Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Gemini Compatibility

Aquarius’ clever and eccentric moves will stimulate Moon in Gemini’s need for variety. Both these Air signs approach relationships from an intellectual perspective, and Aquarius’ fixed determination will ensure that they make progress together (rather than just discussing the possibilities).

Mars in Aquarius’ actions are driven by two things: independence and curiosity. His sexual energy can be somewhat detached from his body — in order to experiment and break the rules, he needs to stand back from what he’s feeling. He’s turned on by anyone who surprises him, and will be loyal to a partner who accepts him for who he is. This includes not insisting that Mars in Aquarius conform to some relationship template. This odd mix of independence and ability to fully commit (to the right lover) makes him an intriguing catch.

Moon in Gemini needs a constant flow of interesting developments. This can be a tall order, especially for a potential lover who is routine-bound. Moon in Gemini has little patience for the partner who’s not mentally engaged. She feels safe when all the various possibilities are openly discussed, although she’s not comfortable with deep exploration of feelings. Her ideal partner will understand that talking is the key to her heart. Even if her attention wanders, she’s more likely to stick with someone who keeps her guessing.

Mars in Aquarius won’t have to do much to capture Moon in Gemini’s attention. The electric energy he gives off will be enough to pique her curiosity, as she wonders about this intriguing character who calmly does his own thing. Mars in Aquarius will be drawn to the openness he senses within Gemini — here’s someone who will be up for anything. Literally. Their first connection will probably involve verbal foreplay, and there’s a danger of Gemini waffling endlessly, as she feels safer in the realm of potential. So it will be Aquarius’ cool persistence that takes them from discussion to something more. Together, they’ll create a quirky relationship that’s always fresh and dynamic.

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  1. petra mitchell says:

    I have Moon in Gemini. My friend has Mars in Aquarius. I can relate to everything you have said. The excitement I felt when I first spoke to him has not diminished in thirteen years. He turns me on, sexually, mentally and emotionally. We are known as “The odd couple” …or worse! He makes me laugh , cry, think about things , and everything in between.

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