Moon Conjunct Venus in the Natal Chart: Not As Sweet As It Seems

Moon Conjunct Venus in Natal Chart

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A conjunction of Moon/Venus in the natal chart unifies needs (Moon) and love (Venus). This is considered a “soft” combination, and doesn’t get as much press as the intense Moon/Pluto conjunction, or the angst-driven Moon/Venus square. But is Moon conjunct Venus always a bowl of sweet cherries? Not quite.

Moon Conjunct Venus

The Moon represents comfort and nurturing instincts. Venus represents relating to others and giving/receiving love. Put them together and you have the need for harmony. It’s a basic need, but it’s not something to be taken lightly. Whether she’s in the chart of a man or woman, Moon/Venus needs to be liked the way other people need oxygen. And she’s good at meeting her needs. She instinctively (Moon) knows how to charm people (Venus). This is not superficial gloss (although it can come cross as sugar-overload at times); it’s a core necessity for the Moon/Venus person to feel balanced and at ease with others.

Moon/Venus in Relationships

In a relationship, the Moon/Venus person may seem like the perfect lover. Romantic, caring, and expressive—a pool of loving tranquility. Then her partner realizes that Moon/Venus is consumed with meeting her own needs … first. The unity of energies can create a focus on personal satisfaction. This is less apparent in a casual social setting, but becomes clear in the concentrated atmosphere of intimacy.

For Moon/Venus, her harmony and comfort are paramount. Arguments are avoided because Moon/Venus loathes conflict. “Shared” activities always seem to emphasize what Moon/Venus likes to do. And it’s all cloaked in the disguise of making her partner feel good, until her partner realizes that the feel-good agenda belongs to Moon/Venus. How this manifests depends on the sign that Moon/Venus is in. Moon/Venus in Virgo will want a perfect relationship, so she’ll ensure her partner is squeaky clean and relentlessly organized. Moon/Venus in Leo will want a partner who makes her look good, so she’ll push him (in the most loving way possible) to excel. Moon/Venus in Aquarius will want the freedom to do as she pleases, so she’ll emphasize her partner’s independence.

Moon/Venus and Family

Moon/Venus is also attached to her family (especially Mother). Very attached. A man with Moon/Venus will be drawn to women who remind him of Mother. A woman with Moon/Venus will base her romantic behavior on the way she interacted with Mother. Exploring Moon/Venus’ family history can be the key to understanding her behavior. Even if her childhood was less than perfect, Moon/Venus will have overwhelming feelings of familial love and dependency. In balanced doses, this can make Moon/Venus a solid partner who gains strength from her family ties. But a failure to separate her identity from family can result in comparing partners to Mother (and having them come up short), or putting family before romantic relationships.

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Moon/Venus Potential

This does not mean that all Moon/Venus people will exhibit the above behaviors. In astrology, energy is base potential, not destiny. While there will always be a basic need for harmony, aspects from other natal planets can modify the self-focus. Jarring transits that disrupt or end relationships can shock the Moon/Venus person into awareness. If it’s do or die time, in a partnership they can learn that some conflict is necessary in order to keep a relationship vital. With enough self-awareness, Moon/Venus can be an empathetic partner whose pool of inner tranquility spreads to include her partner in a loving embrace.

How does Moon conjunct Venus manifest in your relationships? Let us know in comments below.

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