Mars in Taurus, Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility

Mars in Taurus’ slow and steady approach may be too slow for Moon in Sagittarius. She needs freedom, plus a sense that she’s moving forward, while Taurus wants to stay put. However, if other connections draw them together, Taurus can be the grounding influence, and Sagittarius can show him that there’s a big world beyond his carefully crafted boundaries.

Mars in Taurus digs in and fortifies his home. Once he establishes a relationship with his partner, he’ll work on establishing a base that’s strengthened by his routines. He knows the best actions to build his resources, so Mars in Taurus is a pro at providing for himself and his lover. But he’s also reluctant to change something once it works. His partner will have difficulty coaxing him to try anything new (or admitting that his way isn’t the only way).

Moon in Sagittarius needs to explore. Whether she’s travelling, learning, or checking out new restaurants, she’ll only be happy if she can continually grow beyond her existing boundaries. This means that Moon in Sag will not be content to sit at home, and her partner should understand that she’ll find traditional domestic life boring. Having said this, she is capable of building a domestic relationship, as long as she has room to move (and her partner handles the practical duties). When she’s feeling satisfied, she can be a laid-back, accepting partner.

Mars in Taurus will want to establish a nest, and Moon in Sagittarius will need to escape that nest. She’ll find his stubbornness frustrating and his routines suffocating. Taurus may try to clamp down on his restless partner as his possessive urges kick in, and this will only serve to drive her away. If these two want to make it work, they’ll have to compromise. Taurus can stay at home and hold down the fort, while Sagittarius goes off on her adventures. He’ll have to trust that she’ll return, which she will, as long as he doesn’t demand it. Mars in Taurus can construct the foundation, and Moon in Sagittarius can infuse their lives with variety. As a bonus, both of these signs can be quite mellow (when they’re happy) so if they reach a place of mutual acceptance, this can be a relaxed union.

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