How to Attract A Pisces Man

If you want to attract a Pisces man, you are in for a wild ride. These men are dreamers, charming and mysterious and great in a romantic relationship.

The first step is to understand his sign a bit more. From there you can learn the way to the heart of a Pisces man.

Pisces (February 19- March 20) – Water sign, ruled by Neptune– Personality traits: sensitive, deep, romantic souls, empathetic

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About the Pisces Sign

The Pisces zodiac sign is the 12th sign of the zodiac and one of their most profound signs. Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune and represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.

This star sign’s symbol perfectly represents the constant inner conflict of Pisces between their world of fantasy and the real world. They are wise people who know how to see the depth of a situation and are not afraid to look at the depth of someone’s soul either.

They are known for their almost psychic abilities and empathetic nature and love to explore on a deep emotional level. Pisces are compassionate and not afraid to explore the dark side of the world either, thanks to their Neptune energy that also represents creativity and imagination. 

Pisces is one of the most sensitive of the zodiac, experiencing complex emotions and thoughts. Most of the time, they are introverted. One of the mutable signs, Pisces men are not afraid of change and can quickly go from one mood to another. 

Pisces in relationships

In relationships, Pisces men are very caring and pay much attention to their partners. If you are having a hard time or not feeling well, chances are his empathic nature will notice it even if you try to hide it. And he will do everything to cheer you up.

These men don’t like to allow conflicts to escalate as they would rather have peace and calmness in their life. Sometimes their quest for peace can come with a sacrifice of their own needs.

Types of Pisces men 

Pisces men come in three major personality types. At the same time, a Pisces male will tend to have traits from all the following types. However, some lean more towards one category than others. And being able to identify the personality type of your Pisces man will help you understand him better. 

The healer

Pisces will always be the one who calms the spirits down in an argument. They know what to say to avoid conflict and have the right energy for it. Thanks to their empathic and sensitive nature, these men can understand everyone’s point of you without having them become an argument.

They have excellent mediation skills and can usually lead their group to a solution or at least a typical compromise for the problem at hand. And because a healer Pisces is so good at mediating conflicts, they will also try their best to avoid them, choosing peace over war at all times. 

The introverted

Pisces is the man who will internalize those deep emotions that are so specific to a water sign rather than talk about them. Usually, they feel overwhelmed by concerns and self-judgmental feelings and hold them inside like an inner torment.

Making these Pisces men open up is quite tricky. But once you get invited into their inner world, you will discover that they are all the most loving and caring. 

The dreamer

Pisces man prefers to indulge in his fantasy world. You will easily recognize these men because they are the ones to talk to for hours about any topic. Their mind and heart are open to exploring any possibility, and they have impressive imaginations.

A dreamer Pisces might struggle with the daily aspects of our mortal world, such as remembering where they put their keys or if they need something from the store. But they will always be ready to explore the ethereal world with their mind and soul. And you can only consider yourself very lucky if they let you in their fantasy realm. 

How to attract a Pisces man

Attracting a Pisces man is not a journey for the weak. You will have to stay open to their world of endless possibilities if you want them to invite you into their life.

His magnetic personality will charm you reasonably fast, and if you find the path toward his heart, you will discover a loyal and romantic man who could even become your life partner.

Here are a few tips to keep when you want to lure your Pisces man into your arms.

Project the energy of calmness 

Your Pisces man doesn’t like conflict, and most of them do all they can to avoid confrontations. They stay away from gossip and judgmental people. So, try to offer him an oasis of harmony and peace. This will go a long way.

Focus on him and show him that you pay attention to his words and emotions. Stay calm and keep a moderate tone, as they are not fans of loud people. 

Support him 

Support is crucial for Pisces men. They like to know that you are part of their team and back them up with everything you have. Showing your Pisces man that you believe in him can be the most incredible gift. Let him tell you his true feelings and thoughts with you.

Pisces men are great listeners and expect the same from their partners. 

Don’t hide your feelings. 

While you don’t have to remind him of your feelings every chance, you must ensure they know where you stand emotionally. Pisces men appreciate people who are not afraid to show their genuine emotions, and they will take such a confession as a sign of honesty.

Plus, once you show them that you are interested in them on a deep level they might feel more comfortable to open up and reciprocate. 

Explore your creative side

Pisces men are creative people. They are dreamers with endless imagination and impressive innovative skills. And such a man would love to see their potential partner also be a creative person. Let your creativity meet theirs and have your dreams unite.

If you bond at this level, it is the perfect foundation for a long-term relationship.

Gain his trust 

Trust is the most important thing for a Pisces man. He is a sensitive man and if he doesn’t trust you, there is not much you can do to attract him. Before he opens up to you, he needs to be sure that you will not take advantage of his emotions.

You can gain his trust by sharing your feelings, dreams, and essential values in your life. It might feel like the best way to find your path toward a Pisces man’s heart is to show him the path toward your own heart. 

Don’t be afraid to flirt

A Pisces man is the type of guy that likes to flirt and has a natural gift for it. And when you flirt back, it can be a mutual confirmation and a clear sign of your feelings towards each other.

While you don’t want to be vulgar or too direct about it, you don’t want to be extremely shy or conservative. Show him through body language. Give him direct eye contact when he talks to you, run your fingers through your hair, and show him your smile.

Your Pisces man will notice all these subtle gestures and feel more confident in your presence. 

Take the lead now and then

These men are leaders and are not afraid of being in charge despite the responsibility involved. They are likely to make the first move, but they also know how to appreciate a woman with leadership skills because they see her as an equal.

You don’t have to be dominant all the time but showing them you can also be in charge will bring you admiration and respect. 

What NOT to do when you want to attract a Pisces man 

While there are many things you can do to attract your Pisces man, there are also a few that will drive him away, and you want to avoid those. 

  • Don’t gossip, and stay away from judgmental remarks. If your Pisces man notices that you enjoy such approaches, he will feel like defending others from people like you, which puts you in the wrong league for him. 
  • Don’t belittle a pisces man’s emotions. Pisces men are sensitive and can have an emotional intensity about them. However, exactly when they appear to be overwhelmed by emotions is when they need understanding the most. Telling him to stop being so sensitive or, even worse, mocking him for it will make him close up and end all your chances. 
  • Don’t reject their help. These men like to feel useful and put the needs of others first. Even if you might not need their help every time they offer, make sure you let them know that with diplomacy. Tell them you appreciate their desire to help you and will not hesitate to go to them should you need that help. 
  • Don’t kill their dreams. Dreams are significant for Pisces men. Dreaming allows them to think outside the box and explore possibilities that other people can’t even imagine. Don’t minimize their dreams because they will feel misunderstood and unsupported. 

Most compatible zodiac signs for a Pisces man

You have a fair chance to reach the heart of your Pisces man regardless of your sign, but these men will naturally be more compatible with certain characters than others. 


Cancer women, as the fellow water sign next to Pisces and Scorpio, will share the depth of the Pisces man. They are both loyal and interested in long-term relationships. A cancer woman will understand and support the dreamy nature of a Pisces man, but she will also offer him the support he needs to explore his leader side. This could very well be a match for a lifetime. 


A Taurus woman can also be an ideal partner for a Pisces man. These women are faithful and reliable and like stability in their life. Taurus women find it also easier to make decisions, which is perfect for Pisces men who struggle with this skill. So, a Pisces man will feel safe and comfortable with a Taurus woman, and they can enjoy the simple beauties of life together. 


The Earth sign Virgo can benefit the complex Pisces man at more levels. They understand the Pisces’ need for space as they share it as well. Virgo women are very practical and rational, balancing the dreamy nature of Pisces and offering them stable ground. Virgo is also the opposite sign of Pisces but that only means they can complete each other in the right way and become the perfect match. 


A Pisces man and a Scorpio woman can be very passionate and intense and both look for a deep emotional connection. Scorpio women have the depth to understand the inner world of the Pisces man and his feelings on a deeper level. They are some of the most loyal in the zodiac. While the two can have their differences, the intense passion of the relationship can save it in the end. 


Libra women are balanced and fair-minded, which helps them bond with the Pisces man. Such a couple could function if they work on communication and have common goals, which allows them to grow through the relationship. They support each other, and if the emotional connection is strong enough, they can stay loyal to each other for life. But it is not a relationship without both ups and downs. 

In conclusion

Pisces men can be fascinating individuals and reliable partners. So, if you have your heart set on such a man, give him the safe space he needs to fully express his nature and you will be surprised by his romantic and unique nature. 

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