Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Aquarius Compatibility

AquariusIt’s liberation times two when Aquarius meets Aquarius. Each will understand the other’s need for space, but they may spend so much time exploring the fringes that their relationship drifts apart. However, due to this sign’s fixed nature, there is the potential for a long-lasting bond.

Venus in Aquarius can be a loyal, understanding partner as long as her lover accepts her need to stand apart. This means not expecting her to conform to conventional relationship standards. Independent and eccentric, she’ll feel trapped in the role of a traditional housewife. She relates by being a friend first, even with her lover. Ms. Aquarius’ detachment means that emotional declarations of love are not part of her MO, but neither are jealousy nor vindictiveness. Ms. Aquarius is able to remain friends with her exes because she just doesn’t see the point in cutting someone off.

AquariusMars in Aquarius is an electric, unconventional lover. His experimental approach to sex can be intense but unemotional. He is open to trying almost anything, but his energy is erratic; he can switch from hot to cold in an instant, especially if his lover is needy. Despite his changeability, Mr. Aquarius can stubbornly cling to a goal or ideal, especially when it appears he can’t have someone or something.

When these two meet, they’ll instantly recognize one another. The chemistry can be intense, initially, as they celebrate finally having found a partner who understands them. However, these similarities may be what drains the excitement out of their relationship. Aquarius is intrigued by differences, and finding someone who mirrors their own qualities could get stale. But if there are enough differences in the rest of their charts, these two could form an enduring relationship.

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  1. I have venus in aqua and I cannot be friend with my ex aqua.I tried dozens of time but it always hurt.I still love him.After 4 yrs of mourning I cut him off,so far been over 6months and I dont think I will change my decision.It was destroying me-keeping in touch with him. Maybe coz Im cancer-rising sun and aries sun.
    God hep!

  2. I have to disagree with staying friend with an ex, I am a pisces with Venus,Moon,Mars,Saturn in Aquarius. i am not friend with my exs, done, and dusted..

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