Uranian Lightning: Uranus in Synastry

Uranus is the one outer planet that no one seems to want to talk much about in synastry. Of the three “troublemakers,” he’s the weird one. Neptune has his glamour, Pluto has his intensity, and Uranus has … um … where was he, he was here just a minute ago…

The Mystery of Uranus in Synastry

Uranus has a strange reputation when it comes to relationships. Given a choice between the three, most people would choose Neptune or Pluto. We know where we are with them (or, in Neptune’s case, where we aren’t…) With Uranus heavily influencing a synastry, there is always something that can’t quite be pinned down, because the thing you’re trying to pin it down to is old-fashioned, old-hat, yesterday’s news. It needs something brand new in order to stabilize it. Uranus makes us reach for what has been heretofore undefined.

Uranus seems to portray the antithesis of what we want in a relationship. Relationships are supposed to be all about joining, melding. They’re about togetherness. And Uranus, well, he’s about separateness all the way.

Uranus Influences

When Uranus influences a relationship planet either within or between charts, there is a need to go beyond the traditional boundaries of that planet. Moon/Uranus will never settle for ordinary anything, and gets uncomfortable when life becomes bound by the mundane. Venus-Uranus is attracted to the unusual, and will have a style of loving where love and freedom/space go hand in hand. Mars-Uranus is always seeking the new, always pushing the envelope. Its energy is erratic, and blows fiery hot and icy cold. Saturn-Uranus may destroy what it’s built just to see a new landscape.

But what is behind all this “breaking through?” Is it for the sake of breaking alone?

The Uranus-Mercury Connection

Uranus can’t be fully understood without understanding its role as the higher octave of Mercury. This is difficult for us, sometimes, because Mercury is a slippery creature in and of himself. We know him in astrology in his role as a communicator and a message-bearer whose job it is to connect things—thoughts, people, ideas. In general, he has a Gemini bent. However, Uranus is associated with Aquarius, with fixed air. He is not so flexible. (See The Dank Underbelly of the Aquarian Age for a look at the way Uranus operates.)

Mercury was the messenger of the gods. He carried communications between the immortals and mere mortals. He moved easily between both worlds. Uranus does much the same, only without the rational give-and-take that Mercury provides. Uranus is about zapping us to a higher vibrational pattern. Uranus knows that there is a world beyond the one mere mortals understand, with different rules, and insists that man plays according to these rules. He can be ruthless in his pursuit of a higher order.

Uranian knowledge can bring us sudden enlightenment, or it can leave us in a kind of shock, not knowing what to do with what we’ve learned (and so we must turn to Saturn again). When Uranus strikes, we can stumble around for years, burdened with our new knowledge and yet not knowing what direction to take. Uranus tends to deliver the package but leave out the instructions.

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What influence does Uranus have on your relationships? Let us know in comments below.

This post is republished by permission of the author and originally appeared at The Inner Wheel.

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About Dawn Bodrogi

Dawn Bodrogi has studied astrology since the age of twelve, and has been a practicing astrologer for over twenty years with a special emphasis on synastry. Her studies in Jungian psychology, alchemy, and Buddhist philosophy inform her work. Her upcoming book, The Inner Wheel, takes a new look at interpreting secondary progressions. You can see more of Dawn’s work at her blog, The Inner Wheel: Living with Astrology.


  1. I have Sun Conjunct Uranus, Moon Opposite Uranus, and Uranus Quincunx Ascendant. Also, Uranus is in my 7th AND 8th house. My progressed Venus is also in Aquarius! I have attracted many Aquarius. Abrupt cut-offs, emotional detachment, and lightning disappearances are not my cup of tea though I am owning my own disowned traits of often being aloof, eccentric, and highly individualistic.

    In looking at synastry, I shudder when I see Uranus because I wonder if why I am attracting these ‘unstable’ relationships when I do desire a relationship that has emotional stability (like my best friends in my life). I am open to the partnership being unique in its own way (i.e. we may never marry, age differences, etc.) without the emotional coldness/unpredictability.

    Its fascinating to make the Sun/Uranus Father connection and the Moon/Uranus Nurturing connection. My father left very early and my mother was very loving but highly emotionally unpredictable.

    How does one reconcile conflicting needs? The desire for emotional connection that is stable within the context of owning the Uranus realm of higher expression? When reading about Uranus influences there seems to be this implication that its nature is erratic, therefore, there is nothing you can do about these happenings to you. But, it is a fixed sign that aspires ‘to take us higher’ and is strongly intuitive. So, that seems contradictory to the upset and pain associated with its abruptness.

    How does one with strong Uranus influences in their natal chart or synastry work with the tide versus against it for the highest experience?

  2. Uranus, sag, 0 degrees, is the most aspected planet in my chart. it conjuncts my sag sun, scorp moon, and scorp mercury in the 5th house.

    i love uranus, it makes my life so extra-ordinary. even though i am a cancer rising and change is tough sometimes, i still enjoy the life unscripted. with the plutonian energy, its definitely a easy come, easy go kind of attraction to people. i am HEAVILY attracted to off-beat men. the more “road less traveled” the better. shocking value.

    ive had uranus contacts in synastry on both ends to each others mercury and venus. electrifying is putting it mildly. it definitely a wild ride, where time is nothing but a word.

    surprises are awesome…most of the time.

  3. when i come into any group, it transforms…it has no other choice

  4. @Sag24/7

    Do you ever feel like your heavy Uranus influences dramatically affects your synastry composite chart?
    I will look at a synastry chart and can’t help but think, “Am I bringing over all of this instability?”

    Lol. Oh, I wish it were more funny.

  5. Hi NovLady,

    well when i think about it, i am unstable in my own way. i attract what i am. however, in synastry i become the parent and attempt to add stability to the relationship and my friendships. venus in cap in the 7th. by myself, i am reckless.

    because i have moon conjunct uranus, the men i attract really could use some stability and structure. but they cant be tamed either.

    can a wild animal tame another wild animal?

    in composite, the relationship takes on a life of its own. i havent been in a relationship that has the perception of being stable.

  6. @Sag24/7

    I can relate in many ways. However, I feel that I may be more aloof than unstable. Venus in Cap, too. However, its in the 9th.

    As of late, part of me wonders if I should just run wild- in spirit, at least. Whatever wild horse can keep up, then so be it.

  7. i hear ya. you should embrace your individuality. your wildness. lol @ whatever wild horse can keep up, then so be it. you are so right about that.

  8. This energy is reckless, but soooo intense. If you have a single adventurous bone in your body, Uranian contacts are irresistable. All at one delicious and frustrating. Add to that mix, the intensity of Pluto or the dreaminess of Neptune and umm…yea…you’re going to have the most wonderful and in the same breath most shocking time of your life.

    Been there and done that…For someone with only one outer planet in Aquarius and Aqua in my 10th house, I seem to attract this energy in spades in relationships. The most prominent ones being Venus/Uranus conjunct in Libra wich ended on a good note…surprisingly and Mars/Venus in Aqua conjunct my Jupiter which ended badly only to be reconciled in friendship/conviviality 6 years later.

    So yea…in thinking about it…those two dudes I can go to about situations in my current relationships (speaking with them freely…including my sex life), even though the connection with them was the most intense experiences in my life. It’s more now like they nurture me from a distance, making sure not to ever “burn” me again. I love them dudes. lol

    I think that for anyone seeking an emotional connection to thrive on or build a foundation of intimacy in their relationships…Uranus teaches a valuable lesson of respecting that which can aid and at the same time hurt us. Almost like a stove. It’s good for cooking…essential even, but if touched with a bare hand, can burn the sh*t out of you.

  9. Ah, yes my… I mean Uranus. I have Aquarius in my sun and mercury. My Uranus (In Sagittarius and 4th house) sextiles my Mercury, meaning my thoughts can jump around rather quickly and I always love stuff new and interesting, but can get bored and move onto something new before I really understood the first thing. I am the third Aqua decan (Mercury/Libra) ruled and more likely, Uranus ruled. Unpredictable has been practically my middle name before.

    As far as my social character, once I think we’ve finished the conversation, I duck out and start a new one. I know it leaves some people in my life confused, but that’s how I play my social butterfly role. They look away then look back, and I’m gone to the next conversation lol!

    In partnerships, I do love the odd-ball. Always have. They cannot be boring or too mundane. They have to crave life and adventure.. whether physically or mentally. A specific memory that I thought of with Uranus pairing is a Cap I dated about 8 months ago. He had Aquarius Mercury and Mars and yes, he cut me off just as quickly as he fell for me. Freedom was more literal to him since he had strong feelings for an ex. He didn’t even want to talk about it. I couldn’t tell if it was Saturn or Uranus, or both, but there was always a kindred type of feeling with him. As quick sense of “I know you”, in my mind anyway. Our sun, moon, and mercury sextiled uranus in a compatibility chart, in the 6th house, but saturn opposed the ascendants, which would be leo and pisces. All his uranus aspects are in sextiles or trines. We did have a great connection, but I knew that we could possibly have been TOO alike, cuz when you have Aquarius… the cold, aloof, distant sign… how is that supposed to work out with another Aquarius? It’s like two +’s.. they might oppose. Just my two cents. Love the post and I love being an oddball.

  10. I married my Uranus relationship! I have Sun and Mercury Uranus, he has Uranus conjunct his Sun and also conjunct my Sun and Mercury. My Uranus is conjunct his ascendant and opposes his Moon in Aquarius. We married just as Uranus was crossing into my seventh house. Yes, it has been a wild ride! Never a dull moment for sure, lots of instability, especially to my second house matters (where my Uranus resides).

  11. oops, meant to say I have Sun and Mercury CONJUNCT Uranus!

  12. This is the synastry between me and my Sag. I am the 26th. We have a few conjuctions but also a few squares. I believe I read that I will be having Uranus in my 7th house soon also. I would like to know if there is any possibility of a union. The ups and downs are crazy, but we keep coming back to each other.

    11/26/1963 Aspect 12/05/1964 Orb/Value
    Mercury Conjunction Sun 2.03 318
    Mercury Square Mars 1.15 -159
    Mercury Square Uranus 0.43 -128
    Mercury Square Pluto 0.50 -106
    Saturn Square Jupiter 0.42 -109
    Saturn Square Neptune 0.59 -84
    Uranus Conjunction Mars 4.20 70
    Uranus Conjunction Uranus 4.51 51
    Neptune Conjunction Venus 3.11 84
    Neptune Sextile Mars 1.51 37
    Neptune Opposition Jupiter 2.09 -47
    Neptune Sextile Uranus 1.19 38
    Neptune Conjunction Neptune 2.26 67
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 0.14 48
    Pluto Square Sun 0.43 -128
    Pluto Sextile Venus 1.14 48
    Pluto Conjunction Mars 0.06 106
    Pluto Conjunction Uranus 0.38 83
    Pluto Conjunction Pluto 2.11 63

  13. Thank you for this article. Very enlightning!

    If one person has Uranus in the 7th and the other one in the 4th would that be to much Uranus energy to survive? This is a bi-costal, on and off thing, with one person being much older.

  14. This is a wonderful article. I was almost scared to read it as I know how Uranian I am but, I cannot deny it.

    “When Uranian things happen to us, we have no choice. We are in the middle of it before it really begins.” This is my life. I call it “Seinfeld Moments.” My family and friends are continually amazed at the situations and anecdotes of my life. It makes one eccentric just by experiencing.

    “When Uranus is prominent, freedom is the keyword. However, the need for Uranian freedom and space has a purpose—how can we hear the distant thunder heralding the new order, if we’re forever tied up with, and to, others?” I often feel this way but am told sometimes that it is hurtful. Secretly I think, then good, leave me alone. And this is why I really like interacting with complete strangers but, I must be careful as that has gotten me into pickles.

    In relationships, Uranus has his own quirky sort of spell. Well, not so much quirky as insistently, fanatically eccentric. The flip side of Uranian freedom is a particular kind of electric fascination or magnetism. Mmmmm-hmmm. Astrology has solved many wonders I have had about myself. Not to mention the cultural implications of Uranus.

    People with Venus or Mars in Aquarius are particularly good at breaking off relationships. True but, I don’t know if it’s “good.” Some believe that amicability, swiftness, being “good” at breaking-off is heartless???

    They say the Ascendant is your chart ruler but, I feel like my Uranian Venus is my chart ruler – in the 1st house, most dominant planet, forms an aspect to almost every placement in “trines.” I am lovingly considered eccentric by all who know me.

    -Venus Trine Uranus (Libra ) 4°65?
    -Venus Trine Mars (Gemini) 4°57?
    -Venus Trine Saturn (Gemini) 6°36?
    -Moon (Gemini) Trine Venus 6°15?
    -Venus Quintile Neptune (Sagittarius) 0°26?
    -Venus SesquiQuadrate Pluto (Libra) 1°02?
    -Venus Conjunct Ceres 1°22?
    -Venus sextile North Node (Sagittarius) 1°45?
    -Venus Conjunct Juno 1°65?
    -Venus Conjunct Pallas
    -Venus Conjunct Psyche

    And Uranus is involved in all three of my Grand Air Trines:
    1.)Grand Trine with Ven: 21Aqu58’51? and Mar: 17Gem01’29? and Ura: 26Lib29’51?
    2.)Grand Trine with Ven: 21Aqu58’51? and Sat: 28Gem34’53? and Ura: 26Lib29’51?
    3.)Grand Trine with Jup: 4Pis45’18? and Sat: 28Gem34’53? and Ura: 26Lib29’51

    With the love of my life (17 year relationship), Uranus is the most dominant planet in our synastry. We both have Uranus in Libra. I wrote about is in the forum “First Love.”

    His Uranus is in his 7th house; mine is in the 9th.

    Moon trine Uranus 13 Gemini 59’36” 20 Libra 21’17” 6.37
    Venus trine Uranus 21 Aquarius 51’48” 20 Libra 21’17”
    Mars trine Uranus 16 Gemini 57′ 7″ 20 Libra 21’17”
    Uranus sextile Sun 26 Libra 30′ 9″ 0 Virgo 48’29” 4.3
    Uranus sextile Mercury 26 Libra 30′ 9″ 21 Leo 4′ 4″ 5.43
    Uranus opposition Mars 26 Libra 30′ 9″ 4 Taurus 27’20” 7.95
    Uranus square Jupiter 26 Libra 30′ 9″ 4 Aquarius 14′ 6″ 7.73
    Uranus trine Saturn 26 Libra 30′ 9″ 2 Cancer 13′ 3″ 5.72
    Uranus conjunction Uranus 26 Libra 30′ 9″ 20 Libra 21’17” 6.15
    Uranus sextile Lilith 26 Libra 30′ 9″ 0 Capricorn 57’40” 4.45
    Uranus opposition Chiron 26 Libra 30′ 9″ 20 Aries 30’26” 6
    North Node sextile Uranus 23 Sagittarius 18’24” 20 Libra 21’17” 2.95
    Lilith square Uranus 25 Capricorn 1’32” 20 Libra 21’17” 4.67
    Chiron opposition Uranus 19 Aries 37’12” 20 Libra 21’17” 0.73
    Ceres trine Uranus 23 Aquarius 4′ 8″ 20 Libra 21’17” 2.72
    Juno trine Uranus 20 Aquarius 12’32” 20 Libra 21’17” 0.15

    By the way: Pluto is the 2nd most aspected planet in our synastry with, of course, me being Pluto as well. My Pluto is in the 9th house; his is in the 7th. Take a look (I know I have definitely turned his world upside down and rightside up):

    Pluto square North Node 5 Libra 23’55” 4 Capricorn 48′ 9″ 0.58
    Pluto conjunction Venus 5 Libra 23’55” 6 Libra 3’13” 0.67
    Pluto sextile Neptune 5 Libra 23’55” 4 Sagittarius 40’57” 0.72
    Pluto square Moon 5 Libra 23’55” 6 Cancer 31’48” 1.13
    Pluto trine Jupiter 5 Libra 23’55” 4 Aquarius 14′ 6″ 1.15
    Pluto sextile Ceres 5 Libra 23’55” 7 Sagittarius 4’11” 1.68
    Pluto conjunction Pluto 5 Libra 23’55” 3 Libra 1’28” 2.37
    Pluto sextile Juno 5 Libra 23’55” 7 Sagittarius 53’18” 2.5
    Pluto square Saturn 5 Libra 23’55” 2 Cancer 13′ 3″ 3.17
    Pluto square Lilith 5 Libra 23’55” 0 Capricorn 57’40” 4.43
    Sun opposition Pluto 8 Aries 7’55” 3 Libra 1’28” 5.1
    Saturn square Pluto 28 Gemini 34’29” 3 Libra 1’28” 4.45
    Lilith trine Pluto 25 Capricorn 1’32” 3 Libra 1’28” 8
    Pallas trine Pluto 2 Aquarius 6’12” 3 Libra 1’28” 0.92

    And, the third most aspected is the asteroid Juno with 11 aspects

  15. I must add as far as my “Uranian relationship,” I divorced him and we were apart about 4 years. We married so young, I felt he needed the experience amoung many other things.

    I’m trying to get him to wear a ski mask and gloves during sex. All the hard work of breaking down his inhibitions gently, subtlely over the years and sexual exploration has to be slowly renewed.

  16. so many of these comments are fascinating! I most identify with the first. I have leo venus, mars, uranus all conjunct my leo ascendant and square my scorpio 4H moon/neptune. Also with a 12H Cancer sun/mercury. i feel like 2 people wrapped in one. i hunger for emotional stability and intimacy but rebel at the same time needing space and freedom. Eccentric, humanitarian, creative and forceful ascendant mask my inner vulnerable and quivering heart… 3 major relationships with Aquarian men who all broke my heart. now at mid life, i’m trying to figure out what kind of man (astro energy) would be best for me. not an easy life but i have developed lots of empathy and compassion.

    Uranus contacts SCARE the hell out of me. I crave stability at this point… think i rather have the intensity of pluto, can handle that with scorpio moon/neptune.

  17. Ascendant Aquarius 14.35
    Mercury Aquarius 28.16
    Saturn Aquarius 1.50

    Uranus Conjunction Neptune 3.23 132

    That’s the only Uranus thing I see in my chart for now… I’m not that good in astrology, but I’m really into it and I’d like to know more. 🙂
    So, what does it say about me, that I’m also good at breaking off relationships or what? 🙂

    Thank you. 🙂

  18. I know this is an old post, but i was tempted to add,

    I have Uranus conjunct Mars in synastry DOUBLE WHAMMY with a man i met. Both conjunction points are in Libra. So obviously they are conjunct in the composite as well. In the composite chart additionally, Venus is also in the mix….venus/mars/uranus!

    We also have uranus trine or sextile north node also double whammy! His uranus is also exactly on my VERTEX.

    So all in all, this seems to be a very karmically oriented uranian connection as well. Two arabic Parts, Part of Karma as well as part of marriage are also on the other’s vertex axis, double whammy again.

    It has been a crazy roller coaster effect blowing hot and cold. One minute i was thinking he was THE mr. Perfect, next minute i am thinking he could become the biggest stumbling block to my progress.

    One minute he acts like he is head over heels for me, another time, he removes me from his skype contacts. All this while we are still only on ‘early stages of friendship’ making neither making demands on the other nor making any love talk…!

    But then we also have some other superstar aspects like Eros conjunct Pysche as well as Sun conjunct Moon. What is most wierd is that these conjunctions are also in double whammies. There are at least 20 double whammy connections in our synastry including scary ones like uranus-mars conjunction. My Natal Sun/Mars/Pluto/Vertex conjunction stellium overlays his natal Pluto/Uranus conjunction.

    God help us!

  19. Geminian says:

    I came across this post while searching for info abot Uranus conjunct Ascendent in synastry. I’m a Gemini Sun woman with Aquarius Mars and Libra Uranus. What Dawn says about Aquarius Venus/Mars is true for me: I have always been the dumper, not the dumpee, and it’s very easy for me to break up with someone. After I’ve decided the relationship’s over, it’s done and there’s no hope of the other person changing my mind and winning me back. That chapter of my life is closed and I’ve already moved on before i even tell the other person it’s over. Not only does that ex no longer exist to me, I pretty much morph into this asexual person with utterly no capacity for any romantic or sexual feelings toward anyone. Eventually I get over it, in a few months to a years or so. It’s like after a relationship ends, I *need* to be completely independent for a spell before I can be open to being involved again.

    I can also be turned off by a potential love interest very quickly, usually by them displaying a lack a intelligence, broadmindedness, articulateness or thoughtfulness. Any hint of bigotry too. It’s lightening quick–any attraction I once felt to them goes *poof* and then it’s like it never was.

    And also about fathers: I did not have a great relationship with my own father. His Saturn in Aquarius was closely conjunct my Mars. I in a sense “lost’ him to a young age, to depression and alcoholism, which eventually bred in him a deep resentment toward me (he himself had lost his own father when he was very young). I never stopped loving him but I still have wounds from how he denied me love and support, and much of my failures and bad choices as an adult I feel are due to some degree to not having a loving, supportive father to whom I could have turned when I was in need.

    Additionaly, in my life, I have had two older men enter my life who were fo a time important and influential father figures to me and both were Aquarius Suns. Both died suddenly a few years after they came into my life and both deaths were heavy blows to me that left me feeling very alone and very wounded.

    Presently I am attracted to a man with whom I have my Uranus conjunct his ascendent. It scares me a little. He’s a Sag with his Sun and Mercury in the 3rd house, with his Gem Mars conjunct my Gem Sun falling in his 9th, so there’s all this happy Gem-Sag energy between us that I really hope my Uranus or Aquarius Mars isn’t going to screw it up. We both have water moons–mine Pisces, but his Cancer moon squares his Asc so it squares my Uranus too. Not sure this can work long term, but it sure is fun at the moment!

  20. It’s interesting and makes me wondering… Since a “Uranian relationship isn’t going to be an easy ride”, does A person’s Uranus conjunct B person’s Ascendant in synastry makes it even harder? And the Uranus person is more tend to break up with the Ascendant person?

  21. All things Uranian are illuminating and, well, terrifying at time! I’ve found that, with delvings into my own and clients’ astrologies, the single most effect way of off-setting the “holy s**t” factor with Uranus is conscious awareness. Placing your awareness on that single symbol, by house and sign. Where is Uranus linked up elsewhere on the chart?

    When I took this approach I was drawn to 1st House Aquarius Venus, and the trine aspect with Uranus in 9th House Libra. So plenty of Air here, both cardinal (initiatory) and fixed (stabilising/consolidating).

    Self-honesty was and is the only way forward, and with this aspect there’s an ‘electric’ attraction for sure. That trine aspect to me means a lifting to a higher level / liberating (Uranus) my personal philosophy/model of the world (9H) in the realm of relationships (Libra). My hunch on this is that this pattern doesn’t only relate to committed, intimate relationships (so the 7th and 8th Houses on Steve Forest’s ‘Arc of Intimacy’), but also towards more abstract frames on relating, such as the relationships between world views.

    Something else too, about the ‘archetypes’ of liberation / awakening, and that’s Prometheus. I use Prometheus – the asteroid – as part of my own personal astrology reflections, and for clients. In each and every case, Prometheus by Sign, House and Aspect has complemented the breakthroughs made when looking at Uranus and it’s meaning for an individual.

  22. Lolabelle says:

    My SO and I have Uranus conjunct Vertex/Uranus opposite Chiron double whammy. Very exciting but also somewhat unstable. When it works, it’s great. Guess it’s about fated (Vertex) healing (Chiron) that comes about through intense, unpredictable energy (Uranus). Would love to hear others’ comments. Thank you.

  23. Natalie Pushkin says:

    2015 July 31: with a moon at 13 Sagitarius and Venus at 20 Leo and Pluto 23 Leo natal and transiting Uranus in my 5th house at 20 Aries … i am LOVING uranus .. great surprise romances and lots of fire in the sky … also balanced … meeting and enjoying interesting men especially and a lot younger … key is not being attached to any particular outcome. it did strike like lightening – out of nowhere a young man whose Uranus conjunct my moon – very spiritual awakening and uplifting. You need the right attitude to enjoy what Uranus brings .. it certainly does not give you instructions … but how to deal with it is out there. Also having an electric time with another young man whose Uranus is 20 Sag trining the fire ps Sun in Virgo … time of my life .. so grateful for the Great Awakener

  24. How it would Be to have someone’s Uranus/Juno trine both your Sun and Moon, at the same time Sun conjunct Chiron and double whammy of Sun conjunct Saturn in Synastry?

    Which energy will be more prominent? Saturn or Uranus?

  25. Hi! I’m in a 3year relationship and I think it’s possible to tie down Uranian people depending on Saturn…

    I’ve got Uranus 1st House opposite Sun/Merc and Square Saturn. Saturn trines chart ruler Venus. See my dilema? Need freedom versus responsability!

    My man Uranus trines his Saturn/SN and squares Venus Capricorn his chart ruler. All his planets end up being disposed by Saturn and Uranus (if you give co rulership of Aquarius). His Sun and Jupiter Aquarius fall in my 4th House.

    Aspects betwin Charts:

    His Uranus on my Ascendant trined by his Saturn/SN.

    My Uranus dead on his Descendant with my Part of Marriage squared by my Saturn.

    His Moon trine my Uranus.

    My Moon Square his Uranus.

    My Saturn my 4th ruler in his 4th house opposes his Sun his 5th ruler in my 4th house.

    My Mars ruler of the 7th and SN ruler squares his Saturn/SN.

    When we started the relationship none of us wanted commitment but it was so intense and rewarding that we were in pain to be appart and cemented the relationship, so soon we were living together.

    At first he was the one wanting commitment and I didn’t. But he never gave up until it happend.

    Now I’m do one who restrains him more and that sometimes frustrates him.
    The reason is that he needs and he’s the one who asked me to do that. Specially if he drinks and over do it he has bad temper.
    Most of the hassle we had I blame it on his Mars Taurus on his first house and me responding badly to it. I don’t blame Uranus so much as to His Saturn Square my Mars.

    With all that Uranus energy we love the most being at home, we individually were always out and partying and since we’re together we don’t like as much!

    Our composite has Aquarius Ascendant with Uranus trine Venus Pisces (5th ruler) and Saturn conjunct Moon Cancer trined by Sun.

    We have both our Uranus touched by Saturn natally, synastry both Uranus and Saturn contacts as in composite an exited Venus by Uranus with the Saturn/Moon emotional/material responsability for one another.
    Is it possible to have both worlds? I suppose…

    By the way? When we met we both were caught in extreme Uranian Phases of our lifes:

    He was in process of a divorce/separation, bankrupt, broke in pieces, moving to another country where I met him.

    I was bringing my son to live with me, finding a house, furniture, cash short, finding a school, finding new job after the last one shut down

    We met through our single and out of the box friends kkkk he was drinking lots and controversial and I was the indepent girl for many years, sweet eccentric who dances wild!
    We shocked at first, until he offered to paint my house for free… after we met our Uranus we had the chance to meet our every day Saturns:
    We are hard workers and have morals. I’m resonsible with bi?ls to a fault.
    Behind the wild untamed girl he saw a woman to ground himself with.
    we are growing our roots!
    The challenge for growth we give eachother is immense. I changed and he changed the most!
    In the midle of strife is when positive change occurs and for the first time in my life I’m not afraid of strife to get all his demons out and make him heal and be a happy human being!

  26. Forgot to mention that my NN is Conjunct my Libra Ascendant where is Uranus fall squared by His Venus chart ruler)
    He is a challenge to me that I never experienced
    And he’s challenged by me to let go of the past, make peace and make room for a new future( My Mars square his nodes with Saturn on his SN)
    Uranus can be a liberating force when there’s damage from long and past relationships where bad habits and personality traits were infused and are very hard to change!
    Uranus won’t tolerate this attitudes in a relationship anymore! And it will disrupt you until you change!

  27. sailor.mercury says:

    Uranus: why, thank you…
    Ppl who don’t like uranus: wah!
    Grow up.

  28. His sun conjunct my Uranus….which by the way squares my sun …. I’m a Leo he is a Scorpio.

  29. Thanks for the notes on telepathy. Neptune is stronger between our charts than Uranus, but to me did not explain things like one early morning between sleep and waking, suddenly my mind’s eye is filled with his face, totally neutral expression, looking directly into my eyes. I was alone. It felt like he just tuned me in like tuning in a station on an analog radio. Electrical feel, definitely. Never experienced anything like that before. But it was not frightening because by that time I was used to unusual connections with him.

  30. Lux Aeterna says:

    right, just cause i am not sure of how to deal with it all, have a quick look at those synastry aspects,

    Uranus 4°45′ Scorpio, in House VII ( mine)
    Uranus conjunction Sun (scorpio 12th hs) orb +2°06′
    Uranus conjunction Mercury (libra 11th hs) orb +5°11′
    Uranus sextile Uranus orb -2°21′
    Uranus conjunction Moon (scorpio 12th hs) orb +9°23′
    Uranus conjunction Mars (libra , 11th hs) orb +8°01′
    Uranus sextile Midheaven orb -3°06′
    Uranus sextile Saturn orb +4°26
    and if you count the 10 degree aspect with his pluto on 12th hs too, or is it too far?
    my sagi sun on 8th hs scorpio
    we also have his AC exact conjunction my NN in scorpio
    his Mars opposite Ascendant orb +3°13′
    Mars trine Mars orb +2°47′
    Mars conjunction Venus orb -7°26′
    his Venus trine Ascendant orb +0°09′
    Venus square Moon orb -2°28′
    Venus opposite Mars orb +5°51′
    Venus sextile Venus orb -4°22′

    I am trying to make some sense of all this, are these positive combos or not? Is it survivable? :-p
    The more i read explanations, the more i get confused ( i have neptune sun conj :-p)
    never had so many Uranus and V & M aspects before 🙂
    Not asking for a full breakdown, obviously, just thought i’d share this with you, as I found it interesting, and strange, to say the least…. Any comments, more than wellcome!!
    thanx 🙂

  31. I have Uranus in my 7th, and I have always attracted unconventional relationships! My Uranus sextiles my Sun, my Mercury, trines my Venus and Jupiter,opposes my chiron, sextiles my asc..I an a Virgo with a Taurus Asc and I also have a Chiron T square in Taurus, Scorpio and the vertical hits my Venus in Leo…What a combo this is! I am in a relationship with a Plutonian person, he is a Virgo with cancer asc and his P is in his 5th in scorpio…His Pluto squares my Venus and is my 7th in Synastry right where my uranus is! Things are pretty intense! I have tried yo break up with him hundreds of times because he has a girlfriend…we have been going out 10 months so far..and he comes back every time! He won’t let me go, and I am incapable of leaving him the moment I have contact with him! Once I cut him off I am fine but when he insists in having a face to face conduct I simply can’t resist!Sex is every time better than all the previous times..What is this Pluto – Uranus conflict! His P has connections to all my planets!

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