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Asteroid Eros in the natal chart

Eros, a less commonly discussed yet profoundly influential asteroid in astrology, signifies love, desire, and sexual energy. Named after the Greek god of love and sexual desire, Eros symbolizes the intensity and passion that drives our intimate relationships.

This asteroid significantly influences how we experience, express, and understand our deepest sexual desires, impacting our intimate bonds profoundly.

Eros in Mythology

Eros is the son of Zeus and Aphrodite in Greek mythology. Contrary to popular depictions of Eros (or Cupid in Roman mythology) as a cherubic baby wielding a bow and arrow, Eros was a full-grown, winged god symbolizing passion, often with the risk of chaos.

In the tale of Eros and Psyche, Venus tasked Eros to make Psyche fall in love with a beast to ensure her rejection by humanity due to Psyche’s beauty rivaling that of Venus. However, Eros accidentally pricked himself with his magical arrow and fell in love with Psyche. He took her to a hidden location, visiting her only at night, keeping his identity concealed to protect their relationship with Venus.

This story reveals several facets of Eros and its influence on our sexual and emotional lives. The erotic, symbolized by Eros, involves directing sexual energy towards someone or something—a process that is as much a mental choice as a passionate response. This concept is evident in how Eros, against his initial task, chooses Psyche as the object of his desire.

Eros in the Natal Chart

The placement of Eros in your natal chart can provide insightful information about your erotic nature—what excites you, what you passionately desire, and how you express these desires. Interactions between Eros and other celestial bodies in your chart can further illuminate the nature of your erotic enthusiasm, revealing your ‘turn-ons’.

For instance:

  • Eros-Sun: Individuals with Eros in contact with their Sun might identify strongly with their erotic nature. Their passion may intertwine with their identity, making them intensely expressive in erotic relationships. Such individuals might be attracted to power or people who stand out.
  • Eros-Moon: Emotions may be imbued with high passion and intensity, with Eros touching the Moon. These individuals may have a compelling need to connect deeply emotionally. Emotions, in this case, become the primary source of erotic stimulation.
  • Eros-Mercury: An association between Eros and Mercury can manifest as communication carrying an inherent sexual charge, intentional or unintentional. All verbal or non-verbal exchange forms may become sources of erotic stimulation.
  • Eros-Venus: When Eros interacts with Venus, there’s a merging of love and erotic desire. However, the erotic expression may need to align with Venusian standards, like beauty, wealth, or compatible values.
  • Eros-Mars: With Eros and Mars in contact, there’s a potential for the erotic to enter the sphere of competition or assertion. In this context, ego, aggression, and even selfishness can become sources of erotic stimulation.

Eros in the Astrological Chart

The Eros sign in your astrological chart provides detailed information about your sexual nature and how you approach your sex life. It can indicate what you find to be a big turn-on and how you engage in sexual relationships. Eros is not the ruler of any zodiac sign, but its sign placement in your birth chart can significantly impact your sensual dynamics.

Here’s how Eros interacts with different parts of the natal chart:

  • Eros in the Fifth House: The 5th house in astrology is linked to romance, creativity, and personal expression. When Eros resides here, it might indicate a strong desire for romantic and sexual encounters that are both emotionally satisfying and creatively stimulating.
  • Eros and Venus: Venus, the love planet, is often associated with physical desire and pleasure. When Venus conjuncts Eros in a synastry chart, it can suggest a passionate love union where both partners deeply understand and fulfill their partner’s needs.
  • Eros and Mars: Mars, traditionally associated with action and desire, conjunct with Eros can create an especially erotic position of Eros. This placement might point to a dynamic sex life characterized by an insatiable appetite for physical pleasure and a strong need for sexual conquest.
  • Eros in Zodiac Signs: Eros’s influence varies across different zodiac signs. For example, Eros in Taurus might indicate a sensual lover who revels in physical pleasure and intimacy. In contrast, Eros in Gemini might suggest a lover stimulated by intellectual exchange and communication.

Eros and Other Asteroids

While Eros holds absolute importance in understanding our erotic nature, it’s worth noting that countless asteroids, like Ceres, the asteroid associated with the goddess of the harvest, and other celestial bodies like dwarf planets, also provide valuable insights. For instance, the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter hosts many stony asteroids that astrologers often consider in birth chart interpretations.

Eros in Synastry

Eros contacts in a synastry chart, also known as a lovers chart, can reveal compatibility between sexual partners. Cafe astrology and other free articles for advanced students of astrology often explore how Eros’s contacts between two charts can indicate the potential for a deep, sensual bond.

The Influence of Eros Today

Despite its roots in ancient times, Eros plays a crucial role in modern astrology. Its presence in the birth chart can illuminate aspects of our love life, sexual objectification, and our approach toward physical desire. 

A holistic approach to astrology incorporates the influence of Eros and other celestial bodies to provide divine insight into our desires and passions. Understanding the placement of Eros in our charts can enhance our emotional intimacy and, ultimately, help us lead a more fulfilling love life.

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