Composite Mars Square the Composite Nodes: Relationship Deal Breaker?

If you want to know how a relationship will manifest, look at the composite chart. It’s the final word on how, or if, you and your partner will create a union. This brings up the question of composite deal breakers. Are there any red flags that guarantee a relationship will not work out?

Well, there are no guarantees. I believe that, if you and your partner are ready and willing, you can encourage a relationship (whose time has come) to reach its full potential. But the fact remains that some relationships face major obstacles, and those obstacles are immediately apparent in the composite chart.

Composite Mars square the composite North and South Nodes is an aspect that can appear when there is a strong desire for you and your partner to be together, but external circumstances create blockages. The composite South Node represents the relationship’s incarnation in a past life, and the North Node is the relationship’s path forward. Any composite planet squaring the nodes points to the reappearance of past life obstacles. When composite Mars is involved, there seems to be an extra level of challenge. Mars represents the actions you and your partner take together and your sexual energy as a couple. When it squares the nodes, this action/attraction seems to go against the current.

There is something about the relationship that was (in a past life) forbidden or inappropriate. And it was the sexual component (Mars) that made it inappropriate. In this life, that sticking point is repeated, although not in exactly the same way. Relationships with this aspect have a great deal of difficulty getting off the ground. They may manifest as a brief fling, long-term affair, or unrequited attraction. But there is something preventing the union from gelling into a complete commitment, where both parties are free to be with each other.

Not Acceptable?

For example, the composite South Node in the 4th House (home and family) suggests that in a past life, you and your lover were part of the same family unit. In this life, it will feel natural for you to be together; there will be an immediate comfort level. But let’s put composite Mars in the 1st House, square the nodes.

The composite 1st House is your identity as a couple — who you are together. Mars in this house will give the relationship a definite, external thrust. You and your partner will not be shy about announcing yourselves to the world.

But the composite North Node is in the 10th House, which represents how you fit into society’s rules. With Mars in the first house, the stumbling block can manifest in the form of your mutual identity being unacceptable to the society you live in. This can take on different forms, depending on the signs involved.

Maybe you’re both married to other people, and your marriages are well established and respected. You both want to be together, but one or both of you is reluctant to stir up the public disapproval that would result from divorcing your current spouse(s).

Your path forward (10th House North Node) to standing up as couple in society (and not just tucked away at home) is blocked by your mutual identity. In your past lives, maybe you were together, but ended up as outcasts because your union was frowned upon. Or, maybe you were brother and sister-in-law, but (for obvious reasons) couldn’t express your love for each other publicly.

Is composite Mars square the nodes a deal breaker?

Not necessarily. But it will be a fight for this relationship to manifest fully. And it’s always a good idea to double-check if the relationship is in the best interests of both parties. Sometimes the fallout from the union would be too destructive.

Also, much depends on the natal charts of you and your lover, plus the rest of the composite chart. For the above example, let’s stick composite Uranus (liberation) on the composite MC, square Mars. This gives you and your love a powerful ally in the form of the rule-breaker planet, powering up your North Node, and pushing composite Mars into overdrive.

When you’re together, you won’t care about fitting in. Composite Uranus on the MC ensures that you will create your own rules, convention be damned. This relationship is meant to cause waves. On the other hand, if we put composite Saturn (limits and rules) close to the South Node, the pull of those past life limits may be so intense that this relationship will never go beyond a strong, mutual attraction that’s not acted on. Saturn will be blocking that composite Mars with a hard square, keeping your mutual impulses in check.

Sometimes there are no composite planets aspecting the nodes or Mars, but you and/or your lover have charts that encourage conformity. If you cheat on your spouse, but have natal Venus square Saturn, you may stay in your marriage out of duty or fear. If your partner has a natal planet square, conjunct or opposed composite Mars, they will be reluctant to push forward and make the relationship official.

They might have suffered persecution or violence (in a past life) as a result of their union with you. In this life, those echoes will trigger fear every time they consider committing fully to the relationship. Even if there is no threat of violence or persecution in this life, the leftover energy can trigger a strong, visceral reaction.

If you and your lover/crush/potential partner have this aspect in your chart, it’s not a stop sign carved in stone. But, there is a significant challenge that the two of you will have to get past. Sometimes the relationship is worth fighting for, as long as you both want the same thing. But sometimes, you’re better off leaving this one for another lifetime.

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