How to Tell If Venus in Gemini Likes You Back

Sometimes it seems as if Venus in Gemini likes everyone back. They’re friendly, chatty, and curious. It’s not difficult to catch their eye, but the challenge lies in keeping their attention.

Here’s a hint. They values a mental connection over everything else.

Social Butterfly

Venus in Gemini is the original social butterfly. They gather some information here and make a new friend there. They want to know, discuss and learn new things. But they also want to keep it light and fun. You can get their attention if you approach them with anything new and intriguing.

Keeping their attention will demand your wit and ability to talk about things quickly and thoughtfully. You’ve got their attention for now if they indicate that they want to take the conversation further (maybe over coffee).

Keep the conversation going

If Venus in Gemini is willing to step away from the social mix and actually focus on one option (you) you’ve made an impression. Now, you need to keep the conversation going.

Not to put too fine a point on this, but it is all about the intellectual connection. They’re a collector of information and experiences, so things may progress if you have something new to teach and a lot to say about it. Turnoffs include your sad stories or rigid conversational rules.

If your idea of a connection involves sharing deep emotional experiences, you’ll overwhelm them. But you can’t stay silent. The trick with Venus in Gemini is your willingness to touch on any subject matter lightly. Nothing is taboo, but nothing is so serious that it can’t be instantly dropped when the subject changes.

Don’t be fooled by their superficial demeanor. Venus in Gemini is a sharp cookie, and will immediately know if you’re the possessive or demanding type. Then, it will be game over, before you even realize it.

They won’t come out and say it, but they’ll avoid future opportunities for a second date. If you see each other on a regular basis, they’ll still be friendly, and may even exchange quips with you on social media. But there will be no intimate get-togethers.

Speaking of which, sex on the first date may or may not happen. Venus in Gemini doesn’t have strict rules about intimacy. If they’re curious and there’s enough of a connection, they’ll go there. Why not? Sex with someone new is another experience, and they’re not shy, judgemental, or uptight. But this doesn’t guarantee a relationship.

Catching the Butterfly

If you’re looking for a sure commitment, Venus in Gemini can make one. Any sign can. But of all the signs, they’re more likely to need a lighter touch and the assurance that you’re not going to restrict them.

Gemini is the sign of multiple options, so they may be dating more than one person. Or, they’re leaving their options open. Then again, maybe the connection between you is so strong that they decide you’re the one. If you’re looking for a cut-and-dried guarantee with Venus in Gemini, it’s a difficult call.

But let’s say that the connection is super-strong and they choose you. This is more likely to happen if the two of you can talk about anything. And there’s always something new to talk about. If you’re the strong, silent type, Venus in Gemini is less likely to want to establish anything long-term with you. They want a relationship with endless, bite-sized discoveries and an ongoing conversation that continually evolves. They’re also looking for a companion. Gemini is the sign of the twins, so despite their interest in all things new, they wants a relationship with someone who will enjoy what they enjoy. You don’t have to be exactly like them, but shared activities will be important.

Letting it go

How do you destroy a relationship with Venus in Gemini? Be heavy-handed and demanding. Be suspicious of every new social contact they make. Flip out when you catch them saying anything slightly flirtatious on social media, and forbid them to have any friends that they might possibly be attracted to.

Do everything you can to limit their experiences. This assumes your Venus in Gemini partner is faithful, not crossing the line with their flirting. Just keep in mind that even when they’re totally committed, they will always seek out other people to interact with. One person will never be their everything.

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