Sun Conjunct Jupiter in the Natal Chart: Mr. Big Stuff

When ego (Sun) is united with the planet of expansion and philosophy (Jupiter), it creates a larger-than-life personality. Sun/Jupiter is a highly intelligent, optimistic partner. But when his sense of self gets too big, is there room for another person in the relationship?

Jupiter’s Energy

Jupiter’s full-on influence quadruples the Sun’s energy. The Sun/Jupiter person is not shy, and you’ll know immediately if he’s attracted to you. He’ll assume that you’re into him, because Sun/Jupiter just knows that things are going to turn out his way. He’s usually right, because his abundant confidence and sense of possibility create positive outcomes.

Be prepared for showy romance, cultural exploration, and endless, fascinating conversations. You’ve hit the jackpot in terms of an adventurous partner, because Sun/Jupiter wants to try it all. In the early stages of the relationship, being swept up in a whirlwind of cultural and romantic excess can be fun. But with the Sun/Jupiter person, the whirlwind never subsides. Over-eating, over-drinking, and over-spending can be issues (the sign that Sun/Jupiter is in will define the areas of excess). Sun/Jupiter in Taurus may bankrupt himself on material luxuries. Sun/Jupiter in Leo will suck up all the attention in every room that he occupies. Having a partner with more restraint (and some strong Saturn contacts) is essential for keeping him on track.

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Managing Your Sun/Jupiter Partner

He may make glowing plans for your next night out (or your future) together, but then not follow through. This has nothing to do with deception; Sun/Jupiter gets carried away and over-promises. He means well, but overlooks the details. Rather than assuming he’s stringing you along, follow up on his plans and make sure that his suggestions are actually possible. Then suggest a realistic alternative, if they’re not.

The core issue for the Sun/Jupiter person is ego. There’s nothing wrong with self-confidence, but being in a relationship with someone who knows he’s right—and everyone else (including you) is wrong—can be taxing. Sun/Jupiter is right about a lot of things; his lifelong focus on knowledge and exploration gives him serious mental clout. But he can identify so closely with his beliefs that he turns into an intellectual bully. If you end up knowing more about something than he does (and chances are, you will) he may react defensively and accuse you of “lording it over” him. It’s difficult for him to accept anyone else’s authority on anything.

Evolved Sun/Jupiter

Not all Sun/Jupiter people are this overwhelming. Jupiter does represent wisdom, and the Sun is conscious will. If he’s evolved and self-aware, Sun/Jupiter can be an intellectual powerhouse who combines his breadth of knowledge with fair play. If he has issues with being right all the time, know that these issues are easily accessible; Sun/Jupiter is a conscious energy that’s highly receptive to conversations with a partner.

Overall, the Sun/Jupiter person is a fun, generous lover who knows his stuff (most of the time). His enthusiasm for life (and for you) makes him very appealing. A little restraint and understanding is all it takes to keep his personality at a tolerable level.

Are you in a relationship with a Sun/Jupiter person? Tell us about it in comments below.

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  1. curious757 says:

    My goodness, Nadia! 😀
    It’s like you’re talking about my lovable bigger than life husband.
    Great read btw. Always excellent.

  2. curious757 says:

    forgot to mention:

    “Having a partner with more restraint (and some strong Saturn contacts) is essential for keeping him on track.”

    *mischevious happy laugh*. that’s me.

  3. Irish Lady says:

    I’m a S/J conjunct in 7th house Cancer. My moon is wedged in the middle of that too 🙂 I can definitely identify with the ‘always being right’ part although i tend to keep my opinions to myself a lot of the time. 🙂

  4. I have sun jupiter in pisces… and I do not think this describes me at all… I am actually pretty shy. Can u please elaborate why/ how that might be so different?

  5. Heidi, could be Jupiter just amplifies Pisces’ mystical yearnings and sensitivity/imaginative nature which increases introversion.

  6. how will sun/jupiter conjunct in cap indicate?

  7. curious757 says:

    sigh. lol the article sounds like my husband (he’s Leo Jupiter) but not sun in Leo but still….just like him.(could be all the leo planets he’s got too – it really creates a lot of Leonine energy)

  8. My boyfriend of the past year is sun conjunct jupiter (both in Cancer in the 10th house). Funny enough, the last 3 long term relationships I’ve had have been men with their sun in an aspect to jupiter, but only the current guy has his conjunct. An intelligent, optimistic partner? Oh yes! And I love it! I don’t think his sense of self is too big, though. He hasn’t had much luck with girls and doesn’t know they’re flirting with him half the time. I know how I treat him has given him a lot more confidence in society, though. That’s what I do… I adore and spoil the men I’m with 🙂 He should have assumed I was attracted to him because after the first time I met him I made it appoint to “show up” in his place of work. He was open to the idea of getting to know me, but was skeptical based on his past relationships. When I finally got the chance for us two to sit down and talk I went in for the kill. I knew I wanted him. I have that black something aspect that says I can usually get anyone I want. I want to say it has to do with Saturn.

    “Over-eating, over-drinking, and over-spending can be issues ” Yes, in all areas… not really the drinking, but if he’s not working and there’s a party to go to…. yeah we’re DRINKING lol! He’s not really an over-eater per se, but his diet is poor. I have an ex with a sun square jupiter and he definitely did all the above. My current guy does over-spend…. and it only pisses me off when he expects me to match him in his spendings (I’m frugal).

    “He may make glowing plans for your next night out (or your future) together, but then not follow through”

    Yep, all the guys did this. I eventually started asking about said plans and putting dates to said plans cuz they got my hopes up! With my current guy… we still never went on a said vacation this past summer.. guess he forgot. He was in the moment when he brought it up, so I can’t hold it over his head, but now I am buying us tickets and a hotel room to see a few shows in Dallas during New Years. He IS getting time off. No questions, ands, or buts! I know we’re going to have a great time, so he has to go lol! (I have strong Saturn contacts and lots of em)

    “If you end up knowing more about something than he does (and chances are, you will) he may react defensively and accuse you of “lording it over” him.” This only happened with an ex-Pisces. If I had a mind of my own WATCH OUT! Smh…. the current guy, Cancer, has shown me his ego a couple of times. What I try and do is only show mine when I must stand up for myself. Other than that, I really try not to. He has taken my way of communication and followed suit, so our conversations (and even arguments) are VERY understanding on both our parts….. so, essentially, they’ve all been pretty much calm. I also help him out when he has to deal with other people. He has had a tendency to make a statement and then justify that statement. I’ve been telling him just make the statement and leave it at that. Like, if you’re apologizing and saying “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, BUT…”… I’m teaching him to take out the “BUT” part and just say he’s sorry. It’s been working.

    ” If he’s evolved and self-aware, Sun/Jupiter can be an intellectual powerhouse who combines his breadth of knowledge with fair play.” All guys have been on there way here…. only my current guy is truly there. As an Aquarius, I LOVE my intellectual powerhouse. Such a turn on!

  9. After reading the title of this piece and reading it thru I thought that sounds just like my BF. Not knowing if he was a Sun conjunct Jupiter person off hand I pulled up all his info and wouldn’t you know it, he is. Sounds just like him as far as very intelligent (but sort of a know-it-all), likes to point out when he’s right but in the next breath will say he doesn’t like being right most of the time (sure!) Never a dull moment with him for sure and we do have very in-depth long conversations into the night. He’s in Florida, I’m in Illinois, we reconnected last year after almost 18 years apart as we were leading separate lives all these years. He is Sun Pisces and Jupiter in Pisces as well, both in 2nd house. I am a Scorpio with Sun conjunct Mars both in my 2nd house. My Jupiter is in Sag. in my 3rd house. We are both Cancer moons as well. Another factor: my Venus is conjunct his Pluto which I’ve heard is a beautiful thing….? Not sure where this relationship is going long term, we’ve talked about future plans, marriage etc. We both have kids from previous marriages and are taking things slow but both feel as if we’re soul mates or even twin souls. I feel there is a very powerful union between us, most times we know each others thoughts and finish each other sentences and blurt out the same thing at the same time. We feel we were brought back together for some higher purpose (for ourselves and others). Would like any thoughts or advice on this pairing from someone that knows more than me on this subject. I’m trying to learn as much as I can in true Scorpio fashion! Thanks!

  10. Also spot on re: over eating, over drinking and over spending, perpetual dreamer, procrastinator, but shy and NOT overly confident which I feel is due to his rough childhood, but he’s mine and I love him!

    Thanks fellow astrology lovers!

  11. Great well balanced article about our high points and our faults. Definitely have to keep tabs on the dogma and self righteousness . ( Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius) But if you know I have this aspect,then know when I get on my pulpit or become over aggressive it’s not malicious.

  12. I have Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aries, and this is all absurdly accurate. I spent most of my childhood learning how to manage my energy, which was so massive I compare it to being born with a blow torch in each hand (not easy for a little girl – I broke lots of teacups). I’ve had great luck with Saturnian or Plutonian partners. Their feedback is always so valuable, and they seem to know instantly that my intentions are good.

  13. Loreley says:

    Kanye West has this. He is the poster child for Sun conjunct Jupiter.

  14. This is me i alway’s think i’m awesome,

    I can do anything and I want people love me like a MovieStar 🙂

    But . . . . .

    I destroy my life’s soo many years 🙁

    wish me Luck 🙂

    I know i can do it 😀

    (^omg not again)

  15. An ex of mine has Sun conjunct Jupiter in the first house but in the tamer more controlled sign of Virgo (and in detriment). He wasn’t a hedonistic pig.

  16. There is a YouTuber I watch with Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus and she suffers from binge eating and being overweight. She is also materialistic to the extreme and narcissistic. Very classic posted child for Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus.

  17. Sounds like a walking case study… who is it?

  18. (The YouTuber, that is)

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