How to Tell if a Mars in Aquarius Man or Woman Is Into You


You can’t predict who will catch Mars in Aquarius eye, or how they will respond. Each person with this Mars sign is wired in their own way. But if you do grab Aquarius’ attention, you can be certain that they are drawn to something that makes you just a bit different from everyone else.

Be Yourself

Mars in Aquarius is neither shy nor aggressive. It’s more accurate to say he’s observant, and if he’s into you, he’ll have identified that “thing” about you that’s unique. He has no interest in following the group, although he may not be an obvious rebel. If you’ve caught his eye, he’ll be friendly, forthright and bit odd. You may not be sure if he wants to be friends, or something more. But one clue is his level of intensity. When he’s into someone, he can (initially) become fixated. He’ll probably engage you in an intellectual debate, because he’s energized by verbal sparring. He’ll invite you to join him at the rally/protest (if he’s fighting for a cause). Or, he’ll want to catch a movie, or visit his favorite restaurant. There’s no formula for what Mars in Aquarius likes to do, and the activity itself may or may not be mundane. He’s more interested in getting to know you, and how you’ll respond to what he does. Also, know that he’s a geek. Whether he’s into cooking, skateboarding, drinking Scotch or building replicas of ancient Babylonian cities, he will be an extreme specialist. And he’ll want to share that with you. Don’t bother trying to act like the person you think he wants — there are no rules. What will turn him off is your unwillingness to express your opinions, especially if they run contrary to his. Mars in Aquarius wants an intellectual connection as much as a physical one, and he’s bored by acquiescence.

If he happens to catch your eye, feel free to approach him. He may be intrigued if you put the moves on him, and if he’s attracted, he’ll say yes. If he’s not into you, he’ll let you know. He is a Fixed sign, which means he knows what he likes. If he doesn’t feel that essential zing when he first looks at you, he never will. He’s not timid, he’s not biding his time, and he doesn’t need to warm up to you.

Accept Aquarius for Who They Are

Sex may happen on the first date, or it may not. Much depends on Mars in Aquarius. But if she’s not ready, don’t push her. Things will happen on her schedule. If the two of you make it past the first few dates, chances are she’s into you and will continue to be so. While she may be turned on by the unconventional, she can also be quite focused and faithful once she’s emotionally engaged. It’s a cliché to say that Mars in Aquarius is kinky; don’t just assume that she is. However, she probably will be more open than most people to sexual experimentation. What does turn her on is anything that creates intensity of sensation. She can be a detached observer in the bedroom, which will be frustrating for you and her. As much as she loves to stand back (mentally) and take notes, she longs for someone who can make her feel present in her body. Anything that surprises her will do the trick, but at the same time, she’ll have some definite boundaries about what she will and will not do.

For someone who thrives on being unconventional, Mars in Aquarius has his own habits and routines. The key is, they’re his habits, and they may be eccentric. Also, he has no problem going off and doing his own thing. He will only commit to someone who doesn’t try to mold him. Meaning, if you find his odd habits or desire for alone time objectionable, there’s going to be a problem. If you don’t believe in the cause he’s fighting for, or you don’t like his taste in music/art/wine, that’s cool. Just don’t try to limit or deny him. He may have a ton of friends, or he may be an absolute loner. Either way, he doesn’t respond well to controlling or jealous behavior. If you feel insecure about the time he spends away from you, you’ll have to deal with it. Really, he just wants to be accepted for who he is, because he’s already accepted you for who you are.

It takes a lot to push her out the door, but she will leave if you continually mistrust or attempt to control her. There will be no dramatic showdown. You may not even realize she’s on her way out until the door shuts behind her. She’ll maintain that slightly detached, friendly vibe, no matter what. But once she’s gone, she’s gone.

About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


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    Especially throwing people off your scent..just when they think they can bolt you down and submit..your out the door!

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