Venus in Pisces, Mars in Gemini Compatibility

PiscesThis couple is well-matched when it comes to being flexible. Pisces is open and accepting, while Gemini is curious about everything. But without some grounding energy, this relationship may never develop into more than a lovely idea.

Venus in Pisces is the beautiful dreamer. She is so sensitive that she can confuse her partner’s emotions with her own. Ms. Pisces takes giving to a whole new level as she feels what her lover feels and reacts accordingly. This makes her empathetic and compassionate but also easily confused. Combine this with her desire for the “ideal relationship” and she can swing from passionate sacrifice to being bitterly disillusioned and depressed.

GeminiMars in Gemini is the playful flirt. This lover is light on his feet, exuding wit and magic but not much sensuality. He does best with a partner who engages his mind and keeps him guessing. Intensely curious, he is open to experimentation but thinks his way through intimacy rather than feeling it. He has a reputation for being unfaithful, but there’s no guarantee he’ll stray. However, he is keenly aware that there are other options, and his partner will need to be comfortable with that.

These two will perform a sparkling courtship dance. Mars in Gemini will pursue elusive Venus in Pisces. She’ll be charmed by his light touch, and he’ll be kept guessing because Ms. Pisces’s desires are often a mystery, even to her. Problems will lie with the lack of focus between them. They may have difficulties deciding where they want to go together, and may simply drift apart. But if either of them have stabilizing influences in their charts, this relationship could develop into something truly magical.

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