What Your 7th House Partnerships Say About You

Committed partnerships are the domain of the 7th House. Look at the sign on the cusp and there’s your future husband/wife. Right? Not quite.

Think back to all the committed partners you’ve had. Notice what they had in common. Now jot down those qualities and put them aside. We’ll get to them in a minute…

Not Just the House of Relationships

The 7th House is more complicated than it seems. Although it’s represented by peace-loving Libra, traditional astrologers referred to the 7th as the house of open enemies as well as marriage. Think of how intimately an opponent engages your emotions and how bitter things can become when a partnership goes awry.

So it’s not all about loving the other person. Actually, it’s not all about the other person. The 7th is naturally ruled by Venus. The glyph for Venus is shaped like a hand-mirror. Where is the 7th located? Opposite the 1st House, which represents your identity. And this is what the 7th truly represents: a reflection of your own qualities that you project onto others. Anyone who is symbolized by your 7th is going to be the recipient of your projections.

How the Seventh House Operates

Let’s say you have Cancer rising. This would put Capricorn on the cusp of your 7th. You love those dependable, disciplined, ambitious partners. Let’s put Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) into Taurus in your 11th House. Now you love those dependable partners who know how to make money and are prominent in the community. But here’s the thing … these desired qualities actually belong to you. It’s your 7th house and your Saturn in Taurus. You bring that stability into your life by building stable partnerships.

This works with less desirable qualities. Maybe you have Pisces on your 7th House cusp and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) in 3rd House Scorpio. You may get involved with dreamers and artists who blow you away with their intense romanticism. The problem is that they’re missing in action half the time. Absent mentally or physically due to drugs, booze, or wanderlust. They’d rather be floating off in search of cloud nine.

Guess what? That utopian dream belongs to you and you’re living it through your partners. Your thoughts (3rd House) are never settled because you fantasize (Neptune) about the perfect relationship. You know (3rd House) that reality can never measure up, so you get involved with those who can’t commit. Please note that I am not saying it’s your fault if your partner is an addict. You are only responsible for one person’s behavior.

The qualities represented by the 7th House are often unacknowledged. Positive qualities, if discovered, can be tapped like an underground well. Negative qualities will act like hidden stumbling blocks.

This is why it’s so important to own these qualities, positive or negative. Take another look at what you jotted down after reading the first paragraph of this article. Those are your projected qualities, for better or worse.

Acknowledging the Projected Qualities of Your Seventh House

Ok, so you know what your projections are. Now what? Let’s break it down. Let’s say you have Aries on your 7th House cusp with Mars (ruler of Aries) conjunct your Moon in 11th House Leo. You end up in dramatic relationships. There are gorgeous emotional fireworks. If the heat between you and your partner isn’t cranked up to full boil, forget it. You fall for the performance artists because they make you feel alive. But is the roller coaster worth it? Somehow it becomes all about them—their needs, their demands—and you start to feel like the under-appreciated mother.

It’s time to acknowledge that you are a drama queen (even with that balanced Libra Ascendant). You need (Moon) to be recognized as special (Leo) and will take the initiative (Mars ) to get that recognition. You want to be king or queen of your social circle (11th House). So do it. Be it. Join an acting troupe, become the leader of a community group. Whatever. Take that passion and creativity and put it to use in your own life instead of living it through your partners. Once you stop projecting your need for drama you can experience the positive aspects of this energy in your relationships. A partner who you can be proud of (Leo). Someone who takes the initiative (Mars) to nurture (Moon) you.

The great thing about the 7th House is that its projected qualities are right in front of you. All you need to do is open your eyes and acknowledge them.

What do your 7th house partnerships say about you? Let us know in comments below.

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Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. @Nadia

    What abt Gemini descendant with Virgo mercury on the 10th conjunct venus in libra on 10th too?

  2. @Nadia

    I apologize for the multiple comments but after reading this post—>(http://sasstrology.com/2007/04/how-to-determine-the-planetary-ruler-of-your-seventh-house.html),
    I realized that Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter so to rephrase my comment:

    I have Pisces in my 7th House(no planets), with an Aquarius Jupiter in my 5th house. I have the following aspects with Jupiter:

    Venus Square Jupiter
    Jupiter Square Pluto
    Mars Trine Jupiter
    Jupiter Trine Midheaven
    Moon Sextile Jupiter
    Mercury Sextile Jupiter
    Jupiter Inconjunct Ascendant

    Ok lol, so with all of this, what does this mean?

  3. let’s see…scorp rising with taurus on the 7th.

    ruling planet venus in sag in my first,
    conjunct uranus in sag,
    squaring MC ,
    opposing chiron in gem in the 7th. yes…this all checks out….i’ve only been in one major relationship and it was with a taurus who was a workaholic with a pronounced aversion to talking about anything (chiron gem)! very erratic (uranus), on off again. i’ve dated several taurus workaholics after that. currently hanging out with a taurusy aries who, although lacking a job, works obsessively on his art and music to the point of madness. also on/off, also difficult or painful to communicate at times…just my speed …

    work is often a big issue with me in relationships. i’ve always felt like i could never be in a relationship until i had a career. otherwise i’m leaning on dude way too heavily for his work influence, which i so desperately want to develop. and they just criticize me or resent me for not being on their work level. or in some cases they try to help me but even that can lead to some crappy power struggles. i just want to be like them 🙁

  4. Shadow37 says:

    Cancer is on the 7th house cusp. Cancer is ruled by the moon. The moon is located n the fifth house Gemini, which means that I’m attracted to guys who are emotionally expressive and dramatic, who are attached to children, have innate artistic talent, a vivid imagination, and a penchant for daydreaming. In my natal chart, the moon has the following aspects:

    1. Conjunct venus in the 6th house (love for day to day things like doing stuff together and getting excited)
    2. Square mars in the 3rd house (enjoys verbal sparring?)
    3. Quintile Jupiter in the 4th house and conjunct IC (must feel like family and put emphasis on family)
    4. Trine Uranus in the 10th house (must be comfortable with my public image/career and/or changes to those)
    5. Sextile chiron in the 4th house (must be sensitive to my wounds from childhood)

  5. Hii, I’m gemini rising with sagittarius sign on the seventh house cusp. I have sun moon mercury saturn uranus conjunction(stellium) in seventh house with jupiter(in aries) in eleventh house making a loose trine with the stellium..and hardly no presence of planets in the rest of the chart..what does this signify?
    thanks for the reply in advance,

  6. What if a persons asc/desc are at 29° ?
    My ascendant is at 29° Gemini/ 29° Sagittarius .
    That could partially explain my mixed up traits couldn’t it?

    I also have Venus 7th house conjunct descendant.
    Moon in Virgo 3rd house conjunt IC
    Jupiter RX Taurus 11th house

    So this is maybe telling me, there is a part of me, that…. is super creative, smart, intensely loving, immature but old, serious minded yet playful, temperamental, and sensitive …that I don’t express and project on the men in my life?

  7. mera 5th house me venus, lagna brikhab, or 7th house me saturn, muje marriage ka kus baat details me batayenge plz.

  8. Dear @Nadia,

    And what if Cancer is on the cusp of the 7th house and Saturn is there but Saturn is in Leo?
    Moon in Gemini in the 5th house. There is no aspect between Moon and Saturn.
    What kind of ppl this person would attract? What are the projected qualities?

  9. There are no planets in my 7th house. Its empty. Does that amplify the projections of the 1st house?

  10. Nice post! thank you.

    I know about this projection thing for last 3 years and I am indeed doing exactly what my 7t house is asking me to do. And I can tell it really works! I give an example.

    I have Sagittarian on 7th house with Jupiter as lord in my 10th house conjunct MC and Venus in Aquarius. On 7th house cusp is Neptune. Aspect are flowing. But still I got a couple very hard disappointment’s (Neptune) in love relationships. As we know Neptune is hungry for “unconditional” love and “perfect” love that does not exist in real world. So with this combination I am very sensitive in all partnership’s (7th house=others).
    I found out by listening to my own needs that I could find the perfect “unconditional” love giving and receiving it and use this energy to bring that love and wisdom in open (10th house) and to share it with groups (Jupiter in Aquarius) of people. I love to share myself with others. So I start doing this and it really feels good. But still I can not deny it that I would be the most happy if I can complete that one Neptune dream to “merge” with another person.

    Peace & love

  11. Pisces in on the 7th house cusp. Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Neptune is located in my 4th house Sagittarius, does this mean I am attracted to guys who are absent, mystic, psychic, addict, unavailable, who are foreign, who remind me of my father (IV house) or give me a home? lol ohh but lets add also I have a north node in the 1st house conjunct mars and venus in virgo… south node in Pisces, so… let go let go… jajajaj the lesson in life to be learned is …. mars and venus conj nn in virgo all about me… me me me, I have to let my partner be and if I dont have one is fine too.

    I honestly like a man who has more of a Capricorn tint (rules my 5th pleasures and creativity, children) but Saturn is in my 12th conjunct my ruler in the 12th as well, a man who is hard working (maybe absent because he works too much), who has power in the community or is well known, I like a man who is gentle and loving (Neptune) and who pays attention to detail (I’m Virgo asc).

    I noticed that my both my children have saturn in the 1st house, my current husband is cancer asc, and he has his moon in sagg… conjunct my neptune! hahaha. and my moon in cancer is conjunct his venus and asc in cancer.. so he sees a mother in me, I nurture him, etc.

    My Neptune in Sagg (IV) also sextiles my pluto in libra (II)
    Also Neptune in Sagg (IV) trines my sun in leo (XI)
    And Neptune in Sagg(IV) opposes my MC in Gemini (X)

    I am aware that saturn in the 12th means … heavy karma, imprisonment, confinements to hospitals, or institutions, but I was learning that in Vedic astrology is also means that someone owns property in foreign land, or that is a soldier… hmmmmm I did move to another country and did join the military and served in Iraq, Saturn conjunct my mercury, does not make me slow to learn or dumb, I speak only when needed or and I have a great memory, I am very smart, I graduated from Medical School, and started to learn astrology on my own.

  12. I have exactly what you show on your second example: “Pisces on your 7th House cusp and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) in 3rd House Scorpio” and yes, the kind of relationships you described has been the pattern for a long time.

  13. Phoenix says:

    My ruler of 7th house is Mercury conjunct with Sun in house 3rd. Other position is my Moon conjunct Jupiter in house 2nd Capricorn and Venus conjunct Mars in house 4th Aries.
    How could I experience the positive energy of this position?

  14. sailor.mercury says:

    OK so I’m natal 7th, born on the 7th. I’m always lucky in love. Right now I’m in love with you, Nadia! Like you so get Libra, like you so get it. That’s all I have to say about my relationships. On a darker note, the consequences of not seeing urself in the mirror is the left hand of the scales, I’m afraid…I must have Gemini in my 1st house. And Scorpio in my 8th, which I don’t member what that means but I looove Hallowe’en…

  15. Where can I go to work out mine?
    I am Taurus rising with Scorpion. Aries sun and Cancer moon.

  16. Hi Nadia! I liked your analysis on the 7th house. How would you interpret a person who’s 7th house ruler is in the 1st? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Does it mean the person is self absorbed?

  17. Michelle Vargas says:

    Hi. Love the article. Im a Pisces with cancer rising, venus/moon in aries and Capricorn in my 7th house. I did a birth chart n i dont have any planets in my 7th house. What doea that mean?

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