Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius Compatibility

ScorpioThis sexy pairing brings together two energies that couldn’t be more different. The Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius couple create a passionate synergy between them that can generate growth and transformation, but this pairing also has all the hallmarks of a hissing cat fight. These two are at their best when they engage in a joint project or endeavor that is high-energy and demanding. When they direct their combined forces at something outside themselves, they are able to generate substantial power and creativity that feeds and supports their relationship.

Venus in Scorpio, aka “a spy in the house of love,” is deadly serious when it comes to matters of the heart. Watery, dark and deep, she only reveals her secrets when she can trust you completely. Sex is the terrain that she navigates best in relationship, and she will use this as a barometer to test for intimacy and commitment in love. Her suspicious nature can sometimes get her into trouble with less paranoid partners, but her loyalty once she trusts is unmatched.

AquariusMars in Aquarius is like a mad scientist in matters of the heart. A master of sexy surprises, this Mars loves to try out the new and unusual, in bed and out. His unpredictable actions can spice things up, with change being the rule rather than the exception in his relationships. Not known for his patience, Mars in Aquarius can act without thinking, creating chaos in his wake. Interesting? Yes. Relaxing? Never.

Venus in Scorpio is titillated by Mars in Aquarius’ zip and zing, which she finds exciting but hard to control. She may grow tired of constantly being knocked off center, but she will probably keep coming back for more. Mars in Aquarius feels compelled to investigate the deep mysteries of Venus in Scorpio’s soul, but is also afraid of getting trapped in her sticky web.

If this couple can live with both the excitement and the challenge of their powerhouse union, they will both grow and change in new and exciting ways. Otherwise, they will spend more time licking the wounds they inflict on each other than enjoying their connection.

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  1. Could you do Venus in Capricorn Mars in Virgo?

    Or Venus in Pisces Mars in Scorpio?

  2. blegh these r my natal chart placements…. true true and true!

  3. Loreley says:

    mine too.. 🙂 i like them, even if they are conflicting, i think they are both enthralling, one by intensity and the other by spontaneity 😉 two sides of us. you should be proud.

  4. I have never read something mroe true in my life!
    I used to date a mars/venus aquarius, and i have venus scorpio/mars cancer
    are sun signs are compatible mine being libra his being saggitarius, but in the end our mars and venus ruled the ‘relation’.

    We fought all the time and literally over nothing sometimes, it was like we just wanted to fight.
    An dhe would be an ass and yet id come back for more even thoguh i would say how much i hated him the night before.. i think its becuse we both hate change and we both changed eachother… it was a mess yet i just sent him a message that we should forget the past and get together sometime :p

    haha i love how aqurrate this post was!

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