Sun Sextile Pluto in the Natal Chart 

You came to the right place if you have Sun sextile Pluto in the natal chart. This is one of the most fascinating astrological aspects. The star of our solar system meets the God of the Underworld in a sextile. Talking about light and darkness, it gets even more complex! Keep reading to discover everything about this natal aspect in your chart and how you can harness its intense energy! 

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Understand Sun sextile, Pluto.

This is a sextile of two extremes but with an incredible growth potential. The Sun represents the essence of our identity, ego, and vitality. This star is also the ruler of Leo’s fire sign, and its position in our chart designates our zodiac sign. The house of the Sun shows us in what area of life we are meant to express our authentic selves and let our personalities shine. The Sun boosts creativity, generosity, and charisma to a native. The shortcomings of this star can bring arrogance, egotism, and stubbornness. 

Pluto symbolizes transformation, death, rebirth, radical changes, and profound, hidden truths. This planet is the ruler of Scorpio, a very profound water sign with great emotional wisdom. Pluto’s energy also shines over our ego and need for power and authority. Its placement in our natal chart shows where we will most likely go through transformative phases. 

When Pluto forms a sextile aspect with the Sun in the natal chart, you can count on at least one significant change in your life. More often than not, there will be several changes. And because the Sun is involved, these changes are mainly meant to shape your personality and life direction. But unlike the Sun opposite Pluto, this sextile brings a harmonious energy that helps you grow in the right direction. 

The Natal Sun sextile Pluto Aspect 

Natal Sun sextile Pluto supports you in achieving your goals and becoming aware of the skills you have. Your natal Sun shines over your destined path while Pluto gives you the drive and determination to walk it. This aspect gives you an inherent sense of personal destiny and the strength to pursue your core purpose. You know what you want to achieve in life, and you have all the odds to succeed,

Sun-Pluto aspects also bring you the almost supernatural power to be reborn and ultimately turn your life around. It may feel overwhelmingly frustrating not to reach your goals, but every dissatisfaction only brings you more ambition and determination. You can respond to difficulties with maturity and wisdom, especially if there is an aspect between your natal Sun and Saturn or Pluto and Saturn. Your regeneration power might even surprise you sometimes, but it will save you from many dead ends. 

But be careful, as Pluto also allows you to manipulate situations to your advantage when you make the effort. I recommend you remain true to your morals and core values, as some compromises can be challenging to correct. 

When the Sun forms a sextile aspect with Pluto, you feel drawn toward plutonic interests such as profound dilemmas and digging beneath the surface of things. You want to break free of self-limitations and help others shine their light freely in the world. This aspect can suit a leader or an effortless artist, as the Sun also ignites a lot of creativity. 

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Natal Sun sextile Pluto and Your Love Life

If you have this aspect of Sun sextile Pluto, you will look for profound relationships that challenge your limits. You bring much passion into your romantic relationship and aim to bring the authentic side out in yourself and your partner. While you can become manipulative to get what you want, you choose not to because honesty is essential in a relationship. 

Your natal Sun makes you very loyal and committed to your partner once you are sure that you have found the right soul connection. This aspect gives you emotional depth and maturity, making it easy for your loved ones to rely on you. 

Pay attention to your ego; this natal aspect always makes you want to be right. Your love life lesson is understanding that relationships are more about cooperation and communication and less about who is in control or has the upper hand. As much as you like to take the stage, you can do that in your professional life, not in your personal life.  

Sun sextile Pluto Synastry 

If your Sun is sextile Pluto in your synastry, you and your lover share a passionate, intense, and empowering bond. You motivate and inspire each other to reach your goals and become the best version of yourself. You and your partner may share the same life purpose and work as a team on your mission. 

On the other hand, Pluto will also put you through many challenges meant to help you grow into your true potential. People with these aspects have the power to help each other transform their lives but might not be as effective at helping themselves. 

Read more about Sun sextile Pluto synastry. 

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Sun sextile Pluto Transit 

Sun sextile Pluto in both natal and transit will impact natives similarly. The transit version, however, will go away once this phase ends. During Pluto’s sextile Sun transit, we are prone to profound personal transformations. This can also be a time of empowerment when we are invited to step into our divine strength. 

This transit will also interact with other aspects of your birth chart, influencing each native differently. During a Pluto-Sun sextile transit, the worst thing to do is hold yourself back. This is a time to set your heart on your goals and achieve them! This sextile also brings an empowered capacity to connect with others and form soulful relationships. 

Celebrities with Sun sextile Pluto in the Natal Chart 

Sun sextile Pluto is a natal aspect found in the charts of famous people more often than you think. And what all of them have in common is an incredible determination to succeed, sometimes against all odds. 

Leonardo DiCaprio. The famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio cannot only impersonate his characters but also profoundly understand them. He proved that he can play various roles and is very involved in environmental activism. 

Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey completely transformed her life and showed us that you can build an empire from scratch. In her natal chart, Sun sextile Pluto helped her trust her strengths and become the best version of herself as a media personality.

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, revolutionized social media and the way people interact with each other. He is a visionary and a leader who believed fully in his power and owned his ideals. 

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What does Sun sextile Pluto mean?

Sun sextile Pluto is an aspect that forms when the Sun and Pluto are 60 degrees apart. This harmonious energy flow is meant to make our authenticity shine and lead us to our life purpose. 

What is transiting Pluto sextile to the natal Sun?

Transiting Pluto sextile to the natal Sun entails profound changes that could completely transform our lives. This transit aims to empower us and reveal our strengths not only to ourselves but also to the world. 

What is the conjunction of the Sun and Pluto?

This conjunction forms when Pluto and the Sun are within 8 degrees from each other. This aspect helps us stay in touch with our consciousness and subconsciousness, leading us to incredible wisdom and growth. 

Final Thoughts 

The Sun sextile Pluto in the natal chart aims to support you in becoming more like yourself and less like what others expect you to be. Follow your calling, put your heart into everything you do, and most importantly, believe in yourself! The universe has a big plan for you, and you were invested with all the skills to fulfill it! 

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