Mars in Taurus, Moon in Libra Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Even though these two are ruled by the same planet (Venus) there will be tension between them. Mars in Taurus’ earthy approach may offend Moon in Libra’s sensibilities, and Libra’s need for social niceties may bore Taurus. However, both signs love to love; they just approach it in different ways.

Mars in Taurus is not interested in the superficial trappings of a relationship. Although he doesn’t move quickly, once he does make his move, his intentions are unmistakable. Mars in Taurus has little interest in fussing with elaborate courtship; he’ll offer his partner a steady supply of sex, comfort and stability, with no frills (but plenty of indulgence). His lack of aggression may be mistaken for shyness, but he’s actually quite comfortable with his body (and his partner’s).

Moon in Libra needs romance and a light touch. She’s in love with the idea of love, and responds best to a sensitive partner who can supply all the trappings of traditional courtship (flowers, fine dining and a refined atmosphere). If she’s really into someone who’s not as chivalrous as she needs him to be, Moon in Libra may initially suppress her discomfort. But eventually, her resentment will surface, leaving her partner to wonder where he went wrong (because she seemed happy to begin with).

Moon in Libra may find that Mars in Taurus’ earthy sensuality is too coarse, while Taurus may not even attempt to make a move if he senses Libra is turned off. But if other connections in their charts draw them together, Libra may attempt to “become” what she senses Mars in Taurus is looking for. She may fool him for a while, but with her emerging distaste (she may find excuses to avoid intimacy) it won’t be long before they hit an impasse. If there’s a strong enough bond between them, Taurus’ patience and Libra’s need for a partnership could hold them together. But Moon in Libra must be honest about her comfort level, and Taurus must accept it.

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