Venus in Leo, Mars in Taurus Compatibility

LeoPower and passion rule in the union of Venus in Leo and Mars in Taurus. With legendary battles and make-up sex to match, this combo is anything but relaxed in relationship. Their elemental differences as a fire and earth pairing bring conflicting forces into play, creating a union that is exciting though sometimes rocky. Out of the charged chemistry between them, creative potential is ripe – if only they can navigate their differences.

Venus in Leo shines brightly, blessed with a golden aura designed to attract attention and admirers. Generous sometimes to a fault, this Venus showers love and affection on those she desires. Venus in the sign of the lion thrives on a bit of drama in relationships, fed by the fiery passion of heart-felt emotion. Mess with her pride at your own peril, as she has been known to bare her claws when treated with disrespect.

TaurusMars in Taurus is the strong and silent type, expressing his passion through action rather than words. Deeply in touch with his earthy sensuality, this Mars loves nothing more than to touch, taste, see, hear and listen. A peaceful sort, Mars in Taurus prefers calm to chaos but will dig in his heels when pushed too far. Sometimes slow to warm up, this Mars can persist over the long-term in matters of love and sex.

Venus in Leo is both attracted and repelled by Mars in Taurus’ earthy nature. She digs his amazingly peaceful vibe, but sometimes craves a little more excitement. Mars in Taurus finds Venus in Leo fascinating, but can be scared by her sheer intensity and over-the-top emotions. Over time, this couple’s chemistry may wear thin, but if they can learn to respect each other, their relationship can last.

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