Astrology and Pregnancy

Credit: JBryson via iStockphoto

Credit: JBryson via iStockphoto

When will I get pregnant? Can I get pregnant? Next to romance, this topic is the most emotional, fraught with joy and heartbreak. There are definitely transits and progressions that point to times when you are more likely to become pregnant, and I’m going to outline a few of the most common ones in this article. But first, some cautions.

I am not a medical practitioner, and my observations are from a purely astrological perspective. If you’re having issues with fertility, I strongly recommend that your primary source of assistance be from a doctor. Also, a transit or progression which encourages pregnancy will only work if you’re able to get pregnant. These influences don’t cause pregnancy, they simply amplify the natal potential. And finally, please refrain from posting queries in the comments section asking whether you’ll get pregnant with transit A hitting your chart, or aspect B in your chart. This is such a complicated and sensitive topic that I’m not going to offer any advice based on one or two isolated descriptions.

The following influences are targeted towards the mother’s chart. Obviously, the male partner is essential, and transits/progressions to his chart will show what’s happening with his partner, and if he might have children. But for simplicity’s sake, I’m going to focus on the woman’s chart; there’s more than enough information there to indicate if and when a pregnancy might happen.


Energies that encourage conception are most often triggered by Jupiter (expansion) and Venus (what you want). By progression, transit or solar arc, these two planets aspecting your natal chart are strongly featured in pregnancy. In the case of an unexpected pregnancy, or assistance from medical technology (such as in vitro fertilization), aspects from transiting or progressed Uranus are often seen. Sometimes transiting/progressed Pluto is in the mix, signifying the complete transformation that pregnancy brings.

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Transiting/progressed/solar arc Saturn (limits) and Mars (energy) forming hard aspects to your natal chart can sometimes (but not always) indicate barriers or disruption to pregnancy. Astrological influences are a weighting system; the more positive transits/progressions that are hitting your chart at one time, the greater the likelihood of a desired event occurring. If those positive influences are strong enough, they can sometimes lessen the negative ones. But as always, you have to look at your natal potential first.

What natal planets or points need to be aspected?

The Moon, the Sun and the 5th House

The Moon is associated with motherhood and female cycles, so it’s usually emphasized during times of conception. Slower transits from the outer planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) to your natal and/or progressed Moon can have a significant impact. Solar Arc Venus conjuncting your natal Moon is encouraging, but a simultaneous square from transiting Saturn can suggest difficulties.

The 5th House represents what you create, hence its association with children. The progressed Moon (evolving needs) moving through this house can herald a time when pregnancy is more likely. It often shows when you are trying to get pregnant (your evolving needs are focused on children) but I’ve also seen this progression happen during an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy. Also, the progressed Moon does not need to be in the 5th House for conception to occur (but it helps). Sometimes the transiting North Node moving through the 5th can be a time of conception, as the North Node points to the future. Transiting Jupiter through the 5th House is very positive, but I’ve seen it more frequently associated with giving birth.

There needs to be more than one positive transit or progression. So we also look for encouraging things happening with the ruler of the 5th House (the planet that rules the 5th House cusp). Maybe a trine from transiting Jupiter. Or a conjunction from progressed Venus. If there are any natal planets in the 5th House, transits and progressions to them are going to be very important. Note that if you have no natal 5th House planets, you can still get pregnant. A lack of 5th House planets says absolutely nothing about your fertility.

Aspects to the natal or progressed Sun (life’s purpose) in any house are also important (although not as important as the Moon). Solar Arc or progressed Sun conjuncting natal Venus (or vice versa) indicates the moment when your purpose (Sun) unites with what you desire (Venus). It’s also a union of male (Sun) and female (Venus) energies. But remember, it’s helpful to have multiple, positive influences happening at the same time. So if your progressed Venus is conjuncting your natal 5th House Sun; and your natal Moon is being trined by transiting Jupiter; and your progressed Moon is being hit by a conjunction from transiting Pluto … that’s a lot of pregnancy-positive energy.

Lunar Cycles and Fertile Signs

There is a fertility prediction technique involving lunar cycles. The theory is, when the Moon (in the sky) matches the phase it was in when you were born, you are fertile. I cannot vouch for this method, but it was pioneered by Dr. Eugene Jonas and is used (apparently) by many practitioners today. If you’re curious, Astrodienst has a free Lunar Phases fertility calendar which can calculate your fertile days based on his method.

Also, certain signs are considered more fertile than others. Water signs are the most fertile, while Taurus, Libra and Capricorn are considered semi-fertile. Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius are semi-barren, while Gemini, Leo and Virgo are barren. Using this theory, if your progressed Moon is in a water sign, you’re most likely to be fertile. If your progressed Moon is in a semi-fertile sign, your chances aren’t as great, but still pretty good. And so on. Take these classifications with a grain of salt; they may add weight to other aspects that encourage pregnancy, but I’m not sure that it’s impossible to get pregnant when your progressed Moon is in a “barren” sign. Note that these are based on astrologer William Lilly’s classifications. If your natal Moon is in a barren sign, this doesn’t discourage pregnancy.

This article only scratches the surface regarding pregnancy indicators. Astrological prediction of fertility is a vast and complex topic that involves the entire chart, including the natal potential to conceive (or blocks to it).

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Ana M Oliveira says:

    Very good, Nadia! Not for me that my time has passed, even with positive transits 😉 but I’d really like to know what are the major transits-aspects the chart of a man … 🙂

  2. magiczara says:

    Thank you. This is something I have been thinking about for the future. Will keep these in mind.

  3. When my progressed moon was in Aquarius (supposedly semi-barren), i had my two conceptions; one miscarriage and one live birth; my son.
    But then, at that time my massive 5H stellium was hard hit by a Saturn, Uranus, Pluto T square and trined by Jupiter. So those transit aspects to the stellium may well have bulldozed over other limitations.

    I’d like to hear from others (who already have children) about which sign their progressed moon was at when they conceived and gave birth.

    Thanks everyone.

  4. Nadia, does asteroid Ceres play an important role in pregnancy and childbirth? What are your experiences?

  5. I had an unexpected pregnancy at 43, delivered a healthy girl at 44. I had a progressed new moon (in Virgo) earlier that year, transiting Neptune on my natal moon, and Uranus trine natal Sun. My husband had Pluto on his descendant.

  6. oh, progressed new moon was in the 5th house!

  7. Adding to previous post, in my natal chart i do have a huge stellium in the 5th house.
    But the 5th cusp is in Virgo which is supposed a barren sign. Virgo contains my chart ruler Venus and my IC ruler Sun as well. My moon, North Node and Neptune are in Saggitarius which is a semi-barren sign.

    So i am wondering how strong/valid the ‘fertile sign’ theory is in comparison to houses, rulers and aspects.

  8. magiczara says:

    Also, a quick general question-what orb do you recommend for progressed or Solar Arc planets making aspects to natal planets?

  9. @Marion,
    as I said in the article, take the barren/not barren classifications with a grain of salt. I included them for interest’s sake, but I’m not sure they’re that significant. Regarding Ceres…the planets have more weight than asteroids, but transits/progressions to natal Ceres can add some positive weight in favour of (or not) to pregnancy. However, I have seen challenging natal aspects to natal Ceres in the charts of women who had difficulty conceiving.

  10. @magiczara
    1-2 degrees applying, all aspects.

  11. Hi Nadia,

    Would you consider a Natal Moon inconjunct Natal Ceres to be a challenging aspect to Ceres in context of pregnancy or some other context viz nurturing feminine ?

    If not, what would constiture challenging aspect to Ceres in the context of concpetion?

    Many thanks


  12. Similarly, would you consider Natal Moon or Natal Vesta square Natal Ceres, to be a challenging aspect to Ceres in context of pregnancy ?

    Many thanks

  13. Samantha Floyd says:

    Interesting, in 2016-2017 I’ll have Uranus conjoining my natal Jupiter in the 5th house, trining my Venus and my progressed Venus squaring my natal Mars and sextiling my natal Sun. My astrologer said to be careful because I could get pregnant during that time.

  14. Samantha Floyd says:

    Interesting, in 2016-2017 I’ll have Uranus conjoining my natal Jupiter in the 5th house, trining my Venus and my progressed Venus squaring my natal Mars and sextiling my natal Sun. I’ll also have my progressed Venus sextiling my Sun. My astrologer said to be careful because I could get pregnant during that time.

  15. Nadia, I’m curious about the opposite – what natally would indicate the desire to NOT have or want children?

  16. I actually got pregnant when my progressed moon was in Virgo, in progressed 5th house, quite unexpectedly. The Lunar Phases Fertility Calendar was dead on – the day I got pregnant (my 30th birthday) was marked as a top fertility day. If only I had known about it back then! Also, that day venus was conjunct natal Ascendant and in exact opposition to progressed moon. Transiting moon was conjunct natal moon (lunar return), and transiting sun + Jupiter were both conjunct natal mars/sun/venus and trine natal moon. Transiting mars was conjunct natal mercury (? don’t know if that was applicable to the pregnancy). Jupiter was also square natal 5th house Ceres in Cancer. Finally…here is the weird transit…north node was conjunct MC/south node conjunct IC. Don’t get that one, but just thought I’d share!

    Oh, for those interested in the male transits, my partner had transiting Ceres conjunct progressed Ceres, north node conjunct progressed venus, transiting neptune conjunct natal Ceres, and transiting Uranus opposition natal 5th house moon. He also had Jupiter opposing his natal 5th house Mars…superpowered swimmers!!

  17. @S
    possible yes to all your examples, although they may not manifest as difficulties conceiving. As always, you need to look at the entire chart. Also, these aspects may just illustrate emotional conflicts over having a child.

  18. @Julie
    natal Vesta in the 5th House or 1st House, natal 5th House planets or the Moon in hard aspect to Saturn/Uranus/Pluto/Mars. And many more, too numerous to list. Keep in mind the aspects I listed will not always manifest as no desire to have children.

  19. Hi Nadia,

    Thanks. I understood.

    When you wrote to Marion, that you have seen challenging aspects to Ceres creating problem in conception,what aspects did you have in mind, if they are not a long list to elaborate?

    I am keen to hear your actual observation regarding difficulty in conception. I understand that the challenging aspect may lead to emotional conficts too in certain cases.



  20. @S
    It’s a complicated and very sensitive subject that I can’t do justice to in the comments section.

  21. Got you. Thanks!

  22. Dear Nadia
    can u predict success in pregnancy after conception??
    dob- 27/10/1987
    Time- 21:21
    place- Mumbai

  23. prashant salvi says:

    (Ascendant is Aquarius) Zodiac sign is Capricorn. My best friends birth chart has only Sun in 5th house – does it create problem in conceiving or childlessness? My best friend is facing problem in having child. Also she has thyroid problem and went an abortion previously.

  24. Jessica Hawkins says:

    Will I be pregnant soon

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