptions, but usually the Saturn person does feel a sense of responsibility. Sometimes (in this case) it can manifest as the Saturn walls staying up (fear) and holding the planet person at arm’s length.

  18. @Leo
    See Yvonne’s comment and my reply as an example of Saturn contacts not being a guarantee of wanting a relationship.

  19. @Yvonne
    Well, he certainly had the control part down. I suppose there’s always exceptions, but usually the Saturn person does feel a sense of responsibility. Sometimes (in this case) it can manifest as the Saturn walls staying up (fear) and holding the planet person at arm’s length.

  20. Great article, Nadia. A couple questions tho — what is the orb you use for midpoint, Juno, etc. connections? Is there a larger orb for conjunctions — such as, they only need to be in the same sign? Also, I had a failed relationship with someone who I shared a number of these connections with (some sextiles but mostly conjunctions), and the midpoint conjunction was exact — my Sun at 19 deg. Aquarius on his sun/moon midpoint. Is there some reason why a sun conjunction would be irritating to a sun/moon midpoint person rather than uniting? Also, for context, my sun was only 2 degrees from his Asc. Thanks for your wonderful insights.

  21. Thank you very much, Nadia! You are so kind, always taking time to answer our questions.

  22. Then, one question here, pls
    If both persons have “Sun/moon midpoint” conjunct each one’s North Node, Double Whammy!
    Does this lead to a marriage??
    Thankyou a lot.

  23. @Mary
    Thanks, Mary. See my answer to Stardust for the orbs I use in synastry, in general. Simply being in the same sign does not qualify as a conjunction. For asteroids/midpoints, I use very small orbs (2 degrees max). A Sun conjunction to his midpoint might have set off some existing natal squares to his midpoint. Some people’s Sun/Moon midpoints are challenged.

  24. @Gee
    double whammy, yes. But I wouldn’t say it would lead to marriage, necessarily. The NN represents the unknown for many people, so it depends on how ready each person is to move forward (some people aren’t). Also, conjunctions from the Nodes to midpoints are not as potent as conjunctions from planets. Nodes represent paths, not specific energy.

  25. Thanks, Nadia. My NN is 4 deg Gemini and it’s opposite his natal venus 0 deg Sag. Would this count?

  26. Forgot to add that my NN is also sextile his natal Jupiter 6 deg Leo. Thanks!

  27. Yes, you’re right, he has a 16 degree mars in scorpio that would square the midpoints. I was thinking that midpoints only worked with conjunctions — so I learned something today. Thanks, Nadia.

  28. I googled NN opposite venus and it said star crossed lovers. Doomed, in other words. That’s sad. 🙁

  29. … I googled some more. 🙂 My SN is conjunct my natal moon, so I am ‘south node orientated’. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that we met in this lifetime to say goodbye, There is an aspect to the NN that balances things. It’s true there was a sense of ‘recognition’ when we met, and it’s true I feel it more, especially with his moon directly opposite my sun/moon midpoint. As the nodal person, I do have a lot of fear, hence my anxious posts! Sorry about that. Thanks, Nadia. 🙂

  30. @Kisses
    His Venus is conjunct your SN. Not necessarily star crossed, but not specifically a marriage aspect either. It suggests you were romantically involved in a past life.

  31. @Kisses
    No worries about the posts. Regarding your relationship with him, it seems to be very SN oriented for you. So you might want to look at what habitual behaviour you need to move on from.

  32. Thanks, Nadia. 🙂 I sensed that early on. I met him when saturn went into libra, which is my AC, then came the lessons. I am still learning, I think, it’s slow but each step seems solid. There is no going back.

    Just looking at midpoints a little further, and I see a similar thing going on for him. His sun/moon midpoint is 18 Pisces, conjunct his SN, 19 deg. One thing that really surprised me is his sun/moon midpoint and SN hit both my chiron and ceres! Not only that, but directly opposite, conjunct his NN I hit him again with pluto and uranus! Then I hit him again with a square to my mars! I don’t know how we’re still friends!! My sun/moon midpoint conjuncts his AC and his natal uranus, and opposes his natal moon. When I look at all this, I see how the saturn squares make sense, the delays are there to give us time to breathe and let the growth happen. It all takes time.

    If I look at how things are, I see unconditional love and I see growth. It does hurt to move on from the past, it has to otherwise growth can’t happen. You have to break an egg to make an omelette. As the chiron person, I just read that I feel all this more, which made me feel better because I don’t want him to feel the pain I do. But if I’m hitting him with the mean planets, he must be hurting too. And yet it all seems to be for the best. Positive and healing. You wouldn’t expect goodwill and forgiveness to survive and it has. I find all this amazing. Thanks, Nadia. 🙂

  33. I forgot – my sun/moon midpoint is conjunct my neptune. It’s interesting what’s coming up there too.

    I wanted to add that although the mean planets and these harsh aspects would suggest destruction, the opposite is happening. We are both quite damaged as individuals, both experienced bereavement as children, and both have deep issues that caused us to put up walls. We are both quite shy and sensitive, neither of us stand up for ourselves. Meeting each other is almost like putting ourselves back together again. It’s almost like we have been working out our issues from the start. There are some marriage aspects in our charts, I didn’t mention them as I wanted to talk about these other aspects. It’s not the goal I’m interested in, it’s the journey, because even if we do marry, these lessons continue. 🙂

  34. Nadia –

    I’d like to ask a general Juno astrology question if I may:

    I’m not in a relationship right now. My natal Juno is @13 ARIES. My progressed Venus is currently @ 10 ARIES. When these 2 planets align with transiting Venus in ARIES (maybe in 2015/6?), do you see that as a portent for marriage?

    Thank you.

  35. What if your partners Juno conjuncts your midheaven? Juno on the angles of the chart as strong as hitting planets?


  36. His Mars conjunct my descendant and My Neptune on DES exact! His Sun Moon Midpoint conjunct my Saturn.
    My Saturn (and I am Capricorn) square his Venus (exact) (He is Libra) and his Saturn square my Sun (orb 4).
    His Juno conjunct my North Node in 7th house (orb 1 degree) and opposite my Saturn.

    Composite Sun square Saturn. I am in love with this men but after more than half year we haven’t really met like date. But We see each other on work. Is it also possible that when we have so much “Saturn” that relations just does not happen?

    [the rest of this comment has been redacted by editor because it is copy-and-paste from an article or report]

  37. Pelin Ozcan says:

    Hi Nadia,

    I was wondering your opinion about Saturn square Sun/Moon midpoint in synastry.. Do you count this one too, among the Saturn aspects creating commitment and responsibility?

    Thank you.

  38. Hi nadia
    i wanted to ask about my brother he has saturn & mars in virgo in the 1st house and moon in pisces in the 7th house ,when will he get married
    thank you

  39. Dear Nadia,

    You wrote that ” the feeling of commitment that Saturn creates goes both ways, but the Saturn person will feel the primary responsibility”.

    Ok, but what happens when both partner’s Saturn hits the other person’s planets? Ie. My Saturn trine his Moon, opposite his Venus, trine his Mars, square his AC, conjunct his NN, but at the same time his Saturn square my Moon, trine my Jupiter and trine my Uranus.

    Who is the Saturn person here?

  40. I also had a guy who had saturn conjunct my sun and square my moon like Yvonne. It started out serious very quickly but a few months into it he ended up wanting something casual and dumping me for someone else he was seeing behind my back. It was very frustrating and painful for me. My saturn was trine his sun. I didn’t feel he had any sense of responsibility for me either. Although he contacts me every so often to ‘see how I am doing’ I feel its just a power play.
    It was very hard for me to get over it.

  41. Hi Nadia,

    Both me and my man have saturn opposition moon in our natal charts. In synastry, our saturn square each other’s moon, and moon square moon as well.

    I have read that saturn square moon in synastry has a emotionally restrictive tone, I would like to know how does this affect two emotionally controlled individuals.

    Thank you very much.

  42. I liked a guy a lot but he just wanted friendship. My Saturn is in 12degrees Capricorn opposite his Sun in 18cancer.and trine his mars in 17taurus. His Saturn in 16 aquarius only makes a semisextile to my Venus in 16 Pisces and a quincunx to my ascendant in 19 Virgo.could this mean he wasn’t feeling the desire for commitment?
    Our composite chart also has a stellium of sun-mercury-venus-mars-vertex all on the dc,trine Saturn, sextile Chiron,sextile Jupiter and opposite Pluto.
    Also, my Eros conjunct his DC within 3 degrees. And his juno conjunct my moon-mars-Jupiter stellium within 6 degrees. (Dunno if that orb counts)

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