The Progressed Sun and Your Love Life: The Changes You Can’t Miss

The Sun represents your ego and life’s purpose. They are expressed in certain ways (via your Sun sign) and through certain areas of your life (via the house your Sun is in). When your Sun progresses into a new sign or house, there will be a dramatic shift in how you express yourself. This can have a huge impact on your love life, because the essence of who you are is evolving. You can’t ignore the Sun sign you were born with; that influence will remain. But as your Sun progresses, its natal potential develops.

Your Progressed Sun moves about 1 degree per year, from the day you were born. Depending on its original position, it may only change signs or houses two or three times in your life. You can use Sasstrology’s free service  to check out where your Progressed Sun is right now, and then estimate when it will move into the next sign or house (keeping in mind that the number of degrees in each sign ranges from 0-29). When your Sun progresses into a new sign, get used to it; you’ll be living it for (roughly) the next 30 years.

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Progressed Sun Changing Signs

When your progressed Sun changes signs, the expression of your conscious will, and your direction in life, evolves. If you were born with your Sun in Aquarius, you’re probably independent, and a bit detached, in relationships. When your Sun progresses into sensitive Pisces, you won’t lose your baseline Aquarian independence, but you may find it difficult to step back when your partner does something that clashes with your goals. In the past, you might have cooly insisted on doing your own thing, no matter what your partner wanted. Now, you may waver when it comes to pushing your own agenda. You’ll be more sensitive about what your partner wants, and you could become unclear about your original goals. The edge of your detachment will soften.

If your light and airy Libra Sun progresses into intense Scorpio, your focus will switch from maintaining relationship harmony (at all costs) to getting serious, and taking a partnership as far as it will go. You may crave an intimate connection with more depth. If you’ve previously wavered about commitment, this progression could mark a new era of absolute devotion to someone. Or, you may decide that your current relationship isn’t completely satisfying, and end it. You’re still a Sun sign Libra (polite, sociable, gracious) but you’re ready to deepen your approach to love.

As always, you have a choice in how to use the energy at your disposal. Keeping in mind that each sign has an evolved — as well as a Shadow — side, you’ll need to make an effort to express the highest potential of your “new” Sun sign. Progressed Sun into Pisces can result in some lost, delusional behavior: sacrificing too much for a partner, for example. Or, you may drift away from a relationship entirely, because it’s too “mundane” (Aquarian rebelliousness progressed into the Piscean urge to transcend can create some strong escapist tendencies). Libra Sun progressing into Scorpio can descend into a mess of jealousy and paranoia. Libra gets jealous, but Scorpio gets obsessive; it’s important to focus on going deeper, while not allowing Libra’s co-dependency to intensify.

Progressed Sun Changing Houses

When your Sun progresses into a new house, your focus will shift to that area of your life. Your Sun may still be in the same sign, but where you concentrate that energy will change. Let’s say you were born with an Aries Sun in your 3rd House of communication. When it progresses into your 4th House of home and family, all family matters will become more important. You’ll still be an impatient, dynamic Aries, but you’ll be concentrating that energy in your domestic sphere. Getting your message across (3rd House) will be less important than building a home life. This could be the time you decide to move in with your lover. If you already live with your partner, you may simply want to spend more time at home with them, or work on nurturing family connections (their family and your family).

If your Leo Sun progresses from your 5th House of fun and romance into your 6th House of service, your dramatic self-expression will be increasingly focused on how you can help others (including your partner). What you do for someone will make you proud. If you’ve been living it up in the 5th House, the shift to work and discipline (6th House) will be quite noticeable. Your partner may appreciate your increased attention to obligations, while wondering what happened to their playmate. If you’re single, you may become less concerned with romance, and more focused on building a lifestyle and routine that makes you proud.

The Progressed Sun and Trigger Points

As your Sun progresses, it will make aspects to your natal planets and angles. These trigger points can mark specific relationship events, in the context of the house and sign your Progressed Sun is in. For example, the Progressed Sun conjuncting your natal Venus can indicate a major, new love relationship, or something desired in an existing relationship (marriage, the birth of a child, etc). Maybe your Progressed Sun is moving through your 7th House (of relationships) and hits your natal 10th House Moon with a tense square. You could experience a conflict between evolving goals (yours, or your partner’s) in your marriage and your existing career (10th House). What you need (Moon) in your professional life will be at odds with the changes in your personal life. These progression-triggered events will not be quick; they can last from 3 to 4 years. If something happy manifests (like a new relationship), this doesn’t mean it will end as soon as the progression does. Rather, it will be a significant window of time for you to work with this new development and allow it to take root.

The Progressed Sun can create major changes in your love life, depending on the natal sign, house or planet/angle it contacts. Your evolving ego and purpose will be the trigger, and the exact nature of the changes will depend on your natal potential. But whatever happens will be impossible to miss, because the slow speed of the progressed Sun will ensure that these changes last for years.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Hmm, well my progressed Sun is in Pisces, although still in the 7th house of relationships. It trines my progressed moon in Scorpio in the 3rd house of communication… and those two form a grand trine (if you can consider it that) with my node in Cancer in the 11th house of friendships. I guess this is the best time to get myself out there in the community? Can I include the my north node in making a Grand Water Trine? Intuitiveness at it’s finest? lol

  2. This is timely. My progressed sun will move into Libra on May 10, 2014. I can’t wait!

  3. Hi Nadia,

    Hope you had a nice vacation.

    I have a question about progressed planets and progressed cusps. If a progressed planet is one house in the natal chart and in another house on a progressed chart with progressed cusps how do you weigh the impact of each house. Also sometimes the planets are backing into houses because the cusp are moving faster then the planet in a progressed chart. Progressed Pluto just left my 8th house into my 7th by way of the house cusp moving forward. Is this a major shift or something that would little or no influence. It is at the end of my 3rd house natally and retrograde so it is still there through progressed planet to natal cusp.


  4. @no-perspiration
    Yes, for sure you can consider your NN part of the trine. The energy seems to be all about relationships for you at the moment…one on one and groups. So definitely a good idea to get out there, especially with your Prog Moon in your 3rd house communications (emails, conversations, etc).

  5. @orangie
    That’s usually the start of a lighter, more social chapter.

  6. @Jane
    I look at Progressed planets in natal houses first. Always start with the natal chart and make connections from what’s progressed to that. Then, if you want, you can look at the Progressed chart (including cusps) as a whole and see if any Progressed house has more emphasis. But it can get confusing, so use Progressed to natal as your primary. Really, the only Progressed house cusps that make a big difference are the angles (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th). When the angles Progress and contact a natal or Progressed planet, the change is quite noticeable.

  7. Thanks

  8. My progress Scorpio Sun is entering my first house (after too long of a jouney into the 12th) but the funny thing is that it seems that it is my boyfriend who is having all the fun (Sun)and coming out of his shell !! That’s not fair ! It’s MY Sun after all !! LOL! Do you thing that eventually I’ll have a bit of the first house energy I’ve been waiting for 20 years! ? Thanks

  9. Rositsa Petkova says:

    Hi Nadia! Very interesting article on Progressed Sun, thank you for that!

    I have the following question regarding progressed angle and aspect: How long (time-wise and degree-wise) before the exact aspect to natal point, its influence will be felt?

    What I mean:
    1. If natal Venus is 9*58″ Taurus (Venus H8, R1 & R8), and progressed cusp of 7th house is 8*32″ Taurus now, could we say it has started working yet, or it is too early? The exact conjunction natal Venus / progressed 7th cusp would happen in beginning of 2015.
    2. If progressed Sun is 28*26″ Aries, and natal Mars is 28*51″ Leo (Mars H11, R7), is the forming trine natal Mars / progressed Sun already working, or it is too early? The exact trine would happen April, 2014.
    Natal Sun is 25*19″ Pisces, H6, R11.

    I would appreciate your comment!
    Thank you and BR, Rositsa.

  10. natasha k says:

    a little less than a year left before my sun progresses into sagg! i am counting the minutes! maybe things will finally begin looking up for me? i’ve been working hard towards my art career, and i noticed that at the same time as the progression my natal libra stellium will conjunct my progressed midheaven along with transiting jupiter. my progressed sun will also conjunct my natal neptune exactly at this time, which no doubt will have pitfalls, but could have a positive side since i am an artist.. can i justify getting my hopes up a little?

  11. Hi Nadia …love to read your web site..please keep them posted ,I have my progress sun conjunct my natal moon coming its sextile my venus ,I have natal moon sextile venus and tirne my Neptune BUT oppose pluto in scorpio…..what can you make of it….???..thanks for your help

  12. Hi Nadia.

    Great article ! I have a question about the progressed sun conjunct natal MC I am hoping you can answer.

    Is it possible for this to come and go and for not any significant event to occur. I read so much about the progressed sun triggering change but have yet to experience any changes nor do I see any potential for any. Does something always happen within the year. Want to remain hopeful but feeling discouraged.

    Thanks for your help.

  13. Monalisa1226 says:

    Looks like progressed Venus is conjunct natal sun in the 8th house, but not 100% sure. Would anyone be willing to take a stab at looking at my chart?

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