Cosmic Baggage: Unpacking Relationship Karma with Astrology

I constantly witness the turmoil we can be put through regarding our relationships. Heartbreaks, in particular, raise a lot of issues and questions. If you constantly face the same relationship issues, it may be time to look closely at some of the karmic indicators in your chart.

Why is it that we always end up back in the same situations we try to run from?

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The tough questions

People often ask, “Is it me?” or “What am I doing wrong?” These are tough questions to answer—but astrology is a tool that can help provide some answers. The planets are our road map through life; they hold many of the keys to our most profound questions. It’s up to us to do the detective work to put all the pieces together.

We all come into this life with some karma. I like to think of karma as a tote bag we always carry. What’s inside it is all of the “stuff” we’ve taken from our past lives to this one. I believe we have free will; in other words, astrology isn’t a crystal ball with all the answers.

However, our right to choose our way doesn’t stop those same challenges from our past from constantly finding us.

If you’re caught up in continual relationship turmoil, you might want to take a look at some of the karmic indicators in your chart.

The Top Karmic Offenders: Pluto and Saturn

The two planets that I study the most regarding our karma are Pluto and Saturn, as they are the two worst offenders when it comes to problems in our lives.

If either of them is mixed up in challenging combinations with any other planets in your chart, you could feel the weight of your karma.

Many of us have grown to dislike Saturn—particularly because of the hard lessons he makes us learn. He’s Father Time who carries with him all those insecurities you built up in your past lives, and that you’re trying to shake in this one.

Pluto is none-the-better! He’s been known to break us down to our core, and take things away in a painful way. If you’ve ever gone through an intense Pluto transit, you know his transformational energy is harsh. But Pluto breaks you down to transform you for the better, ultimately helping you to build a stronger foundation.

If your natal Saturn and/or Pluto are in a mix-up with your Venus, Mars, Moon or Sun, karma may be challenging you in your relationships.

These planets are very much connected to other people in your life. Conjunctions, oppositions and squares will bring us the hardest challenges and be the heaviest weight in your karmic bag.

Here are a few examples of how you can work through some of your karmic challenges and lighten your karmic load.

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Karmic Challenge #1: Saturn Conjunct or Square Venus

This karmic combination is one that that goes straight to the heart. Most of the love relationships you encounter will have a karmic twist of fate.

The key to making things twist in your direction is to give yourself more love and to stop putting yourself in situations in which you always end up being the victim.

Venus is very much connected to our love ties, and symbolizes your heart’s desire. Saturn, on the other hand, is a dark cloud. He’s a real downer who can make us painfully critical of ourselves—particularly when he’s in close contact with one of our personal planets.

If he makes a hard aspect to Venus, the weight is heavy. You’ll be left with a lot of doubt, insecurity, and, worst of all, fear. You’ll be easily hurt and feel pain on a very deep level. It’s also likely that you continually find yourself the victim in many relationships.

The good news is that there can be a clearing, if the right techniques are applied. If you’re living with this combination, you likely beat yourself up. Instead of looking at your negatives, focus on your positives. Giving power to your doubts and insecurities may be what drives others away.

The negative feelings you have about yourself could make you attracted to the wrong people, the ones who are unavailable. Work on boosting your confidence and surrounding yourself with people who can be there for you when you most need them.

Surrounding yourself with a little more positivity can lighten your karmic load considerably.

Karmic Challenge #2: Pluto Square or Opposing Sun

Pluto is a transformational planet. Whenever he touches one of our personal planets, such as the Sun, he demands that we endure crisis and transformation in our lives. He also likes to think big, so you probably walk through life with a strong sense of self and sense of direction.

Confidence is definitely your strength. The good news is that if you carry this combination, you always endure—no matter the circumstance. Pluto helps make you resourceful, so you can find a way out of, and through, any task.

Whenever you think of Pluto, think intensely. This will likely characterize your relationships. You’re a passionate lover who wants the most from people—perhaps a little too much.

It may be that your connections with others are somewhat strenuous because of your demanding and critical nature. Also jealousy can rear his ugly head now and again, causing some difficulties.


There’s no denying you’re a powerhouse, but the key with this combination is to rein it in a bit. Others see you as powerful; there is no need to remind them.

It may be beneficial for you to give up the reins to another from time to time. You never know … you could end up feeling lighter for it.

Karmic Challenge #3: The Moon Opposing or Squaring Saturn

Our emotional make-up is very much connected to where the Moon lives in our charts. When the cold touch of Saturn hangs around our emotional realm (Moon), we can expect an emotionally karmic experience in this lifetime.

Sometimes this stems from issues with mom (the Moon represents our mother) and early childhood. Perhaps you were denied love in some way, or were raised in such a way as to make you very critical of yourself.

You may feel a lot of restrictions on your emotions, despite your desire for a loving relationship.

One of the keys to unlocking your emotional karma is to put yourself first. You likely end up helping everyone first, and you’re the one who’s left in the cold. It’s time for you to be first! It’s also quite possible that because of your lack of confidence, you end up choosing the wrong partners.

While these are likely unconscious choices, it is important for you to be aware that you have this tendency. Try to choose someone who will boost your confidence, not bring you down.

The ruler of the Moon is Cancer, the sign that holds onto things for dear life. Just as the crab claws onto things, you may end up doing the same with past grievances. Now’s the time to release your grip. Aim to let go of the past and think of a brighter future.

Final thoughts

Try to take a few risks too. You may think you’ll be rejected, but that’s only your fears coming out.

No matter what your combination is, and how heavy your karmic bag, you have the potential to enjoy positive relationships. We all have the ability to move past whatever challenges are placed before us. And know that whatever you learn this time around will help you not only in this lifetime, but also beyond.

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