Taurus acts like he’s interested, then disappears

taurusThe Taurus man is like a wild animal that smells an intriguing scent or hears an unfamiliar sound. He cautiously steps to the perimeter of his safety zone to see what’s going on. If there is the possibility of free food, he may even enter new territory. But any perceived threat will send him scurrying off back into the safety of the woods.

As much as Taurus seeks pleasure, he also values security. It’s like one of those childhood games: If you leave your pile of wealth unattended to garner more goods, you risk losing all that you’ve attained. This fixed earth sign is more likely to sit on his treasure than to venture out without some security in place to protect his stash.

And when it comes to relationships, he’s no different. If a man or woman appeals to him, Taurus will put out his feelers, and if he anticipates a threat to his comfort level, he’ll just go back to his cozy spot. So if he disappears on you after expressing interest, he’s not playing mind games with you … he’s just feeling hesitant. He’s worked too hard at building his nest to throw it all away on someone who gives off a funny smell.

If you want to retain the interest of a Taurus man who’s retreated back into the woods, find a way to reassure him that you’re not a predator. To prove that you’re not looking to take anything away from him, the easiest thing you can do is give. Place an offering at the edge of the woods, and let him tentatively come to it, and make sure it’s not poisonous. If he eats it, he’ll come back for seconds.

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  1. curiousabout says:

    Do they ever let a person know that they want to be their friend, at the very least?

    If you show them kindness back, it seems that they equate niceness with weakness and you are in deep trouble because they will be really rude and nasty if you say nice things to them back!

    I think he has hacked my computer only certain forums probably via a free email account. So in my mind, I think ok he has to be interested at the very least. But, when I start being nice, like I sent him something small virtual and free, he then eluded to the fact that I was being overly clingy.

    So with them, my question is do you just have to sit back and let them do all the work for a friendship? I thought when you want friendship then you dont have to play all the games.

    I am as bewildered as the rest of you because I never had to deal with this a day in my life. I feel self conscious for liking him and saying it because …he will make me pay for my feelings that are in direct response to his.

    They are like some cryptic book that has an answer key that was ripped out in the back. I see forums on top of forums and they all ask: WHY DID TAURUS GUY VANISH or WHY DOES TAURUS NOT SAY ANYTHING or WHY DID….and no one has the answer.

    This is what I think:

    1) They have a ton of women that they like. And they are weighing one against another and if you let them, they will do this for a lifetime. So, you have to either put a foot down or move on and make them see you are worth it.

    2) They may like you but, for whatever reason they are not going to reveal it.

    3) They are in a relationship. It’s so hard to tell with this man that I like because one: if they are in a relationship they have a very different kind of relationship. I can’t explain it but, shouldnt you be (so immature of me) facebook friends if you are together, like how would I know that he was with her because I would expect that…who knows.

    4) They just want to flirt. I truly think they LOVE women. It’s like a disease that they have and they will flirt with each and every one of them.

    To the poster above me:

    When you say you prefer blunt honesty, I think they go from one extreme to the other. They either dont want to hurt your feelings or they will cut you with words and have you crying or mad for days. So be careful with saying you want blunt honesty, I think you should just say you want them to be truthful about how they feel. And, I believe they start watching you and you do something in their minds, and then they are gone. They dont say whether they like you or not to be able to quickly exit without any hurt feelings. He obviously liked you, well hell I dont know. I dont even know for myself what’s going on. lol

    SO MY QUESTION IS: How do you not scare them? Because you want to reciprocate at least that’s what I was taught when I like someone back to at least show them. They start thinking that your whole world will engulf them and that you wont let them breathe! That’s what I really think. When all you are doing (here goes the repeat) is LIKING THEM BACK!

    WARNING: They have a lot of women that are around them. And, my best advice is to not worry about their tactics no matter how dirty they can get.

  2. I recently (and I mean like less than two weeks ago) met a Taurus that I am interested in, and I believe the feeling is mutual……but I need help. We met at work and after giving me advil we began talking all night- he even took the same breaks as me. We exchanged numbers, and the next night I went and said hello to him at his desk. I got a text which said the visit made his night. The next few days were completely uneventful with me initiating all contact, so I stopped contacting him. A few nights later I had to stay later at work I stayed later, and since we work opposing shift that meant working into his shift. I texted him and said /i’d be there til 3, and he asked if I wanted anything on the way in, so he brought me coffee. He again took all his breaks with me and flirted, but since then- de nada. Is this typical? What should I and should I not be doing?

  3. If they like you, they will make it known. If not, they will be mean to you until you go away.

  4. I wouldn’t say he’s being mean (BTW this is Jackie..) he’s just not reciprocating anymore. he came on super strong and then kind of dipped. I back off, then I come back, then I back off, then I come back. He still flirts, gets a huge smile when he sees me etc, just doesn’t act how I feel someone interested should act. I’ve realized that not everyone is a texter like me, but I think if he’s interested he has a funny way of showing. Is this Taurean behavior?

  5. Met a Taurus man six weeks ago. Amazing chemistry and attraction. We are mid-50’s professionals and both very busy. He doesn’t call/text much, and our mutual friends say that is very typical of him–it’s not just me feeling that. He has backed off, because I needed reassurances that he was interested. He says he is, but his actions don’t show it. Part of this is due to his job in our small town–he has a reputation to uphold and doesn’t like public PDA. Our friends have told me that, even if he is interested, he won’t show it in public. He has told his best friend and adult son about me, because both have been “charged” to check me out. Another male friend told me about this, when he overheard a conversation between them at our local pub. Every time we’ve been together, I get a vibe that he’s only halfway interested, although he is extremely affectionate. We have NOT had sex, and he hasn’t pushed the issue. I haven’t heard from him in a week, since I apologized for my behavior at my birthday party and he said “that s***’s gotta stop.” (I’m thinking he was referring to the apology and not my behavior–I wasn’t rowdy but wasn’t as feminine as I usually am and, being a private person, it might have embarrassed him.) I’m staying off the online site where we met and will not be attending our weekly group event this week in the hopes that he’ll come around. Any thoughts on how I can win him back (although we aren’t exclusive) are appreciated!

  6. groovin cancer lady says:

    I’m a Cancer woman (40) and I’m into this Taurus man (35). We work in the same department and see a lot of each other. It’s a busy factory with a lot of people passing through. I was instantly attracted to him. He’s handsome, hardworking, funny, charming & very masculine. I’ve been working closely with him for 3 mos. We chat a lot through out the day, joke & have fun. I would always catch him looking at me smiling. Every time I looked in his direction, he seems to always be watching me. He then started to mention every guy I would talk to. He would say “I see you & Steve had an interesting convo” I would be like “ugh yeah I guess.” I never thought anything of it really. I’m a natural flirt. I like to talk to a lot of people. I never thought he was watching me so attentively. I never thought he would be interested in me. People would ask him if he had a girlfriend, he would laugh & say yeah. So I thought it wasn’t that serious, just a fling or whatever. So, my female job partner would always obnoxiously flirt with him. All 3 of us would talk & joke around. My job partner has a crush on Mr Taurus. She would tell him everything her & I would talk about in private about him. Like we would play this game to pass the time, Marry, F*ck, Kill. She would tell him that he’s the only one who hasn’t been killed, ever. Ofcorse he loved that. Anytime she told him anything “we” said about him being hot or fun, he would always turn it to me and tease me about it. My friend is an obnoxious flirt, but I am more reserved, subtle flirt. She would always call him out in a group to say Hi, I would just smile. She would always push me to be more forth coming in flirting with him; I told her it wasn’t my style. Plus me being a cancer, I wasn’t sure what I even wanted yet. I’ve only known him for a month. So time went by, Mr Taurus and I got even closer. One day this male coworker was a total asshole to me for no reason & told me off. Mr Taurus was a true gentleman and totally defended me. I told him he was a sweetie & thank you. Ever since that day, it went from an attraction to a full blown crush. I would tease him and tell him he was my eye candy. He would smile.
    My partner made a very rude comment about me being a midget. Yes I am short but by no means a midget. My Taurus told her that was rude & defended me again. He always calls anyone out for being anything but nice to me. Which means a lot to me…my hero! He asks a lot of questions. Like my bday. Then one day we were talking about people we didn’t like in our past. Out of the blue he looked at me with those eyes & said “Ya know haft pint your alright” I told him he was alright too. I could tell he was sincere & we have this connection. Next thing he disappeared. Next 2 days nothing. Just friendly chitchat. No flirting. Then he came back full force flirting again. We both always joke about how we are never getting married. I told him I don’t plan on it but if I met a good guy I might. You never know but I’m in no hurry. It sure isn’t going to be any of the bums I have been dating. Then he disappears again for the day. When he disappears on me we have polite chitchat but nothing like we usually do. Then one day my partner asks him why he’s not with a steady girlfriend. He says “I do have a girlfriend, we’ve been together 10 years & live together” Wtf?! Wow talk about shocked. I never mess around with guys in serious relationships! Not my thing! Married or committed men..off limits! But I have this connection with Mr Taurus & I can’t stop it! He comes at me with that charm & I’m under his spell! I tried time & time again to pull back from him. He flirted even more. I ask him questions about his girlfriend. He answers me. She sounds like a good girlfriend. I feel so bad. He never talks about her, not even to his guy friends at work. The only time he says anything about her is when I ask questions. Things go on as usual. Us flirting & talking. He can be a jerk to everyone in our department. He says rude/joking comments to everyone except me. He has never said one bad thing to me. He’s sweet understanding funny & protective. Even if someone is teasing me about some silly thing he comes to my defense. And he is very jealous. I talk to a lot of guys at work (only 4 women in whole department) I talk to this one man a lot. He is married. I am in no way interested in him. I think his relationship with his wife is adorable. She also works for the company in a different department. The married couple is soo sweet. After working with the married man for 4 hrs with lively conversation. Mr Taurus came to me in a huff & asked me point blank “Are you fucking Steve?” What?! I told him hell no! We are just friends! I think his marriage is is adorable! I would never do that! I was shocked. He said “Yeah they are sickenly sweet aren’t they?” He then disappeared for a bit then came back like nothing happened. Then he started telling me he thinks this girl I know is hot! I agreed that yes she is very pretty! It did make me jealous but I tried to play it cool. He changed the subject. Everything was cool again. My job partner told him I have a crush on him. I said yes I do. He had the cutest look on his face & was playful the rest of the night. All last week we had intimate conversations, flirted, teased & spent every possible minute together while we worked. One day my job partner blurted out “Why don’t you guys just get it on already?” Mr. Taurus & I just laughed it off. Last week, he was going to take a day off. I told him I hope he has a nice day off but I will miss him very much. He looked at me and sincerely said “I’ll miss you too” This week went good with us. Thursday this coworker Dave came up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders. Dave looked at Mr. Taurus and said “Hey man, are you jealous? Come on are you jealous?” Mr. Taurus said “No..No, but I will still smack the hell out of you”. Dave laughed then left. Mr. Taurus was red faced. Later he came & told me that Dave was an asshole. Tonight while we were talking I told him “I’m the only person your never mean to. Mr. Taurus told me “I like you, you’re a good person”. To me this sounds like I’m in the friend zone, but Mr. Taurus is so confusing! I just don’t know what to think!
    I adore this man! God, I wish he was single then it would be a no brainer! Go for him! I find myself not flirting with guys anymore because of him. I only want him & I don’t want him to get jealous. I’m single & ready to mingle but I don’t want to mess around with a guy with a girlfriend. But he is the only guy I want. This is the only time I have ever been tempted to do so. So, my question is is Mr. Taurus just wanting me for sex or does he want something more? I will not be his mistress but if he’s looking to dump his girlfriend & looking for a more long term relationship with me, I’m game! I’m a firm believer in karma but I’m willing to take my chances for Mr. Taurus! I have never met a more confusing man as Mr. Taurus! I need to know if I should move on or wait patiently ..Help!

  7. I wish I could offer anyone advise on Taurean men, but I come here seeking advice as well. I met this Taurus at work a few months ago (We have a lot of employees, i’ve been there over a year and still don’t know everyone.) He flirted with me a lot, and still does. He winks at me, grabs me when he can, was playing rough last night while walking down the hall……but won’t see me outside of work. My first suspicion is he has a girl, but he said he was single. I’ve heard patience is the best recourse with Tauruses, but how much patience should I give him? Its been almost three months of this game.

  8. groovin cancer lady says:

    I feel ya! My Mr. Taurus is the same way. All fun at work, but nothing outside of work. I’ve been talking to him for 4 months now, 2 months seriously. We have alot of fun and deep convos. He is taking his sweet time, while I’m starting to get impatient, and I’m about to combust by all the sexual tension..lol Mr. Taurus is just so sexy, sweet, fun, and irresistible! I’m pretty patient but I’m not going to wait forever. This is my first Taurus, and I just don’t know how to deal with him. This forum has been quite helpful in getting insight on Taurus men. It seems they all are very confusing 🙂

  9. I am a virgo and I met a taurus male about 2 and a half months ago via an online dating site. Things of course started off slow with us e-mailing which I was completely fine with and it progressed from there. We spent a lot of time text messaging and talking on the phone. There was an instant connection for both of us. We felt like we had known each other for years. So we decided to meet and I was extremely nervous that there was going to be no chemistry at all. There was and I instantly got shy… Which is honestly a way everyone that knows me knows I like a guy. Well I got awkward and he noticed and and pointed it out. So there was another meeting where I was extremely nervous but I finally got over it and our relationship was great. I felt like we both had the same feelings for each other. He was way better at telling me his feelings than I was. He told me he was falling for me.
    Well a key part of the story is he was only separated from his spouse and they have two kids together. It did not bother me because I am a divorced mother of one. Well everything was fine until he introduced me to his kids and told his ex about me. All of a sudden she broke up with her boyfriend and wanted him back.
    I started to question everything. I was worried that I was going to lose him. Things progressively got worse between us because he was constantly appeasing his ex at my expense and I got more and more scared of getting hurt. So I finally told him it was too much. I could not handle only seeing him 30 minutes a week and all the drama was killing me. He said it was not what he wanted but there was nothing he could do… So I feel like I lost him (which was my fault) but I really did fall for him and I do not want him to be gone. Is there a way I can get him back? Or did I ruin it and do I just give up?

  10. lovsimplere says:

    Hi, in actually having the same trouble with this taurus guy I met about a month ago. I’ve haired every site there is about taurus guy, and I can see that it’s not usual for them to act this way. This guy he’s 36 taurus, and I’m a 21 yr old virgo. When we first met he was immediately flirting with me and telling me he’s likes me and I guess because I wasn’t responding to him he found me as a challenge always texting, calling, getting jealous, possessive and being so charming and caring. He still is, so I decided to give him a chance and focus on him. As soon as I started liking him I could feel him pulling away. I feel so used now. I’ve to call him, text him, sendin him sweet text messages. After just a week or two he told me he loves me, and I told him he can’t cause he hardly knows me. Whenever we makes plans to go out he cancels but doesn’t have the principle to call and let me know unless I call the next day or text. So about a week ago I decide to stop calling, texting him. After two days of no contact he stops by in expected, I’m in my bed sleeping a hard day off around 6 one eveninly he calls to tell me he’s outside. I ask him then if he’s even interesting, he said yes, of course and that he will call that night, he never did. And i didn’t bother to call him, so a day after that he does it again, came by to surprise me. So when he was leaving I walked him to the door, but before he walked away, I give him a nice full out wet passionate kiss, nippling on his lip and everything lol to let him if he doesn’t bother to ever call again this what he did miss out on, after I pulled away, he chuckled and said I was a trip, I laughed and said goodnight and close the door. After that we spoke often, but he was canceling plans until now, that was now two weeks ago. A few nights ago I asked him again if he’s still interesting he said yes, and that I need to stop worrying but I feel like I’m waiting around for something that is never going to happen I mean, for the first time in falling hard for a guy, opening up myself, and for a virgo that never happen. I feel so at peace around him. Being the taurus that he is, we will be on the phone talking he just listen without sayin anything. I know I’ve been doing all the calling lately, I can feel like I’m annoying him, I can just tell from his tone the last time we spoke which was two nights ago that he has been stress out. I did ask if he was okay, always askin how his day was, just making sure he’s okay. He said he’s okay. But I don’t want him to feel like I’m bothering him. So I’m givin him his space. But should give him more space, does he like me anymore. Cause I called yesterday, because we has plans, he said to call when I leave work, I did no answer. He doesn’t call back, I called again later in the night, the phone rang three times and he send it to voicemail. So what is going on with him ? So I move on, or call again one more time to see. I don’t want to seem clingy it desperate. But I can’t help it, I like him so much, for once in my life, I found someone I can be at peace with me. You know when you met someone an you two just click, like you’ve known each other for decades. That how it is, but I don’t want to pressure him to move faster I just want to feel secure and reassurance that’s what in getting into is worth all this wait. You know

  11. lovesimplere,

    Sounds like this guy might me married. Either that or he’s talking to multiple girls. Of course it feels like you two click, you are earth signs, but the new stages of getting to know each other can also feel like “clicking”. I don’t like the push pull game and it seems this is what’s going on. I’m just kind of thinking what a 36 year old man is doing talking to a 21 year old. Maybe it’s your young body and zest for life. Idk… don’t mind me, I’m just trying to figure that out, too.

  12. I have a Taurus moon and this post made me laugh; I’m a girl not a guy but I absolutely do this. Smell is also very important; I can’t relax with someone who doesn’t smell right to me.

  13. Met a Taurus man 6 months ago. The dating process is soooooooo slow & confusing. One minute there seems to be a romantic interest the next it seems strictly platonic. He’s always a gentleman the few times we have hung out never made a pass not even a simple kiss & I can count the number of times we’ve hugged. He seems emotional detached & very skeptical to trust. I like him & I’ve been more than patient with him especially for a Leo but I think I’m going to back off. I like a lot about him but I feel like I’m being prohibited from getting close to him. He thinks that going weeks without QT is acceptable & for me I don’t see how a bond or trust or growth in getting to know each other is possible without it. He blames it on work and I understand that life is hectic but if you can’t make time for QT/family even if its for a short breakfast or dinner then that’s destined for disaster and its the one thing that Is a deal breaker for me. He seems like a good guy but I don’t see it going anywhere from my end

  14. Hi Leo Syan,

    I was married to Leo and he was a workaholic nothing stood between him and being married
    to his work. Taurians are no different where their work is concerned because it means earning
    money which in turn means security and all the luxuries and comforts they can provide for
    themselves and their loved ones.

    A Taurus Leo relationship is no picknick unless they are both on an even keel where there are
    no disagreements or arguments otherwise all “HELL BREAKS LOOSE” and anyone in close
    proximity “LOOK OUT”.!!!

    Six months is not a long time to be able to determine whether or not he is definitely romantically
    interested in you especially if he was involved or married to someone else and he is still not over
    them which would explain the fact of him running hot and cold where the romantic and platonic
    interests are concerned.???

    Taurians are very slow and take their sweet time when it comes to romantic relationship since
    they are not only cautious but they want to feel that “UNMISTAKABLE CHEMISTRY” which tells
    them that this is the “REAL THING” not some “PASSING FANCY”.!!!

    This is the reason you are receiving the “MIXED SIGNALS”.???

    I do not know how long it will take but you may be able to speed up the process by being more
    open and direct as to where you stand and where this is going if anywhere at all.??? Not in a
    pushy and demanding manner but a suttle conversation between you where he doesn’t feel
    threatened by having to make a commitment to you when he is unsure of himself and does not
    feel ready in taking it to the next level.

    Taurians are “NOTORIOUS FOR TAKING THEIR TIME”.!!! But once they make up their mind
    that’s it there is no turnig back because they have justifyed to themselves that this is definitely
    what they want and they are 100% sure. Just hang in there and time will tell.???

    It all depends if you honestly have strong feelings toward him and feel “HE IS WORTH THE WAIT”.???

    Cheers and keep smiling. Taurus.

  15. Michiru says:

    My Taurean friend has been living in France for 6 years. We’ve met again 3 years ago (we have known each other for 10 years) and then I saw his true personality and I think I really fell in love with him. 2 years ago I told him I would move in with my ex-boyfriend and he went all “I really care for you but I’m independent” when I didn’t even tell him anything…maybe he felt threatened , didn;t want to loose me? Last year I told him I didn;t want to see him cause I was confused I has the same boyfriend then still living with him. Then I joked and said he might see him knocking on his door and he got all “Yeah says the one who didn;t want to see me”. Then he went silent for a few months when he answered me again. This time I asked him when I will see him again and he told me “In autumn if you don’t run off again”. I told him I might go to France earlier then that and the bomb came “You can come visit, no problem” . I also told him I missed him and he said he is very happy for that and that I am still the same.

    I wonder if he expects me to move to France but he is hesitant??

    He told me he cares for me …and I think these are his true feelings. I keeep sending him mails (I am afraid not to piss him off but he doesn’t seem to dislike it). I send him songs to listen to (especially relaxing one cause he has a lot to study) he doesn’t reply but that doesn’t mean he is pissed off or annoyed by it right? I mean if he didn’t like it then he would have told me. I think this is a test. Because he also told me in a subtle way to come study in France (and I was so stupid back then). I also have low self confidence…maybe he wants me to get stronger, take my life in my hands and make a decision?

    He also told me he doesn’t believe in love because love is a passing thing. Now I don’t know what to do. I am afraid to leave my family but I also want to be next to him. Should I go with the flow when I go to France and watch his moves? Or ask him what he wants? I feel he is hesitant about me. He never rejected my feelings…he saw right through me and respected me and my feelings for me. He never told me “Go away i don’t like you”

    It’s really hard. I am more mature now, I went through disappointing relationships, he knows about them because I needed someone to talk to. He has been a friend , brother and lover to me…and I can’t forget him no matter whom I ‘ve met until now. I told him that but he didn’t say anything. Maybe words don’t get through him and he expects me to visit him and tell him what I want? I am so confused and afraid to even like another guy because when I realize that guy is not what I want I remember my friend and every time he sends me messages to meet I am afraid and confused. When he told me he cares for me he hugged me from behind…and I told him I loved my ex-boyfriend. Now this scene repeats itself everyday since that day and since I broke up with my ex. And I want to bang my head against the wall. I am so stupid…

    I think I needed that relationship to realize how dear this friend of mine is to me and the extend I can go to just be with him. A visit in France is not something big because I like the city he is living in and I have a lot of things to see. I don’t think I will regret it. But I will for sure regret not trying to meet him when HE INVITED ME …I think it’s my last chance and if I don’t go for it I will loose him forever.

    It’s funny…you can really make a movie out of this since we’ve known each other for 10 years (we studied math together when we were like 14) and he was so happy to meet me 3 years ago.

    What should I do???

  16. TaurusChick says:

    Who cares abt what the Taurus man is like. If he likes u he will shower u with attention and pretty gifts. If he acts like he doesn’t care he probably doesn’t. Then u need to find some1 who does and make sure u love that person equally. We r women like goddesses why do we always have to wait for them. They r not our creator so who cares if they play mind games. You need to be strong enough to not let it bother you for a second. If it does bother u a lot, then u need to take some spiritual classes and learn abt how this life works. There is so much to do to accomplish to see why r we wasting it on some guy . Anyways we only have 80 yrs to live go make a difference in d world. U can meet him later either in dis life or in heaven. By that time ull already be with ur soulmate

  17. Hi Michiru,

    I am unable to comprehend how “FRIENDS” of ten years can become “LOVERS” but
    you obviously feel otherwise and it is your prerogative to explore this option should you
    wish to do so.???

    You have a very long history and this is in your favour since it removes a lot of obstacles
    which need to be overcome when starting the awkward process of getting to know each
    other and dealing with a complete stranger whom you know nothing about and you have
    to do a lot of detective work into their background which may or may not be precarious.???

    The only way you will establish if “ROMANCE” will bloom between you is if you are willing
    to take the necessary steps and be open to it and by the sounds of you this appears to be
    the case, and since you are willing to travel to this beautiful and romantic destination then
    “GO AHEAD” and “GO WITH THE FLOW”. Amazing things can happen and if not what
    have you got to loose other than a holiday in France of all places.???

    You shouldn’t feel stupid or the need to bang your “PRETTY LITTLE HEAD” against a brick
    wall regarding the past and whatever happened or whomever you were involved with since
    you did nothing you have to be sorry for or any regrets since this is the way life unfolded for
    you at that particular point in time and it was out of your predictability and control as to how
    life would develop afterward.???

    You now have the added bonus of appreciating him more and being open to an intimate and
    a more mature relationship which will be all the more worthwhile and rewarding since you have
    gone through the learning curves of life’s previous experiences.

    What star sign are you and how old are you both by the way.???

    Cheers and keep smiling. Taurus.

  18. when a Taurus guy is like that, being all hot at first and then cold later, it DOESN’T mean he isn’t interested in you. because he is. i’m a Taurus girl and I do that sometimes too, I can’t help it. it means we’re hesitant. we’re scared of rejection and want to know if ur truly interested in us. we’re testing you, we want to see how u react, whether u really like us or not. it takes a long time for a Taurus to make up their mind, but once they settle on an answer, its hard for them to change their mind. they don’t fall for someone easily, and when they do declare their love to you, it means that they saw something really special in you. even if they’ve broken up with someone they love, its hard for them to forget that person.

  19. @Allie

    Mine was like that too but I had to cut him loose. The biggest issue is he has a live in girlfriend that I didn’t know about immediately. I began to suspect it and then he admitted to it. He drunkenly came to my house where we made out but nothing else happened. Then he started acting hot/cold again, and began flirting with another co-worker. Then when she tried filing sexual harassment on him he still was cold with me but ok. Then when those two kissed and made up and she dropped the charges, I’m chopped liver again. He had a cook out on memorial day and invited her and not me= which royally offended me so I told him that we’re no longer speaking. He asked why and I told him, and he insisted there wasn’t anything going on with her…..and I told him that’s not the point at all. I have only seen him a few times since then and the last time he lingered by my desk waiting to punch in for a while, learing at me.

  20. whathappenedwas says:

    Help! Taurus guy, I’m Aqua, pursued me relentlessly for over 9 months, working at same company.. I wanted to say no, I tried to say no as he is married just a short time. It was all just kidding around, fun and games. He’s younger than I. He kept enticing me more and more. I tried to resist. I never thought we would cross that line. Then one day, oh my gosh, it was awesome. Lost control. We told each other never again. That lasted about two weeks then, bam, we were at it again. Again, no more. That last a couple weeks. Then we were together every day. It was so awesome. I felt myself falling for him but know that can’t be. He came in one day and told me he wanted a divorce from his wife, they got into another huge fight, but wanted to wait until after the holidays to decide and for me to stay away, too confusing for him. So, I said I would. But after two weeks he’s mad at me and acting like I did something to him. He said he didn’t mean that, only meant for me not to give him so much attention, just less. I’m like, how was I to know? We decide better to be friends right now. So, trying but he’s angry at me all the time. I don’t know what he wants. Says things he’s never said. Says I’m weak and I should have fought for him.??? Also, says things like, “why don’t you just admit that you came here just to talk to me..” when, yeah, I did but I don’t have to say it or declare it every time. I can’t figure out why he hates me. I used to put my arm around him all the time, but not since he’s been like this. I can’t figure him out right now and thought I knew him so well. What does he want? He says he afraid of getting caught and both of us could lose our jobs and his wife could ruin his life. I know that to be true. But, would he just cut off his feelings like that and hate me for that? I’m totally baffled…and hurt. We had it soooo good. I can’t even tell you how good it was so no one can tell me that he didn’t care. I know by his actions that he was fully into me. No doubt in my mind. I just need to know if this is worth saving. He said after the Holidays he’s going to decide if he’s going to stay with her. This is all him. I’ve never said anything to him about his wife or their relationship. As a Taurus, did he mean for me to keep trying? Somehow I feel that he wants me to prove my love, which I’m not very good at. I’m not the kind that does drama…

  21. It has been 16 months playing with this taurus man and it has been quite the journey. After months of hot and cold he finally made it clear that I was friend zoned and even stopped hanging out with me. Our phone interaction increased tremendously and I’m finally beginning to get some understanding and openness to his emotional side. Dude is like ft Knox and I hadn’t dare ask him what I want to know but merely express myself and it’s like open sesame until he realizes he is giving more than he truly wants or until I become too excited that I point out the progress. I admire his level of self control and stubbornness and whatever woman wins his heart I don’t think she will have to worry about him allowing another woman to infiltrate. He says to me he likes and how I make him feel and how he enjoys our talks and blah blah but then in the same breath says how I he could never get his feeling hurt due to his ability to detach his emotions. despite how much we talk he makes it his business to stay away from me. I have came to terms with it and I’m working to slowly stop the lines of communication but ladies this taurean is to be respected. He never took advantage of my feeling for him. For most of the time I’ve known him he made it clear we were just friends and his actions supported that. He never made move on me and when I began to really share my feelings he stopped taking me out on dates. I know so many men who would have took my heart and ripped it into pieces. I can’t say that I would play on the taurus play ground again but it was quite the journey.

  22. Problem with Taurus men not caring about women they hang out with…these women tend to fall even faster and harder..than if we were trying 🙁

    Happened with me…twice 😉
    Personally…i dont speak on behalf of all Taurus men…the first point of liking a woman is her sexual health.
    Yes i have pushed us all back to the stone ages…when animal and human instincts saw eye to eye LOL…

    But yes…for sure..by looking at how glossy a woman’s hair is…how smooth and shiny her skin is..how rounded her cheeks are etc etc…This is what attracts me to a woman at first sight…only then would i make the effort to get to know that woman…oh and of course…he fragrance…if she wears perfume..then how that carries her pheromones…yes quiet detailed i know 😉

    But do not judge…well ok go ahead..lol…i do not shy away from the truth 🙂

  23. im a scorp. he was a taurus. were just seatmates..
    when we were separated in chairs.. i deeply missed him. and he told me that also missed me tooo… suddenly that was crazy… then while we were in the computer lab. i had the chance to sit next to him and he told his seatmate that he likes me.. i frowned in surprised.. but then he said he was just kidding… but he also do such pats and small talks and even that smile lol.. weeiird.. i just love him too. but how can i tell him xD maybe u can help.

  24. Aries Woman says:

    My Taurus neighbor has flirted with me on and off for several years but, never asked me out. A couple of months ago I began to see him in a different light. I let him know I was interested and he immediately asked if I would like to get together that night. I agreed. We went to dinner then had drinks afterwards. The conversation flowed nicely and he mentioned that there were many times when he was just sitting at home and thought that he should ask me to dinner or to the movies but, never did. He said that his jaw dropped when I contacted him and he was very happy that I did. We seemed to hit it off and even kissed a little at the bar. Unfortunately I had a couple drinks two many and I ended up in his bed that night. He was attentive and gentle. He walked me home in the morning. I wasn’t sure where I stood so I decided not to initiate any contact after this. He texted me a day later and asked how I was doing. We talked about our day and he said that he had a nice time with me. I texted him four days later to ask if I had left my sweater at his place and told him that I was not in a rush to get it back because I know that his work keeps him very busy. He immediately replied and said that he had been meaning to tell me about the sweater and that yes he is busy at work but, not too busy to say hi. I mentioned that I wanted to say hello earlier in the week but, felt a little shy. He said that I shouldn’t be shy and that I should text him. We continued to text for a week or so- about work, kids, and a little bit of sexting. There was no mention of getting together again but, the texting continued. I asked about my sweater again after 10 days and he agreed to bring it over after work. He showed up with a big smile and I was on my way to my other neighbors backyard who asked me to pick fruit from her tree while she was on vacation. He came with me and helped. We talked and laughed and then I leaned in to kiss him and he kissed me back. He rubbed my back where it meets my waist and we continued to kiss for a few minutes. I mentioned that I had the day off the next day due to it being my sons birthday but, I could hang out in the morning. He said he was unsure of his schedule but, would call me in the morning. The call never came and I received a text in the evening instead asking about my sons birthday. There was no mention of getting together and I didn’t ask. Five days later he texted to say that he had felt weird the night we kissed in the neighbors backyard. When I asked him why he felt weird he said that he was sorry but, he just didn’t think there was anything there between us and he didn’t want to continue to send me the wrong signal. He felt it was best to say something now. I just told him that I agreed it was best for him to say it now and mentioned that I did feel a bit stupid. He said that I shouldn’t feel that way. I felt awful so, I just told him to have a good night and he replied “take care” I am so confused about his behavior. I have no idea what happened. He is the one who texted me after our night together. I didn’t force anything and I didn’t behave in a clingy manner. He seemed very interested. I hate not having a clue about what could have happened and I have too much pride to ask. I feel foolish for initiating that “date” (I know that it is likely he was only ever interested in me sexually)

  25. Mi tauro es casado, me confunde mucho, unas veces parece querer seguir conmigo,otras no.
    Aveces me dice que me quiere y es muy lindo cariñoso, pero no me invita a que salgamos, ni tenemos citas hace dias, pense que me iba a cortar, un dia me dijo que estaba linda, le hice una carta, le dije que queria parecer intensa, el me dijo que de mi era bienvenido todo.no se que hacer, aveces parece tan cerca y otras veces me evade y busca que no estemos solos.
    No se que piensan?

  26. caring virgo says:

    I ask my taurus male friend if he was still my special friend and he text me back yes and then I ask him in a text if I asked him to come and put his arms around me and squeeze me tight and whisper in my ear that everything is going to be alright would he come to me but he never text me back. Could it be that he was shocked or surprise or did I affend him in any way or should just leave it there and see what he does later. I hardly call or text him it’s usually once in a while I do this things like text him. Can any one help me I find myself really caring for him.

  27. caring virgo says:

    I mean should I give him time to process it and wait to see what happens in the future? ? I mean I never thought that I would be falling for him like this I mean at the time that was the way that I was feeling I wanted him to come and comfort me I didn’t mean any harm nor did I mean to affend him.

  28. Need help with Taurus guy

  29. Im a scorpio woman and hes a taurus. We me on a dating website and once we started texting and talking on the phone we both felt a strong connection! He was always very busy with work…I definetely understood that so I gave him hes space. After we finally met in person our chemistry was wonderful! He told me that I was hes blessing and he was falling for me. I felt the same way! He was always talking about plans he wanted to do with me. And then one morning he sended me sweet morning text I replied… and BUFF he disappeared! Out of no where! I got so worry! Its being a week and half and still he has not text or call! Ugh i dont know what to do…. I really wonder what happened…it doesnt make any sense. IM SO CONFUSED

  30. I am a Taurus woman and Taurus men are just difficult.
    They are just like me and yet I cant figure them out.

  31. I met a Taurus man online in August had been in contact everyday but he was distant as well, we ended our friendship due to him going away to work and I hadn’t heard from him in weeks then just before xmas he messaged me saying have a good one, which i thought was nice then again but now he has disappeared again!! Now I’m really confused as to why he got in touch or am I just reading to much into this??

  32. ..don’t put up with it… He has a girlfriend.. He is just flirting

  33. I am a cap women and I met this guy (taurus) on FB. We spoke on the fone and then soon after this man wanted to come see me. I took 3months before I let him came n see me. He was handsome and dressed up. We chill that night n we bonded well. We became close friends n then later been friends with benefits. During the time he was with his bm. I respect that but he never stop seeing me. He told me he would love to be with me but it’s complicated with his bm. Long story short. We been friends for 3yrs. We always checkup on each other. But later down the line. I end up in a relationship with my ex of 10yrs. He started contacting me and then he was telling me bout his brakeup with his bm. He told me that he had always felt we could been together. He never stop feelings for me. I told him I will always have feelings for him. We started speaking more everyday. He would call and text me. He wanted to chill but j couldn’t give him time like how I use too. He told me he was starting to feel bad bout the situation. He didn’t want to feel like the third wheel and he going to start dating other ppl. He say he met a girl. She is celibate. He like her because they act alike. The girl is a Taurus and he is a taurus. I’m like how is that going to work if your sex drive is high. She celibate. So later down the line my bf and I brokeup. I was in my feelings. I told my taurus guy that we brokeup. He knew how I felt already bout him but I express more of my feelings for him. He sound mad like why didn’t u been tell me this. He felt like I waiting til he found a new friend to express my feelings. It wasn’t true tho. So he told me bout the date. He say I think I like this girl. From there on … He begin to act funny. Like he was distantly his self from me like not calling or texting. Barely wanna come to my house anymore. He doesn’t even express his feelings for me no more. I feel like he friend zone me and put this new girl before me. I seen the pic of the girl and she not even cute. I am not the jealous type but it’s the truth. I’m like wtf I look better then her. But he changed on me and it hurts me. He still talks to me like normal but no emotion at all. I ask him do he want me . He SED he doesn’t want nobody. He focus on himself. But I feel that’s a lie. He still going on dates with this women. He still giving time to go see this women. But not me. I told him that I waited 3yrs and we been friends for a long time. You acting like your whipped by this women. You don’t know nothing bout her for only a week. I won’t be running after no man. She can have you and don’t worry bout me ever again. He calls me and says what’s wrong. I am focusing on myself. I done told u that I don’t want nobody. I ask her did he like her. He say y? I ask did he had sex with her. He says no. I don’t even worry bout it or ask for anything. I’m chilling. I ask is he falling for this girl? He says y?. I’m like see this is the games we play. So help me understand. Cuz he doin the most.

  34. Mine told me he likes me, and that I’m all his. Times I won’t hear from him for hours, I text him every morning , then he replied, “aww thank you baby”, and always ” good morning beautiful ” to me. I believe he feels same, but im so confused. I feel connection with that I never have anyone else. Should I be concerned?

  35. VirgoKat says:

    Reading a lot of posts on here just gave me the answer I needed. Let him go. I will not allow anyone to play with my heart because they want to test me or because they can’t grow a pair and tell me that maybe they’re not that into me. What a timesuck these Bulls can be. Tired of the Bull$h!t.

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