Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityBoth these signs have an obsession with the truth. While Scorpio fearlessly breaks through any and all taboos, Virgo will take care of the details, and make sure everything is correct (and appropriate). There is no issue that these two will be afraid to take on, together.

Sun in Scorpio wants to get to the bottom of things, because he just knows there’s more to every story. While his partner may find his obsession with “what’s really going on” to be tiring (and invasive) at times, Sun in Scorpio simply cannot tolerate anything superficial or deceitful. However, he only wants to go this deep with a lover who meets his instinctive criteria (he’s not interested in just anyone). With the right person, he can be tirelessly devoted and always ready to “go there.”

Moon in Virgo needs to understand her relationship. This analytical Moon feels when something is off, and will immediately initiate a “clean up and fix it” program. While her lover may appreciate her readiness to take care of business, Moon in Virgo’s fixation with improvement can escalate into obsessive worrying. However, she’s the partner you want in your corner when help is needed.

These two highly selective signs will each understand why the other needs things to be just so. Scorpio will be encouraged and impressed by Virgo’s roll-up-her-sleeves willingness to confront whatever he throws at her. Although she may initially flinch at some of Scorpio’s darker explorations (nothing is forbidden in his world) she’ll fall back on her practical approach; this is her partner, and she’ll do whatever it takes to support him. Moon in Virgo’s need to improve something (anything) will be satisfied by Scorpio’s drive to keep digging. He’ll push into new emotional/physical territory, and she’ll refine things as she backs him up. Together, they can create a deeply intimate, grounded partnership.

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  1. susyfreelove says:

    Thank you for this description. interestingly i have been experiencing this manifest within a very recent relationship however It is also helpful to recognise these to aspects at play within my own psyche.

  2. Wow, great article!! Thanks for sharing. I was just in a relationship with someone who’s Sun is in Scorpio. My Sun is in Virgo and my Moon is in Pisces, but I feel that this post resonated with me because my Scorpio was constantly digging and investigating and as a Virgo, that irritated me because I was telling the truth. Throughout our relationship, I slowly understood that my Scorpio was just reacting to their nature. Unfortunately, our relationship did not work out in the end…although it is not quite over…..

    Anyways, awesome post – Thanks again!


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