Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityThis couple will be welded together by their shared obsessions. Sun in Scorpio’s fixations will blend perfectly with Moon in Scorpio’s need for total intimacy. Outsiders will not understand this relationship’s darker corners, and that will be just fine for these intensely private Scorpios.

Sun in Scorpio is fearless, but he doesn’t display his courage with showy bluster. He craves absolute sexual and emotional intimacy, and his no-holds barred explorations take place behind closed doors. Even Sun in Scorpio’s lover will never see absolutely everything that he has going on; keeping a piece of himself in the shadows is how he maintains control. His partner must be willing to share — or at least tolerate — his tendency to obsess; his investigations of any subject are full-on, and this requires a degree of commitment that most people find unnatural.

Moon in Scorpio needs to bond with her lover at a primal level. Incredibly private, she will keep her intense needs buried until she meets a partner she can (gradually) trust. But even once Moon in Scorpio’s lover has earned her trust, there will always be times when she withdraws, as she goes through a regular process of deep transformation and renewal. She’ll give her partner unending passion and support, as long as he is willing to dip below the surface with her.

Sun in Scorpio’s deep explorations will be fully supported and shared by Moon in Scorpio. Whether it’s sex, movies, mountain climbing, or any other interest, these two will live and breath it to the limit. Sun in Scorpio will take the lead, while Moon in Scorpio instinctively backs him up. If she needs to go off on her own internal journey, Sun in Scorpio will understand. These two will nurture many obsessions together, but the main one will be their commitment to each other.

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  1. this is exactly what we have with my boyfriend! This is so totally true!!!

  2. I found it interesting that the moon in scorpio individual would give support to the sun in Scorpio individual. I work with a scorpio male and i do find myself willing to support him. my moon is in Scorpio. He is my best buddy, in and out side of work. I have always connected with Scorpios.

  3. I am moon in Scorpio sun in Aries and my boo is sun in Scorpio we match together like white on rice me being a sun in Aries and moon in Scorpio I love a person to the end and very loyal this man don’t have to worry about me straying or leaving him committed for life

  4. Michelle says:

    I am a sun in Scorpio and my husband is a Scorpio moon with a Scorpio rising. He has a major wall up can’t get past it lacks emotion and passion. Im stumped! Its making me crazy. He can only open up when he’s under the influence.

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