Mars in Aries, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Mars-Moon Compatibility

Mars in Aries may be too blunt and impulsive for analytical Moon in Virgo, but if other influences in their synastry draw them together, Virgo can refine what Aries starts.

Intercepted Signs: Dormant Relationship Issues

Intercepted Signs

Intercepted signs can be undeveloped pools of natal energy that put a whole new spin on your love life.

Mars in Aries, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Mars-Moon Compatibility

Mars in Aries’ impulsive desire will feed Moon in Leo’s constant need for romance and appreciation.

Partners Who Don’t Act Like Their Sun Signs

Atypical Sun Sign Behavior

When your lover acts nothing like their Sun sign, it’s not always due to an incorrect birth date. Extra attention needs to be paid to what’s happening in their chart.

Mars in Aries, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

Mars-Moon Compatibility

Mars in Aries’ desire to conquer will challenge Moon in Cancer’s need to protect, creating some interesting and passionate battles.

Sexual Compatibility in Astrology

Sexual Compatibility

Whether you and your partner will shut each other down — or feed each other’s fire in the bedroom — is immediately apparent in synastry.

Mars in Aries, Moon in Gemini Compatibility

Mars-Moon Compatibility

Is Mars in Aries’ impulsiveness and Moon in Gemini’s duality too volatile for a solid relationship?

Love and Money: How Your Finances Reflect Your Relationships

Love and Money

Problems with your love life, but not sure how to deal? Looking at how you handle money can give you some clues.

Mars in Aries, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

Mars-Moon Compatibility

Will Moon in Taurus feel that Mars in Aries is too aggressive for her placid lifestyle, or will she let him in (if he’s still around when she finally opens up)?

Transiting Saturn’s New Challenge to Your Love Life

Saturn's Challenge

Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius will give a whole new set of natal relationship planets/points a dose of reality and responsibility.

Mars in Aries, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Mars-Moon Compatibility

Mars in Aries will be continually turned on and challenged by Moon in Aries’ intimate assertiveness. Together, these two will keep the fires of primal passion alive in their relationship.

Composite Aspects That Echo Natal Aspects

Composite Echoes Natal

A relationship that “resembles” one or both partners can fit like a glove, or create tension because of the magnified energy.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Sun in Pisces and Moon in Pisces can dissolve almost seamlessly into each other, which can be dizzyingly romantic, but also unhealthy.

Transit and Synastry Essentials Versus the Extras


Understanding the hierarchy of planets, points, asteroids and angles is key to understanding which transits and synastry connections really matter.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Sun in Pisces’ universal empathy will blend with Moon in Aquarius’ rational acceptance of almost anything.

Beyond Sexual Chemistry: Lifestyle Compatibility in Synastry

Incompatible Lifestyles

Synastry highlights areas of incompatibility that have nothing to do with love or sex. These areas can be dealbreakers if handled improperly.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Capricorn Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Sun in Pisces’ boundaries are flexible at the best of times, while Moon in Capricorn has some pretty high walls. Will Pisces be put off by her defenses, or will his gentle magic open her heart?

Eros: Essential Sexual Contact or Icing on the Cake?


Eros has some intriguing things to say about erotic desire, but how much weight does he really carry in relationships?

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Moon in Sagittarius’ galloping enthusiasm may bruise Sun in Pisces, but these two can make it work with their shared love of magical possibilities.

The 12th House Venus Woman

12th House Venus

12th House Venus in a woman’s chart can be a magnet for cheaters, addicts and tricksters. How can you get a grip on this slippery energy?