Mars in Libra, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Mars in Libra’s Air may seem like a poor match for Moon in Pisces’ Water. But their mutual craving for love could be enough to make it work.

How to Tell If Venus in Gemini Likes You Back

Venus in Gemini is receptive to almost anyone. How can you tell if you’re different from the rest?

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The Smothering Mother: Natal Moon, Pluto and Ceres

Natal Moon, Pluto and Ceres in mutual aspect can make relationships a journey through the Underworld. And it all starts with your relationship to Mom.

Mars in Libra, Moon in Capricorn Compatibility

At first, Mars in Libra may be too fluffy for disciplined Moon in Capricorn. But there’s also a significant amount of chemistry between these two.

Jupiter’s Transit of Libra and the Air Signs

Jupiter’s transit of Libra should be a breath of fresh air for the love lives of Gemini and Aquarius.

Mars in Libra, Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility

Mars in Libra’s refined dance will be light enough to feed Moon in Sagittarius’ need for fun.

Jupiter’s Transit of Libra and the Cardinal Signs

Jupiter’s Libra ingress is coming up. Check out this article to see how the Cardinal signs will be influenced by expansion in the sign of relationships.

Mars in Libra, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

Will Moon in Scorpio’s intensity be too much for charming Mars in Libra?

Natal Indicators for Absent Parents

A parent’s absence will have just as much impact as their presence. This void can be seen in the natal chart.

Mars in Libra, Moon in Libra Compatibility

Mars in Libra is the perfect match for Moon in Libra. But can too much harmony be a bad thing?

4 Reasons Why You Would Fall Hard for an Aquarius

Aquarius isn’t for everyone, but if you fall for this unique sign, no one else quite compares.

Mars in Libra, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Airy Mars in Libra may not seem practical enough for Earthy Moon in Virgo, but they share a mutual understanding that makes for surprising compatibility.

How to Tell if Venus in Taurus Likes You Back

It takes time to know if Venus in Taurus returns your affection. But the wait is definitely worth it.

Mars in Libra, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Mars in Libra’s Prince Charming is exactly who Moon in Leo’s Queen has been looking for.

The Signs Most Likely to Commit

All signs have the ability to commit, but which ones are most likely to stick with you?

Mars in Libra, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

Mars in Libra’s charm will not meet Moon in Cancer’s need for security. But his desire to please can eventually get past her defenses.

Finding Your Parents In Your Birth Chart

Your first relationship is with your parents, and all relationships that follow are based on this. This template is clearly drawn in your natal chart.

Mars in Libra, Moon in Gemini Compatibility

Mars in Libra’s charm will match Moon in Gemini’s light moods. But this relationship may be so light that more serious issues are never addressed.

When You Meet Your Chart in Other People

Whether you find it fascinating or frustrating, seeing your natal qualities in someone else can be a valuable lesson.