How To Attract A Cancer Man

If you have your heart set on a Cancer man, know that they are one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, and the most romantic. These men are effortlessly charming and seem to have eyes that speak thousands of words. 

The first step to understanding him is to understand his sign a bit more.

Cancer (June 22- July 22) – Fire sign, ruled by the moon – Personality traits: sensitive, nurturing, empathetic, tenacious

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The Cancer Zodiac Sign

Under the rule of the Moon, Cancer is a sensitive sign with maternal solid energies. They are caring people that tend to have a very developed nurturing side and are deeply in touch with their emotions. However, some Cancers are very secretive about their feelings and thoughts. 

They are family-orientated and reliable individuals who cherish the sense of comfort in their homes and life. Being a water element and a fire sign, people with this sign are visionaries and passionate about everything they get involved in. When it comes to relationships, you can count on their total commitment. 

They are naturally empathetic people, and they tend to be that much more caring of their significant other. A cancer man will think of the consequences of his actions and refrain from deliberately doing things that could hurt their partner. 

They are loyal and intuitive, so their connection with their significant other must be based on deep emotions and mutuality. These people are also so conscious about others’ feelings because they know they easily hurt themselves. 

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The three types of Cancer men 

Like all the other signs, The zodiac sign of cancer is split into three personality types. There is no ‘typical cancer man’, as it’s a complex sign. You might find that the man you are interested in leans more toward one of the following patterns. 

The maternal type is the type who cares the most about their loved ones and is not afraid to show it. Men in this category will be overprotective but also extremely loving and sensitive. They can go through many mood swings in a short period, so don’t be surprised if they seem to play hot and cold with you. But they will always try to choose peace over conflict. 

The Homebody type of Cancer male is more introverted and known for enjoying time indoors rather than joining their friends for outdoor activities. Men with this personality type might enjoy cooking or have a great sense of home decorating. Their house is very comfortable, and they lean towards romantic music, a candlelit dinner at home and a good movie. 

The Crab personality type is also what gives the symbol of the Cancer zodiac sign. These guys can be a little more difficult to “read” because they like to keep their personal life to themselves. But once you find the key to their heart, you will discover they are very sensitive and profound. These men can also be some of the most loyal from all types of Cancer. 

How to attract a Cancer man

Now that you know what Cancer men are about, and hopefully, you can guess what type of Cancer man you want to attract, let’s see how you can get his attention. 

In short, Cancer men are attracted to nurturing women who have a high sense of femininity. They like partners that are just as involved in the relationship as them and bring similar values, such as loyalty and commitment. Cancer men only pursue women they feel a strong emotional connection with, so the romance must be there from the beginning. 

A cancer guy is most comfortable in a committed and long-term relationship with traditional values. In their love life, they are looking for true love, not a one-night stand.

Be friendly and genuine. 

Your authenticity will attract the Cancer man and your friendship will give him the confidence to engage in conversations with you. Cancer men tend to be afraid of rejection more than other signs. They might not have the courage to make the first move or ask for the first date. 

However, if you start from a genuine friendship they will be more confident in approaching you at this level and building up your connection from such a foundation. From there the relationship can go to the next level.

Let him see your kind side.

Cancer men are an emotional sign with deep feelings. They are attracted to kind women who care about the world, their loved ones, and themselves. Their main interest is in your character, and if that is sending signals of meanness, you can lose before you even try. 

These men can sense insincerity quite easily thanks to their empathic and caring nature. Simply be nice to the people around you and have opinions that highlight this side of you, in a genuine manner. 

Have a stylish appearance 

Even if Cancer men put great importance on a woman’s character, that doesn’t mean that your style will not be noticed. They like ladylike women who are confident in their bodies and wear clothes that represent their personalities. You don’t want to be vulgar or make extra efforts to look good all the time.

A Cancer man will appreciate the way you show your feminine side, and they tend to be attracted to modest but classic styles. 

Allow yourself to be vulnerable 

In a world in which we are taught to be tough, this could be a challenge. But Cancers, both men, and women are interested in the vulnerable side of people. Your Cancer man might feel the need to protect you and give you a safe space as long as you show him your vulnerable side. 

You don’t have to be overly dramatic but showing him your less strong side will motivate him to offer you a ray of peace in your life and a sense of security. 

Give him space to pursue you

The wrong assumption women make about Cancer men is that they are too comfortable to pursue them. This is not true. Such a man will have no problem going after what he wants, and you must show him he wants you. 

Cancer men like to court women and seduce them in a romantic, old-fashioned way. Once he starts talking to you and you feel that he is opening up, give him the chance to lead and guide you toward the kind of relationship he pictures with you and take it from there. 

Show your interest in him

Listen to him without checking your cell phone or changing the subject to move the spotlight on you. Be interested in his family and the people he cherishes in his life. Ask him questions to show your interest in what he is saying and bond with him at this level. 

A cancer man likes to feel seen and cherished and this will help form an emotional bond with him.

Be patient 

Cancer men can come across like tough nuts: hard to open up and introverted. So, don’t be disappointed if he seems less chatty than you expected or even cold. It could take time to break through this shell, but once you do, you will discover a man with an incredible level of empathy and emotional depth. 

What NOT to do when you want to attract a Cancer man 

We can’t let you go without making you aware of some of the main mistakes you must avoid when your goal is to get the Cancer man closer to you. 

  • Don’t be rude. This is NOT the way to the heart of a cancer man. They will not even want to talk to you again. 
  • Don’t hurry the physical relationship. Cancers are not the people to have one-night stands with since they need to build an emotional connection before they move on to the sexual aspect. 
  • Don’t be sarcastic or mock him. Even if you do it as a sign of friendship or a joke, try to refrain from sarcastic comments or making fun of what they tell you. This will make a Cancer feel belittled and will result in driving them away from you. 
  • Don’t underestimate his problems. If he shares a problem with you, don’t try to brush it off, even if you just want to cheer them up. For a Cancer man, a problem has to be very serious to voice it to others, and if he shares it with it, it’s a sign of trust and he has let you into his inner self. You don’t want to ruin that because he will refrain from opening up again. 

Most compatible zodiac signs for a Cancer man

While you could be the right partner for the Cancer man you want regardless of your sign, some signs are more compatible with such a man than others. Some of the best matches are:


Virgo women can be the best match for Cancer men. They have a lot of values in common such as loyalty and a sense of family. Virgo women and Cancer men are diligent in their careers, which is another aspect they will bond on. These signs also complete each other very well. Being one of the earth signs, Virgos are more rational, while Cancers are more emotional. This gives them the chance to grow together as a solid couple. Read more about Sun in Cancer Moon in Virgo compatibility


Taurus women can also be a successful match for Cancer men. They are protective, faithful, and reliable, just like Cancer men. Plus, Taurus women like their home comfort and security, which helps them connect with Cancer men more easily and without judgment. Read more about Sun in Cancer Moon in Taurus compatibility


Pisces women and Cancer men share their desire for ideal love, similar to that we see in fairy tales. And they could find that together as they are both romantic, sensitive, and blessed with emotional depth. The strong bond between a Pisces woman and a Cancer man could be love at first sight and last for a lifetime. Read more about Sun in Cancer Moon in Pisces compatibility.


The Scorpio woman can make the Cancer man want to experience some adventure in his life. Also, Scorpio being a water sign like Cancer, will offer them a sense of understanding, trust, and support that will be nothing less than mutual. If the Cancer man is willing to break his comfort zone and join his Scorpio goddess in her quests for new experiences, this could be a great relationship with plenty of room for growth.  Read more about Sun in Cancer Moon in Scorpio compatibility.


Capricorn women and Cancer men will mainly connect in values such as loyalty, family, and a sense of support. Both signs like feeling secure and comfortable within their relationship, and they can offer each other just that. However, Capricorn women can be too practical and strong-headed for the poetic Cancer man. But if the will of compromise exists, these two can be one of the best pairs! Read more about Sun in Cancer Moon in Capricorn compatibility.

In conclusion

Cancer men can be the partner you want if you are aiming to have a committed and stable relationship. But make sure you value him for more than his looks and you show a genuine interest in his life to get to his heart and stay there! 

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