Sun in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Sun in Pisces’ limitless empathy will get absorbed, and be nourished by, Moon in Scorpio’s intense needs.

Dealing With Your Passive-Aggressive Libra Partner

Passive Aggressive Libra

Libra’s pretty exterior hides a stealth warrior, skilled in the art of passive-aggressive battle.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Libra Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Sensitive, imaginative Sun in Pisces will meet Moon in Libra’s need for beauty, but this relationship requires a reality check to make it more than just a beautiful, shared dream.

Sacred and Profane: Black Moon Lilith’s Transit of Virgo

Transiting BML in Virgo

What might happen to Black Moon Lilith, the original Bad Girl, when she transits through the sign of purity?

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

In this union of opposites, Sun in Pisces’ attempts to rise above the real world meets Moon in Virgo’s fixation on details.

Astrology and Predestination: Can You Miss Out on a Relationship That’s Meant to Happen?

A Young Couple Fighting

Will a predestined relationship just happen, or is there something you need to do?

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Sun in Pisces can meet Moon in Leo’s need for big romance, if she doesn’t burn him out in the process.

Universal Becomes Personal: Outer Planet Combinations in Your Natal Chart

Outer Planet Combos in Relationships

When outer planets (in your natal chart) aspect each other along with a personal planet, their extreme energy can play out in your love life.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Sun in Pisces and Moon in Cancer blend two different types of emotional resonance.

3rd House Synastry Overlays

Young couple sitting on sofa

If your partner’s planets activate your 3rd House, they can play a crucial role in your understanding of daily life.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Gemini Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Sun in Pisces and Moon in Gemini share a fluid approach to life that can unite his focus on possibility with her need for logic.

The Servant Who Wants More: Understanding Your Virgo Partner

Virgo Partner

Your Virgo partner wants more than clean sheets. The Zodiac’s unassuming servant is actually one of the more demanding signs.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Moon in Taurus will ground Sun in Pisces, while Pisces gently coaxes his stubborn partner into new routines.

Using Astrology to Elect a Wedding Time

Wedding Election

Can picking an astrologically beneficial time for a marriage improve its chances of success?

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Will dreamy Sun in Pisces get burned by Moon in Aries’ emotional demands, or will her fire heat up his ambition?

Picking the Perfect Time: Electional Astrology For a First Date

First Meeting Election

Electional astrology can give your potential relationship a jump start.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Sun in Aquarius may be too distant for Moon in Pisces’ sensitive nature, but they both share a certain detachment from the real world.

The Misconception About Synastric Nodal Contacts

Synastric Nodal Contacts

The truth behind the idea of “South Node bad/North Node meant to be” in synastry.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

When Sun in Aquarius meets Moon in Aquarius, these outsiders will create their own inner circle.

Navigating the Magic and Illusion of a Pisces Lover

Neptune-Pisces Lover

The Pisces/Neptune lover can be elusive, addictive and heartbreaking. However, there are ways to navigate these waters and keep yourself on course.