Mars in Leo, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Mars in Leo’s flair for the dramatic will ignite Moon in Leo’s need for an exceptional partner.

OkCupid Dating Profiles: Aries to Virgo

Ever wonder what kind of dating profiles each Zodiac sign might write? This week we look at Aries to Virgo.

Mars in Leo, Moon in Cancer Compatiblity

Mars in Leo and Moon in Cancer are both childlike, but in very different ways.

Which Four Signs Find Winter Cozy and Romantic?

Some signs make the most of winter, seeing the cold weather and holiday season as opportunities to enhance their love lives.

Mars in Leo, Moon in Gemini Compatibility

Mars in Leo will impress Moon in Gemini, but will he be able to keep her attention for the long haul?

How to Tell if a Mars in Scorpio Man or Woman is Into You

Mars in Scorpio doesn’t just want your body, he wants your heart, soul and everything else in between. If he decides you’re worthy.

Mars in Leo, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

Mars in Leo won’t dazzle Moon in Taurus with his bling, but he will win her heart with his ability to give her more of what she needs.

Challenging Composite Aspects: Cracks in the Relationship

Challenging composite aspects can be triggered by transits, bringing relationship difficulties to a head. But they don’t have to destroy the relationship.

Mars in Leo, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Mars in Leo’s flare will appeal to Moon in Aries’ need for assertiveness. His confidence and her courage will keep the fire burning in this passionate union.

Composite Neptune: Sink or Swim?

Neptune in the composite chart is where you can find the magic in a relationship, or its weakness.

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Mars in Cancer will want Moon in Pisces, and Pisces will need Cancer’s care. The line between these two individuals will blur as they achieve a heightened state of intimacy.

How Do You Handle Being Cheated On?

Everyone hurts when they are cheated on. But how that pain is processed, and the results, can differ greatly depending on the natal chart.

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Mars in Cancer wants closeness, while Moon in Aquarius needs space. Can the gap between these two be bridged?

Natal Saturn in the 6th House: Service Versus Slavery

Natal Saturn in the 6th house can create extreme adherence to routines and commitments. It can also cross the line between dependability and slavery in a partnership.

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn Compatibility

Mars in Cancer’s desire for security will be met by Moon in Capricorn’s need for traditional authority. These opposites will be attracted to the potential family they can create with each other.

Tinder by Sign

The world of online dating is more comfortable for some signs than others. Check out how each sign might do Tinder — or if they’ll even give it a shot.

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Sagittarius Compatiblity

Can Mars in Cancer’s protective nurturer build a life with Moon in Sagittarius’ wanderer? She may not be able to meet his demands for security, but this can be a passionate combination.

These Three Signs Are the Most Conservative on the First Date

Which signs hold back on the first date? This article explores why, and how, certain signs may not be in a rush to get close.

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

Mars in Cancer will take care of Moon in Scorpio, while Scorpio takes care of the deep, passionate merging in this relationship.

How To Tell if a Mars in Libra Man or Woman Is Into You

Mars in Libra comes off like the ideal partner, at first. The real challenge lies in developing a relationship with this contradictory planet/sign combination.