Dark Energy: Aspects Between Mars and Pluto in the Natal Chart

Aspects Between Mars Pluto in Natal Chart

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Mars equals will and primal instinct. Pluto equals power and compulsion. Combine these energies, and you have one explosive package. Now, imagine having these planets connected in your natal chart!

Aspects between natal Mars and Pluto create a potent, sometimes frightening, source of energy. Mars fires up the Pluto need for control, while Pluto intensifies Mars’ desire to conquer. Hard aspects (conjunction, opposition, square) between Mars and Pluto can be especially challenging. These two planets are so strong that even the unity of the conjunction can create friction. The conflict of the hard aspects triggers the most intense manifestations of Mars/Pluto energy.

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Are you a Mars/Pluto person or are in a relationship with a Mars/Pluto person? Let us know about your challenges with this hard aspect in comments below.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. I have mars in cancer in the 1st house with mars trine pluto aspect in the same house and in my natal chart. Orb 5 degrees’ 53. I agree with most of the posts here in terms of character traits we seem to share. Though i’ve led a very complicated life throughout my life and dont really relate to my parents very well, i especially despise my father, he thinks he’s all powerfull with just me and my mother to intimidate in the house. Outside he’s the nicest person u’ll ever meet. Dont know what his natal chart looks like just know he’s an aquarius like my mother. Hence my lack of trust in people in general and my ice cold glare that intimidates people when im angry. Though i think the trine helps to control ur emotions better. Its not all bad, since i’ve notice women look up and linger their eyes in my direction when i enter a room could be fear or admiration or maybe both.But i’ve also read that this apect creates a magnetizing aura in people, maybe u guys can shed some light into the situation.

  2. Libran Astro Man says:

    I had a 3.5 year relationship with a mars-pluto square female, while also having this aspect in our synastry, and can make the following comments:

    1. In synastry I’d give this a miss. It starts off as explosive sexual chemistry, but for this person sex and control are linked. This means that sex eventually becomes transactional – you gotta jump through hoops to get it. I don’t think this is conscious on the part of the mars-pluto person, but they simply CANNOT relax into a healthy simple intimate relationship as they cannot separate sex from control.

    Sex and control do not mix well, and when they do they preclude healthy intimacy. So if you want intense, sporadic sex powered by someone’s control issues and emotional volatile situations, this one’s for you. I’ve learnt my lesson.

    2. “Mars/Pluto people respect power and abhor weakness, but they also need to maintain control. They may uncover certain “flaws” in their partner and demand that a change be made. If the partner complies, they’ll face the scorn of the Mars/Pluto person, because they gave in to their demands. If they don’t comply, they’ll endure a relentless barrage of pressure to change.”

    This absolutely nails this aspect. When you are with this person you are continuously being judged and measured in terms of strength. This in itself is problematic, because it destroys empathy when you are judging someone. This may not be overt, but you WILL see signs of it over time. They absolutely demand, unconditionally, your servility, but at the same time they will look down on you if you deliver it.

    Therefore prepare for a relationship where you get no respect when you comply, or endless conflict when you don’t. This person is not thankful when you do things for them – it is expected. The second you cease your services you will generate hostility. Obviously this is highly corrosive in a relationship.

    Throw in the fact that these people do indeed keep their own motives and activities hidden to the best of their abilities, and you can see that this just isn’t a bundle of fun.

    The person may be wonderful in all other respects, trustworthy, quite faithful, kind. However, with undercurrents like this running through the relationship it takes a tremendous amount of work to make it work out, and your job will never be done because something in this person seems to require crisis in order to have a sense of control – people who like control like crisis because it gives them the opportunity to exercise control!

    The last thing I noticed with this is a problem with empathy. There’s something inherently self-absorbed about this contact – the selfish Martian energy fusing with the deep subconscious vibrations of Pluto. These people are so driven to get what they want and pursue their goals that your experiences and feelings are ultimately secondary to this drive.

  3. I know a men with a natal Mars-Pluto square on his chart. His Pluto is in square with my natal Sun.
    No need to say that is definitely one of the most powerful connections of my life…No one every got on my nerves as he does some times…There is no middle ground with him that’s for sure.
    Sometime I have a feeling that he is manipulating me, and sometimes that feeling revels to be truth….he needs to feel that I think about him, preferably 24×7 :))
    Many astrology sites suggest that the upper hand on the relationship belongs to him but fortunately I also have my Mars in sextil with my Pluto… That for sure gives me the energy to say NO when I feel that enough is enough….Or play a little on my turn… 🙂 …I suppose it balances things…
    By other hand, no one know me as he does…almost like a paranormal effect, he can read me “between the lines”… And after many months and other synastry aspects more or less solved, he is capable of tremendous sweetness and passion.
    Will this relationship work in the future? Don’t know, but we respect each other….It’s a connection that I love.

  4. Hi there, Nadia 🙂

    Thanks for this article… it is one of the best I have read on the Mars/Pluto aspect.

    I have Mars square Pluto natally… Mars in the 6th house at 19 deg Capricorn, Pluto in the 4th house at 23 degrees Libra. I should also mention that Venus and Pluto are in a mutual reception in my chart (Venus in Scorp). I have some lovely aspects (Sun trine Moon, Venus trine Asc, Mercury sextile Pluto, Neptune trine Moon, Sun Merc and Neptune conjunction in Sag) but I also have a few humdingers (Pluto opposition Moon but 9 deg separating; Pluto square Ascendant, Jupiter conj Saturn) but this one is the killer. All that has been mentioned before is how it is… what are the best ways to mediate this aspect? What can be done to help soothe it?

    Thanks in advance 🙂


  5. @ Libran Astro Man

    “I had a 3.5 year relationship with a mars-pluto square female, while also having this aspect in our synastry, and can make the following comments:

    1. In synastry I’d give this a miss. It starts off as explosive sexual chemistry, but for this person sex and control are linked. This means that sex eventually becomes transactional – you gotta jump through hoops to get it. I don’t think this is conscious on the part of the mars-pluto person, but they simply CANNOT relax into a healthy simple intimate relationship as they cannot separate sex from control.

    Sex and control do not mix well, and when they do they preclude healthy intimacy. So if you want intense, sporadic sex powered by someone’s control issues and emotional volatile situations, this one’s for you. I’ve learnt my lesson.”

    Mars square Pluto female here… I’ve found that as long as role play can be negotiated (where both partners can take turns in being in control) then it doesn’t interfere with healthy intimacy. However, “simple” is never a word I would use to associate my sex life. Maybe it is my Uranus/Venus conjunction playing in the mix, but to me simple=boring. I do have to pick my partners wisely… but I think an awareness of the need to be in control (and, conversely, the need to be OUT of control which is even better for me) and to do it is a constructive way that both partners can enjoy can strengthen a relationship. I think it just depends on where the Mars/Pluto female is at in her development, and how far her partner will comfortably go.

    Your observations are damn good btw 🙂


  6. Nadia,

    I have Mars in Libra conjunct Pluto in Libra. Pluto was in retrograde during the time of my birth. I very well know that I have trust issues nowadays. I really didn’t until around the age of 26/27 when I was dating a Pisces man who tested me a lot. Nowadays, I sense my current partner is up to something and what has it done for me? It’s become an all-encompassing experience. I feel like I saw what happened, then further witnessed his psychology with this particular woman. This dates back to June 4th when there were planetary aspects going on that could turn my relationship around and it did! To this day, I swear I’ve been lied to and manipulated by my Cancer, but I don’t know if this is really just me. He might have had an emotional affair, but he definitely has yet to open up to me, emotionally, for the past year.

    So, my question is, how can someone with these aspects learn to let go? Learn to just concentrate on what’s in front of their face instead of constantly thinking their partner is up to something? All I have is what I initially saw, which wasn’t much, and then his psychology afterwards of starting fights with me for no reason and being shady with his texts. He now deletes all his texts and call logs. I’m left to question all this. I don’t know what to do and I feel my ex Pisces and how our relationship went down has a lot to do with my current trust issues.

  7. I need to add on that, in a composite chart, we have mars square neptune, meaning there needs to be honesty and no ego games in our relationship. It says one person can delude the other (him to me) and worse case scenario, lead to infidelity. Do I think he’s being honest based on his actions and deleting texts from girls? No. But, I don’t know why he’s doing it. This isn’t the man I fell in love with and I know, because of what I saw and my new trust issues with him, I’m not the woman he fell in love with anymore. I don’t want to call it quits – just really need to understand how to make my doubts stop and to trust him. How do I even bring this up to him without worrying that I’m putting my foot in my mouth?

  8. curious757 says:

    @no-perspiration, before Nadia comes to reply, I’d just like to add, or help out:

    you need t learn to let go of your fears. Put your foot down, and just sit with him, comfort him and tell him how much you care/love; cuddle with him on the couch. Also,Just ask him, straight up, “hey are you hiding something from me?? Im feeling really sad and lonely, am i being just a dopehead or what?”
    No fear.
    What you “think” you “know” may actually be wrong and you fears are multiplying, playing on you.
    Your fears may drive every man you get involved with. Also, spend more time with him. Even if you’re on the internet, he’s there doing something else in the same room or at the same table. But if you’re on a rocky relationship, put down the internet, the mobile phone and hang out with him. Get a film, make some popcorn, do something very creative. Cancer men love intelligent,creative, and cozyiness. Depending on your beau’s chart, he might like other stuff.
    And honestly, does it matter and having libra in mars – sometimes the tally isn’t worth it. Let it go, even if he did little white lies. Those things don’t matter in the bigger scale of things.

    I love the article btw, I love the rush of power (Capricorn energy? loving power), and happily hug my scorpio husband.

  9. what kind of advice would you give for this. i have this mars square pluto natally, and this man that i’m trying to get along with has a venus squre pluto natally.. is it hopeless? does it guarantee incompatibility? what would our biggest struggle be? how would we resolve it? can we?

  10. on top of that, his venus is in opposition to my sun by half a degree, and my mars is in opposition to his mercury exactly.

  11. @ame

    I thought I would give your questions my two cents worth until Nadia responds. Not sure if my response will help though…

    I’m also a Mars square Pluto female and I have attracted (or been attracted to) my fair share of Venus Square Pluto men (I also have Venus in Scorpio which is similar). Like every other response about aspects I would give, it really depends where you both are at in the development stakes. A Venus square Pluto male who is struggling to control his VsP will take on more Pluto characteristics and try and dominate his Venus, and this can take physical form by using women sexually and divorcing the connection between sex and love. This is not a comment to be generalised but this aspect – in a man – for me is the “prostitute aspect”. This is the man most likely to regularly use prostitutes just by the aspect alone. If he has a bit of a clue to his own nature, he will see what he is doing and, at the next step, try to love a woman. However, in this stage he can be stuck between two archetypes… the virgin and the whore. He will love a virgin but desire the whore and never the twain shall meet. For either the “virgin” or the “whore” it is not a complete relationship as he is not giving himself completely to either of them. The next stage is where he sees his significant other as both – and himself as the Devil/Angel – and works with his partner to reconcile these contradictions and control issues. S&M are likely to figure prominently and it will be a very intense – yet devoted – relationship. Obv, these are my experiences… I could be completely wrong.

    A MsP female and a VsP male are intensely attracted to each other – they figure that the other one has the actual intensity to deal with them. The problem is who dominates? And that doesn’t mean who ties who up as it is the one who is tied up that is actually in control. The VsP male will be intimidated by the MsP female as she will use force to get what she wants, and the MsP female will not trust the VsP male as he will use manipulation to get what he wants. Seriously… unless you are both aware of how this aspect plays out in a relationship and are willing to give this 100%, then I can only suggest that it will be a tough ride. That intensity will always be there are both these aspects need a space where they feel unchallenged to decompress. Its the classic what initially attracted you will drive you apart. But… it can work… you both have to be honest about where you are at though and what you can realistically achieve.

    Hope this helps,


  12. thank you for your input! since it is based on your own actual experiences, i do find it very valuable! thank you replying. Do you think, even though my mars does not aspect his venus, that this aspect still has impact? My venus is square his mars though. and on top of that, his pluto is square my sun, and opposite my moon. and my pluto is trine his moon. i guess, i just find that in these types of situations it seems there is usually contact between the planets involved. but since they are natal aspects within us, we bring them into whatever relationship we enter, so i thought maybe regardless they would still impact the relationship in some tangible way. that’s what your response seems to be implying. anyways, i’m just trying to understand it! 🙂

  13. i have mars venus pluto konjunktion within 1 degree in the first house within 1 degree @ ascendant in virgo *07.09.1976

    people say i’m dominant with a pokerface and with no emotions like mr. spock from star trek
    and not so attractive

    it’s true
    I hate weakness over all
    alone this word i hate

    but i respect power i dont like cying people also
    this make me very aggressive but im dont violent but must defend me for violence often with hard injury they you can see on my body for lifetime

    when i’m angry
    i punching walls or fuck my body through extrem sport till i fall down through exhaustion and then i’m a very qiuet guy

    in relationships i dont bind me
    i like it open
    see my partner 1 or 2 times in a week make sex and go my way and let her on her way and its for booth okay

  14. soory im mean in libra not in virgo

    english is not my fatherlanguage

  15. my wife has a uranus venus mars konjunktion in scorpio sometimes we are more than 2
    sometimes 2 mens and my wife sometimes 2 womens and me
    its also for booth okay
    i become 2 womens
    she became 2 mens

    its fair

  16. what about a guy with venus conjunct pluto and the woman mars square pluto?? anybody..

  17. any insight between a guy’s natal venus conjunct pluto and womans natal mars square pluto compatibility

  18. I don’t think enough clarity is being made here about the distinction between mars trine pluto and mars square pluto, etc…

    It seems to me that the person with the trine would have integrated both and have both a handle on their energy and the birds eye view of “power”. How they choose to maneuver depends of course on the rest of the chart. Whereas the square would have less of a clarity about a tension. The latter seems like there would be more of a power tripper while the former would be someone who has the potential to wield the power they have. It seems like a HUGE difference.


  19. I have Mars conjunct Pluto on my asecendant. My life has been a living hell, filled with abandonment and every form of abuse and hunilation. I will be happy when it is over. Deb

  20. I’m Mars in Taurus opposition Pluto in Scorpio and I find I become obsessed with people I’m attracted to, and I have to admit I love the chase. Once I have the person though I tend to lose interest, and I think it stems from a fear of intimacy / fear of losing control of the situation. When other people are attracted to me I find they are also quite intense and sometimes that intensity throws me off.. I’d rather be the one more invested in the situation, but at the same time I long for an equal partnership that doesn’t involve power plays. Lastly I love in secret.. I fall in love with friends and never tell them how I feel until my feelings are too deep to ignore, and by that time the friendship is ruined.

    Any thoughts?

  21. Geez guys… every post on every site reads Pluto as a monster only…. Have pluto conjunct moon and mars….in 7th house!!!. Early life was extremely shy and as a child could be explosive in environments I felt safe.This became buried when I hit teen years. Young adulthood was still absurdly idealistic and trusting and was victimized by exploitive or controlling people/men…Have had regular attacks in work environment for seemingly no reason but that the other individual felt threatened by my potential… i.e. it was territorial . But throughout, with few exceptions, never liked or tried to control others. I find that a weakness…and boring and unfulfilling especially in personal relationships. In fact, if I am put in a position where power games are dominant I fight back by exposing them and if this fails, walk away. It took a few years of fights to accept and learn that this is a futile game so that now when I see it coming I just disengage and walk. This is not fear, it is just knowing that it is ultimately futile as there is never resolution and it is a waste of time and my energy/life. True, cant tolerate wooses that have no backbone to stand up for themselves or principal. Have no tolerance of bullies…period… never have. I do truly hate bullies and vampires . Never ever use sex to control…. but it must be soul bonding or its mechanical and I just don’t participate on that level cuz that destroys the whole spirit and spontaneity of it. I see using sex energy as something you do not violate. Ever. It destroys your soul. i have been known to have a temper when frustrated and yes I do need physical work… desk jobs are suicide. But even the temper thing I didn’t demonstrate until my thirties.. and it came out as a result of abuse or the frustration of others simply not doing their share or after repeated attempts at communication in a calm voice that were either ignored or unheard by passive aggressive individuals… Its about the ultimate cooperation. And if that refusal to hear put me in jeapardy or led to exploitation of me, then yes, I upped the ante and went for the jugular verbally until I had to ultimately walk away. I fought with words and I had no match. But learned this is just a waste of time and energy. If it gets to the point you have to fight for basics then the you are in the wrong place. Its hardest with children when they tune you out. Hardest lesson has been not to keep trying to convince someone with reason when they refuse to hear, and convey that actions speak louder than words. I am a strong person, very independent, dont suffer fools.. but do not seek revenge not because I cant, but because I refuse to attach myself to it as karma. I have been known to be intimidating, in silence or with speaking and can utilize amazing patience. Biggest weakness has been the outlet of writing… used to write out wounding letters when I was wounded. I saw them as just laying out facts but there was considerable emotion behind them. Was obsessive with emotional attachments which I have learned to release with energy work and meditation. There is much work regarding surrender with this conjunction. Much about respect for self and holding your ground. Much about working energy softly as people are unconsciously afraid of strong people, especially women. And hardest of all.. forcing myself to not be straightforward or outspoken about anything that seems obvious to me because most people are living in a world of being deceitfully nice so they don’t have to deal with the truth and can perpetuate their little ruses in life. I grew up believing we are all wanting to heal through uncovering our fears and deceptions and trauma and that it was healthy to reveal and confront our little demons. I have had a real shock discovering that almost no one really wants to do this. Tried with family members to just discuss events as that family was insanely dysfunctional, thinking naively they wanted to, to heal, and that they were capable. All I did was alienate everyone completely. Ended up with siblings that turned to radically conservative belief systems and I am very eclectic and liberal. I am considered to my amazement, extreme by some people. To me they are radically afraid, of their own shadow. Being a Libra I have gone to ridiculous extremes in attempts at fairness and communication an it only led to me being villanized . I see life increasingly as me in the eye of a hurricane and the world insanely whirling around me playing self destructive games that only deplete energy and resources. As a result I am a loner… have lots of acquaintances most of whom hold me in high esteem because I am considerate and generous and empathetic, but no close friends. Most of the time this is fine. My greatest loss is intimate relations with men because I finally gave up because I have never met or been involved with one that didn’t abuse sex, either to control or because they were incapable of a real heart connection… and Im not talking sentimental love. The one real heart connection I made was so terrified of it he did everything he could to destroy me, literally. I have never understood it and still don’t.Except that perhaps I mistook the intensity of “need” for a heart connection. Cus all it ended up as was rape, on all levels, of all I had on every level. Total destruction almost including my life. I just couldn’t believe it. Final word, pluto has to dig down to find the truth and the core of energy that propells. Most people just cant even grasp this concept, let alone live with the process. Pluto teaches to control yourself and own your energy. This too frightens people. By no means are all pluto people rapacious, violent, dueling and controlling. Maybe the squares and oppositions are different. i also have sun/saturn combust in 8th. I hate to think what a naive and aggressive astrologer would say about my chart. Oh my god…..It’s like you can only see to the level that you personally have evolved to.So astrologers beware… Pluto is also the sign of consciousness and transmutation.

  22. earthairgirl says:

    @ Lana:

    Thank you so much for saying what you did about your Mars/Pluto. I am a 12th house Gemini with a Uranus/Mars/Pluto conjunction in the 3rd and your observation and experience is SPOT on !! It pretty much completely mirrors my own including the attacks and bullying in the work environment and for the same reasons and your experience with a dysfunctional family. I agree with your take on how you handle power games with other people. I do pretty much the same and I no longer engage in intimate relationships with men for same reason you do. I too, have many aquaintances but no real close friends and I think because of my 12th house Sun, I do okay with that.

    There is another element that is not mentioned here and that is plenty of people who have this aspect have also been subjected to abuse either in a dysfunctional home from childhood, relationship or work environment. And people wonder why we have trust issues??? I have been subjected to abuse and bullying nearly all my life from some person or another – family, school, work, so-called friends and intimate relationships. The real trouble starts when I stand up for myself and stand my ground. It took me years to be able to do that. Not all of us with this aspect want to control and dominate the people around us. But we do not want to be dominated, controlled or abused either.

    I can’t really add any more to this because I would just pretty much have to cut and paste your entire piece to this space. I can only say thank you again for speaking up and giving a good example of the “other side of the coin” on this aspect

  23. earthairgirl says:


    I want to also give a big THANKS to you because you helped me to understand how my Uranus manifests itself in this Virgo Uranus/Mars/Pluto conjunction at 1, 3 and 9 degrees in the 3rd. I wrote awhile back but needed to do some more work on this aspect so I have this saved to my favorite places. I refer to it when I’m looking at other articles about Mars/Pluto aspects both in natal and synastry charts. I do agree that my Uranus does magnify my need to detach from the trauma I’ve suffered. The older I have gotten the more it has come out.

    I remembered that you asked me to look to where my Mercury was located to see how I was processing this. I’m not sure how it does. My Mercury is conjunct my Venus in Taurus in the 11th house. I have over the years received varous favors and protection at times from people I’ve associated with. But since since these 2 planets are such a later degree – 25 and 27 degrees – the only other planets they aspect in my chart is my Saturn in Aqua at 23 degrees in the 9th house and my Moon in Capricorn at 25 degrees in the 7th house. Technically they do not aspect the stellium in the 3rd house as they are too far out of orb. What am I missing here or did I already answer my own question?

  24. marcia miranda says:

    hola, mi pareja y yo tenemos a marte en trigono con pluton , pero el tiene a marte en la casa 1 y yo a marte en la casa 7. En general llevamos muchos años juntos y han sido demasiado intensos, mucha pasion, discuciones y traiciones, donde cada cierto tiempo pasamos uno de los dos dominando la relación en guerra y al final nunca logramos separarnos. En algun momento pense que solo la muerte nos podia separar, debo agregar que tengo ascendente en escorpio y el tiene ascendente en tauro. Me gustaria pensar que esta tension en algun momento va a bajar y vamos a poder a relacionarnos mas tranquilamente … aun con todos estos conflictos hemos logrado muchas cosas materiales juntos y desde afuera nos ven como muy soidos y estables.

  25. Here’s the previous comment (from Google Translate): hi, my partner and I have Mars trine to Pluto, but has Mars in the 1st house and I Mars in the 7th house. In general we have spent many years together and have been too intense, a lot of passion, discussions and betrayals, where we spent time to time one of the two dominating the relationship and end war we never parted. At some point I thought that only death could separate us, I must add that I have up in Scorpio and Taurus ascendant has. I would think that this tension at some point will go down and we will be able to relate more quietly … even with all these conflicts have accomplished many things together materials from outside soidos see us as very stable.

  26. Does anyone know how this aspect could play out between draconic and natal charts? I couldn’t see anything about Draconic-Natal aspects in the previous comments, but please point me to it if my question has already been answered.

    I recently started paying more attention to draconic charts and there really isn’t much information on the internet about how to interpret this sort of thing. My draconic Mars/Eros in Taurus (conjunct natal ASC) opposes natal Pluto in Scorpio.

    Natally I don’t have any Mars/Pluto aspects, and Pluto has very few aspects anyway (opposite ASC, sextile Moon and Neptune), so I can’t help but wonder how the dr Mars opposing Pluto could manifest itself, since I’m really not very Plutonian normally (though I suppose I might be looking for Pluto in my relationships with Pluto conjunct Descendant). I read somewhere that it’s something like the draconic “soul” need would manifest itself through the issues of the natal planet that it aspects.

    So…I probably need to learn to assert myself (natal Mars in 12th, dr Mars conjuncting natal ASC), and perhaps I will learn to assert myself better through the issues of Pluto?

    Saying that, my dr Pluto is conjunct natal Venus in Sagittarius, which means my natal Venus is also opposing dr ASC in Gemini. So, my soul’s need to experience Pluto will manifest itself through the issues of Venus? I guess that could make sense, considering my Pluto is conjunct my Descendant anyway. Maybe it sort of reestablishes that projection of Pluto onto my relationship partners. But then what would that mean in terms of the dr Mars-Pluto opposition?

    I don’t know. Now I’m just confusing myself.

  27. @Lana

    Wonderfully written….
    coming from my own life expierence, as a male age thirty three.

    marsconjuction/pluto in the 12th…… both mars and pluto in my 12th!

    Sun sextile mars in close degree, moon in sextile with mars, “almost exact.”

    but before anybody wants too start – ignorant judgmental dumb dumb
    know nothing about nothing in life – attitude…….. not realizing i also have
    Sun/trine/Neptune – Mercury/Trine/Neptune!
    My only two trines from main planets within my chart.
    and the mercury is one of my closest, strongest aspects…….
    Not only have i been abused in some way shape or form, from the time of a child, from both parents, whom all outside eyes think “thought”, were kind loving souls………. By the time of about my early 20’s,
    i had turned into a reclusive Valium hooked addict, who had lost all hope and any faith in another’s “trust/Love” for me.
    Not until getting into astrology, and understanding my chart!
    did i begin too understand – see clearly – how just about everything, which had happened in my life…….
    the puzzle – riddle, was becoming closer to completion. starting too make some sense!
    i have finally learned! – “realized”, Any relationship, from whomever wants too get to know me! – especially that of a female, is going too be a sick twisted dark – Evil – fake – Lying – manipulative –
    cold cruel harsh unlivable – unable too love, walking human zombie….. and the most Fckd up thing, ive noticed of – from a fairly vast numerous pct of “dumb motherF/ckers” in astrology! – is,
    they will see one aspect in someone chart! – and have already begun – judging the person, overlooking the rest of the persons chart…… Mars conjuntion pluto in my chart! – Venus in the 8th house – scorpio rising – as well as Scorpio Moon in my first! – with a Leo Sun! – and ya wanna know how many times! – ive had sexual realions! – the opportunities have been numerious throughout the years! – yu wanna know! –
    “NONE – Zero – 0”
    oh yea! –
    my mother cheated on my father, when i was one year old, with me lying on the floor, while she was having the infidelity! –
    these were supposed too be…?
    loving Christian people….? –
    wont even tell, what my moms side –
    the family secret! –
    you would think it was all part of some freak’en movie script! –
    makes me Fck’en sick! – thinking about it! –
    back too my whole point on my post! –
    Never Judge someone based on a few aspect or positions in their chart! – even if nine outta ten times,
    you were right! –
    “The one thing!”
    I’ve been truly grateful of……..
    is always having JESUS in my life!
    Or else!
    I’d have,
    NO! – idea!
    about how thy would’ah –
    “turned out.”

  28. I have Mars,Uranus and Pluto conjunct in Virgo.
    They are opposed by Saturn.
    My Sun and Venus is squaring them by sign not aspect.

    I have had hellish experiences.
    Someone once told me. The powerhouse of Mars, Uranus and Pluto are mine and no one else’s. Stop giving it away and projecting it on to others. So with this in mind it has helped me a lot and now I am starting to turn the tables so to speak. I am not using it in a bad way. Just in control of it and conscious of it. This powerhouse is mine.

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