The Astrology of Honesty: Indicators of a Trustworthy Partner

You’ve read about the astrological significators of a deceptive partner.  But what about romantic partners who are honest and trustworthy? They do exist, and there’s even some astrology to demonstrate it. But just as the indicators of deception are not guarantees of shifty behavior, the sign/planet mixes described below do not guarantee a flawless partner. Also, this is not a definitive list; please comment on any combinations you feel have been excluded.

The Straight Shooter: Natal Mercury in Aries or Conjunct Mars

Aries/Mars is about direct action. Mercury (intellect and communication) in Aries, or conjunct the Aries ruler (Mars) has no patience for deception (or niceties). These people are interested in the quickest route from A to B, and this is reflected in their blunt speech and straightforward thinking. If you want a lover who lets you know exactly what they think, this is the one for you. But if you want a partner who phrases things politely, or carefully mulls over what you’ve said, this person might be too direct for your tastes. Note that the Mercury/Mars conjunction will take on the energy of whatever sign it’s in. Someone with Mercury/Mars in sensitive Pisces will communicate more gently than Mercury/Mars in detached Aquarius. But the push to get their ideas across will always be there.

Perfectly Honest: Natal Mercury in Libra Aspecting Saturn

When natal Mercury is in Libra, the emphasis is on balanced, objective communication. But this planet/sign combination can result in someone who is so eager to please that they avoid unpleasant facts. However, aspects from Saturn (even the hard aspects) seem to inject a shot of reality. Communication may be stiff at times, but Saturn’s energy helps these people deliver the truth. They are honest, because it’s important for them to say the right thing. There is a seriousness (Saturn) about everyone being heard and treated fairly. This partner will tell you the truth (if you ask), although they may not immediately volunteer it if they think you’ll be hurt.

The Solid Citizen: Natal Moon or Venus Aspecting Saturn

Natal Venus (how love is given/received) or the Moon (needs) aspecting authoritative Saturn has a poor reputation in love. But once a Venus or Moon/Saturn person trusts you (and gets past their Saturn-induced fears of being vulnerable) you’ll have a potential lifetime partner. Saturn’s energy of restraint, seriousness and maturity can result in tremendous loyalty. These people take relationships seriously (which is why they don’t make commitments easily). The Moon/Saturn partner needs dependability to feel safe. To the Venus/Saturn partner, love and loyalty go hand in hand. If their expressions of affection (Venus) or emotion (Moon) are a bit restrained, it doesn’t mean they’re not feeling it. These natal aspects work in any signs, but earth and/or water will be particularly binding.

The Good Witch: Natal Moon in Scorpio Conjunct, Trine or Sextile Jupiter

People associate Scorpio with manipulation, but the flip side can be fierce loyalty and a compulsive hunt for the truth. When the natal Moon swims in Scorpio, there is a non-negotiable need for profound intimacy in relationships. Harmonious aspects to optimistic Jupiter add perspective, elevating the emotions and decreasing the temptation to slide into the Scorpio pool of manipulation (if things get rough). Scorpio’s tremendous power is used for good; there is a need to manifest (Scorpio) positive (Jupiter) scenarios. Scorpio’s intolerance of anything superficial anchors the Jupiter influence, and keeps it from galloping away into avoidance. These partners are on intimate terms with the Shadow, but are able to approach it with faith.

What They Feel Is What You Get: Natal Mercury Conjunct or Trine the Moon in Earth Signs

When communication (Mercury) harmonizes with emotions (Moon), these people tell you exactly what they’re feeling. There’s a flowing conduit between lunar instinct and intellect, so they know what they feel, and feel what they know. However, Mercury and the Moon are both changeable energies, so there is a risk of fickleness. But grounding these planets in the earth signs anchors rapidly shifting moods and ideas. Factual Virgo, structured Capricorn or reliable Taurus means that these partners will express themselves with a minimum of fuss, and they’ll mean what they say. Not only can they not be bothered to lie, it’s just too distracting (for Capricorn); messy (for Virgo); or complicated (for Taurus). This is not a combination that produces flowery speeches or dramatic declarations of love, but you can take their words to the bank.

The Clear Flame: Personal Planets in Leo

The caveat here is that it’s best if the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) don’t make hard aspects to natal Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter or Pluto. Leo is a fixed sign (loyal), despite its flirtatious rep. It’s also a childlike sign, meaning partners with emphasized natal Leo can be surprisingly innocent. It doesn’t occur to them to lie, manipulate or hurt you. Underhanded tactics are ugly, and these partners want pleasure, not ugliness. Plus, they consider themselves to be better than that. I’m sure some of you have been burned by Leos, but in general these people are high-minded and generous. They are also upfront about their desire for your admiration. If you give them unadulterated love, they’ll return it, times ten.

In reality, every sign has the potential to be a trustworthy partner (or a flake). But some natal energies are more likely to result in honest behavior. Whether it’s because the person can’t be bothered to lie, needs reliability to feel safe, or considers themselves above all that, the end result is someone you can trust.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. I like the concept of the article, great idea.

    I’d like to expand on this idea since it is an important topic.

    The straight shooter idea. I agree with the Mercury in Aries (if not aspected by Neptune) Mercury in Pisces conjunct Mars in Pisces I’d be wary of. Pisces takes the Mercury out of Mercury and the Mars out of Mars. So both planets would be sandbagged. Probably would result in a duplicitous and evasive partner.

    “Perfectly Honesty” and “The Solid Citizen” well said. I think these energies are very cautious and calculating.

    The Leo planets aspecting Neptune in Sagittarius, Pluto in Scorpio is something to watch out for like you alluded to. Many of the “passion” murders that have taken place in the past year or so have been committed by natives with Leo planets (Mars in particular) squaring Pluto in Scorpio. Natives with Scorpio and Aquarius planets as well. So the fixed energy is more loyal and trust worthy but if you don’t reciprocate it can be dangerous potentially.

  2. Great post, Nadia! Thank you! I have some observations on this, which I’ll come back to post here after my work is done.

  3. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    I don’t know all of our signs I am a libra sun and he is an aqua sun. My husband and I are deeply in love and our love life is great but we also have a friendship as honest as a brother and sister would be, I don’t think there is anything that we don’t know about each other.

  4. Nadia don’t you think Moon in Cancer people are more or less misunderstood because they really cant put their feelings into words and or they repress their feelings or how they feel?? Or a better way to put it maybe would be they are not really vocally assertive?? I get the mother connection here but they’re vulnerable because of a reason maybe and not that they intend to cheat on a partner. IF the partner lacks the love and affection that the moon in cancer is looking for I think anyone would try to get that love and affection from someone/somewhere else. You know better but My 2 cents.

  5. Hi Nadia,

    Great post. You have me running to your blog every morning with my coffee. Gives me a healthy day’s dose of astrology……….:) Thank you.

    What do you think of Juno who is supposed to be an indicator of ‘loyal spouse/marriage etc’ ? Especially if in a chart, Juno is tightly conjunct retrograde Saturn and both sitting on taurus descendant, opposing scorpio Venus on Ascendant.


  6. Hi Nadia,

    Can an aspect be from different signs be just as valid? Example, 27 degrees Capricorn square 1 degree Taurus? Or 28 degrees libra trine 1 degree cancer?

    Thank you for another interesting article!

  7. @TheAstrochologist
    I considered not using Pisces as an example (for the reasons you mentioned) but then decided to go with it. It all depends on how the person uses their energy…I know some scrupulously honest Pisces people.

  8. @Ken
    Seems like you’re referring to the article I wrote about deceivers? Moon in Cancer (aspecting Pluto)…dark mother.
    Anyway…no, I don’t think they’re misunderstood. Whether or not they’re vocally assertive really depends on what’s happening with their Mercury, but in general, when Moon in Cancer feels something strongly they can be very assertive (it is a Cardinal sign).

  9. @marion
    Juno conjunct Saturn can certainly be loyal, although the opposition to Venus might indicate conflicts between being in love with someone and having a committed relationship with that same person. Or, conflicts between the commitment they would put into a relationship versus honouring their own desires.

  10. @Jennifer
    Personally, I have not experienced out of sign aspects as being valid.

  11. Hi Nadia,
    Thank you for this article! I always considered myself as someone very trustworthy and now I have got a ‘proof’ I can pass on to my boy-friend 😀

    You mentioned personal planets in Leo if not conflicted by outer planets. What could be the scenario if (e.g.) Sun/Mercury in Leo squares Uranus in Scorpio?


  12. I have found Sagittarians in my life quite honest. Especially if Mercury, possibly Venus are in Sag rather than Scorpio or Libra.

  13. Nanea,

    I know the question wasn’t addressed to me, but hard aspects meaning squares, oppositions….. and I think someone who had a square or opposition might either lie or keep something a secret for various reasons i.e. something unpleasant, they are hiding something, or they have a one-up on an issue/person. I think hard aspects give in to those manipulative qualities that may be for the bad with Leo energy. I could be wrong, but that’s what I got out of it

  14. I am actually in tears. This explains so much for me: Natal saturn in scorpio(4th) opp Venus in Taurus(10th), Asc and Moon in Leo(1st), and Mercury in Aries Conj Mars in Aries (9th). Relationships are not a joke at all and being lied to is beyond hurtful always wondered why I feel, felt like this astrologically.

  15. I have noticed in my close surroundings that people with Moon in 1st House, no matter what sign the Moon is,- are very honest. They would never twist and turn things around, especially if the Moon is in conjunction with Ascendant, – very genuine in their expression of unconditional truth. This folks will not bother you about their opinion about what is right and what is wrong. But they can not stand when people are not sincere to them,- if you are not sincere just do not bother them with your talks and they will let you know they do not appreciate it.

    Very true about Moon or Venus in aspect of Saturn: ” The Moon/Saturn partner needs dependability to feel safe. To the Venus/Saturn partner, love and loyalty go hand in hand. If their expressions of affection (Venus) or emotion (Moon) are a bit restrained, it doesn’t mean they’re not feeling it.”
    I know someone who has both aspects : Moon (Aries 1stH) opposition Saturn( Libra 7H) and Venus( Capricorn 4H) square Saturn (Libra 1H). When i have met this person i could not believe that this kind of loyalty was still alive among people, very beautiful something to see and to experience.

    Also Jupiter in fiery signs : Aries, Sagittarius and Leo – are absolutely trustworthy, no doubt about it. Many years of experience have proved it. Jupiter’s fiery placement motto is: “Just the truth and nothing but the truth”. They are too noble and too dignified too lie and might even “bully” you for lying to them.
    Jupiter in trine aspect to Neptune is the expression of the divine or the higher truth. The relationships with such placement i would describe as : ‘ Trust and truth are the basics of life”

    Nadia, thank you for your article: wonderful perspective ” The Astrology of Honesty…”

  16. P.S. Oops, made a mistake above:). It was Moon ( Aries 7H) opposition Saturn ( Libra 1H)…

  17. This explains so much for me: Natal saturn in scorpio(4th) opp Venus in Taurus(10th), Asc and Moon in Leo(1st), and Mercury in Aries Conj Mars in Aries (9th). Relationships are not a joke at all and being lied to is beyond hurtful always wondered why I feel, felt like this astrologically.

  18. @Nanea
    There is a description of Mercury aspecting Uranus in this article:

  19. @Cassandra
    Glad the article illuminated things for you, Cassandra.

  20. @Tatyana
    Interesting point about the Moon in the first House…heart on the sleeve.

  21. Claire/Fireopal09 says:

    Awesome as always, Nadia. I have a Grand Water trine with Mercury 3H Scorpio, 7H Moon in Pisces, 11H Saturn in Cancer with 9H Mars in Taurus. Although, this a ton o’ liquid, I am gently honest. My pitiful moon is so easily decieved, I hate the way that feels, and I would not want to inflict that pain on another. I noticed my ex husband ‘s mercury-neptune conjunction sat on my IC. He would lie by commission or omission constantly. Neptune is all over his inner planets He even turned most of my family against me and I suspect he cheated on me too. I am so grateful that my daughter & I no longer have to deal with him on a daily basis. 🙂

  22. Claire/Fireopal09 says:

    On the other hand, Manfriend has Leo Sun-Mars 7H conjunction with Sag Moon trining it. He also has Virgo Mercury. He is very honest and their is no filter between his brain & mouth. I never ask him “Does my butt look fat in these jeans?”.

  23. @Claire/Fireopal09
    Mercury in Virgo loves to lay it on the line…the Buckley’s Cough Syrup of sign/planet combos. 🙂
    I wouldn’t call your Pisces Moon pitiful…”eternally hopeful and open” might be a better phrase.

  24. Claire/Fireopal09 says:

    “It tastes awful and it works.” PERFECT description. 😀 Funnily enough, his Virgoan Mercury is in the 8th house and my Scorpion Mercury is in the 3rd house. It works.

  25. @ no-perspiration & Nadia

    I have seen your replies only today and still want to say thank you.

    I thought that Uranus leads to honesty indeed. But I also noticed (what Nadia described in her previous article) that a Mercury/Uranus square creates enormous nervous energy and erratic communication which can be a bit difficult for/in a relationship. Although, I am not sure why this brings about a romantic deceiver. Anyway, thank you again!

  26. sailor.mercury says:

    It is true, trust and honesty are the most important aspects of any relationship, aside from love. I have been with a Taurus, male Gemini, Leo, female Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius, and a Pisces. Of them, only the fem Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces I still love. These are the positive thinking ppl, who see the dark path and understand its dangers. The signs are a guide, they are not fatalistic by definition. I am a Libra so I speak the truth 😉

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