Pluto Square Mars in the Natal Chart

Pluto square Mars in the natal chart is one of those aspects that bring ambition and power together. And if you are a Scorpio with this aspect, the world better watch out! But regardless of your Sun sign, this square can shape your personality and ultimately leave its print on your life! 

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Understand Pluto Square Mars

 A square between these two planets can be as intense as the energies they bring. Pluto, the God of the Underworld, is the planet of transformation and radical change. It stands for power, control, and ego. Pluto represents death and rebirth in a way that helps us eliminate what no longer serves us or aligns with our divine purpose. This planet rules over the water sign of Scorpio and brings the truth out even from the darkest corners of our hearts. It is a planet that affects generations just as much, if not even more than it affects individuals due to its slow movement in the heavens. 

The placement of Pluto in the natal chart shows us where we are most likely to experience transformations in our lives. This placement significantly impacts self-development and the connections we establish in our lives. 

Mars represents assertiveness, aggression, determination, drive, ambition, and sexual energy. This planet is the warrior archetype and pushes you to achieve your goals. Mars rules over the fire sign of Aries and is one of the most potent energies in your natal chart, along with the rest of your planets (Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon). Your natal Mars shows in what area of life you are most likely to manifest your assertiveness and feel a strong urge to succeed. 

A square between Pluto and Mars forms when these two planets are 90 degrees apart. It invites you to discover and express your inner power to the world determined and directedly. While difficult, it will help you grow and even reach unimaginable success! 

The Natal Pluto square Mars Aspect 

If you have Mars square Pluto in the natal chart, you are a native with a strong personality. You know what you want and are not afraid to go after it. But you are still afraid of something: the power others might have over you. This natal aspect tells you to own your identity and strength in a way that you take control of your life. If you don’t like giving this control to other people or systems, you must step fully into your cosmic power. And Pluto and Mars help you do just that! 

You can use your natal Pluto square Mars for good, growth, or evil purposes. This is a very versatile aspect that makes you capable of both extremes. Your ability to understand the concept of power and control helps you implement it in a way that most people struggle to do. 

The way you internalize this square aspect can influence how you express aggressiveness and sexual tension. If you don’t tame its energy, you might face control issues and be prone to reckless actions or decisions. One of your life lessons is learning how to manage conflicts and feelings of anger healthily. You might find it easier to express your personal power physically, but this is not always a wise choice. Learn to give your actions a second thought and not act based on impulse. Mars in Leo or Aries could make this struggle to control your power even more challenging. But once you succeed, you can be a force of truth, authenticity, wise courage, and determination that others look up to.  

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Natal Pluto square Mars and Your Love Life

In matters of love, Pluto square Mars in the natal chart makes you a very protective person. You want to ensure your loved ones are safe and can fight everything threatening their well-being. 

This aspect gives you a lot of sexual energy, so you will be looking for physical relationships before you allow your emotions to get involved. More often than not, your relationships will help you confront your fears and overcome your limitations. Pluto helps you find a way to heal past traumas through the connections you create with people. 

Pluto square Mars can be a challenging aspect of relationships as it brings jealousy and an intense need for control. People with this placement might have a temper and even a high level of unpredictability. Mars in Virgo or Gemini can help reduce this intensity and increase rational thinking. But if no soft aspects impact Pluto or Mars, your jealousy and need for power might get in between many personal relationships. 

Pluto square Mars Synastry 

Regarding composite charts, Pluto square Mars in the synastry chart can signal a solid bond between two people. This square generates magnetism between the partners and an intense sex drive. But people with this aspect are also prone to obsessive behaviors and actions that can damage their relationship. If someone tries to take control of the relationship, the other partner will not submit easily. 

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Pluto Square Mars Transit 

Pluto square Mars transit invites us to connect with our inner power and discover new ways to achieve our goals. This aspect makes us brave and gives us a boost of confidence. It is also an energy that can bring conflicts and sudden changes. Such transits are often turning points, where one must face up to what is no longer working and take decisive steps to transform one’s life. While challenging, these periods can also be incredibly empowering, revealing one’s strength and capacity for change.

Celebrities with Pluto square Mars in the Natal Chart 

Considering the cosmic power of Mars square Pluto in the natal chart, it is no surprise that this aspect is present in the birth charts of famous people. 

Britney Spears. We can see the transformational power of Pluto square Mars in the life and career of the pop star Britney Spears. She fought to express her talent and gain control over her life. And, especially in recent years, Britney showed great strength and expressed her truth against everyone else. 

Charlie Sheen. The famous actor Charlie Sheen had an up-and-down life and career that kept the first pages of tabloids for a long time. He went through personal struggles and a lot of public transformations and somehow managed to grow through them. Charlie Sheen embodies the square between Mars and Pluto very clearly. 

Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State and First Lady manifested her need for power and control several times throughout her career. Her Pluto square Mars in the natal chart gave her the power to overcome personal challenges and stay focused on her career goals, sometimes even against all odds. 

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What is the Mars square Pluto war?

Mars square Pluto can create an energy that feels like war without necessarily being that conflictual. These two planets can create tensions and change the outcome of a situation in a similar way to how a war can choose a winner. But note that we find such tensions in all Mars-Pluto aspects, even if a square or opposition increases the intensity. 

What does Pluto on Mars mean?

Pluto on Mars is an expression that often refers to a conjunction between these two planets. Such a placement brings increased assertiveness and can even generate obsession with one’s goals and desires. 

What is the synastry between Mars and Pluto?

Mars and Pluto in synastry suggest a powerful, potentially explosive interaction between individuals, where issues of control, power, and transformation are prominent. It can lead to profound mutual change if handled with awareness and maturity.

Final Thoughts

Pluto square Mars in the natal chart should be analyzed in the context of the whole chart. Look at the interactions between Pluto and Neptune in particular, as these may increase Pluto’s psychic energy and give the aspect more spiritual direction. Similarly, Mars-Venus aspects can give valuable clues about relationships. 

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