The Astrology of Sexual Charisma

Credit: dmbaker via iStockphoto

Credit: dmbaker via iStockphoto

What comes to mind when you read the phrase “sexual charisma”? It’s difficult to define, but it goes way beyond looking hot. People with this quality have the “it” factor, and they exude it without even trying. Their energy draws people in, and inspires devotion or adulation (think of certain celebrities who have that sexual X-factor). One way to attempt to pin down this elusive energy is by looking at the astrology. While the natal aspects in this article are associated with sexual charisma, they are only indicators of charisma, and say nothing about a person’s intentions (positive or negative). The same goes for skill level in bed (although a couple of the aspects described below have been featured in this article on the astrology of a great lover).

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Good read. I agree with Pluto in the 1st house, Venus in Scorpio, and Venus in the 1st house totally as I “own” those. Venus in Aquarius too. Their nonchalance is intriguing to many. Ditto on Venus conjunct Mars. Love and passion inextricably tied together.

  2. I have Venus square Pluto and I can attest to the fact that I seem to attract people I’m not interested in. Very often they refuse to take no for an answer. It can also lead to relationships in which people think they own you and try to restrict your relationships with others via underhanded means (and this doesn’t just play out in romantic relationships). It is not an enjoyable aspect, by any means.

  3. I have Chiron on the asc, Venus on the asc, Venus conj Pluto and I have always found my sexual charisma like having an Irish wolfhound in the city. People ooh and ah, but in the long run what do you do with it and how do you feed it? And of course you always have to keep it on a chain.

  4. I have natal venus and mars conjunct (in Sag, 2nd house) which both square pluto (in Virgo, 12th house). No, it’s not much fun. I attract those I don’t want, or I’m attracted to those who are unavailable. Lately, I attracted someone where it’s mutual. Hurrah, right? Nope, denial, on his part. So now what?

  5. Is there any way you can make mars in scorpio evolve/ work for you?

  6. Also, does having natal Venus in the eighth house have any of the same effect as having Venus in Scorpio?

  7. This is so very interesting and now it all makes sense! I have natal neptune in the 1st house. Neptune is also conjunct my natal moon, both conjunct my ascendant in the 1st house. I would tend to attract so much attention anywhere I would go, and yet I always would keep to myself and I’m not outgoing at all. Ever since I can remember I have always felt this intense “high” inside when someone is interested in me in which I know it would never work out. Now I know I must be exuding that “untouchable energy” – and when I know it’s being felt by someone it gives me such a rush/high- much more than when I am actually dating someone! Now I know where all of this stems from. I’ve even noticed now that I’m older it still continues to happen which was confusing to me because I’m not exactly “young” anymore, although others think I am LOL! Astrology still never ceases to amaze me.


  8. So Venus in the first house at 8.44 doesn’t have that big of an effect? That’s what I have and my ascendant is in Taurus. My bf has Neptune conjunct his ascendant in Capricorn and Venus trine Uranus. When I first met him, I thought wow, he is so attractive! So much that I couldn’t look at him straight in the eyes. Lol! He is very business like, stoic, aloof, etc. He is charming, but it isn’t natural, it’s more like contrived, but the thing is people don’t notice and they really latch on to him.

  9. yep, I understand that neptune in first house and of course I have to go and have it in scorpio to boot, the thing is exactly like the power/chrisma pulling them in and yet not able to have it, I have found they often mistakenly think I am already in relationship? Plus my Venus is in taurus 7th house and although a pretty wide range for the opposition aspect this is Neptune we are talking about and the Venus in 7th house Taurus would infer there is the possiblitiy of potential relationship based on good values,! I am an older female these days and have been divorced 13 years having devoted those years to raising my children alone yet I now feel my emotional baggage is gone and I am ready to be noticed again, plus with saturn just moving off my neptune now I am hopefull of somehow using the energy now to create the potential? Any suggestion of how to use this energy better other than standing on a table yelling dont ignore me Im available lol

  10. What about Pluto in 12th conjunct ASC Scorpio?

  11. Hi Nadia
    This is really interesting. I have venus (2nd house) squaring both Pluto and Uranus in 5th house and I’d never have thought of myself of a charmer- ‘electric’ or ‘rebel’, but nice (I think) to hear you say so! 🙂 … perhaps it’s understated because I am VERY shy … I do have saturn in 1st house.

    But similar to Eme Kah’s experience I’d say in my committed relationships (that would be 7th house though) I get the sense that partners/friends often act as if they own me… that has to be pluto…

    I always thought that both Pluto and Uranus squaring Venus, esp in 5th is an extremely challenging aspect… just one eg. I read somewhere: venus/uranus being called a divorce’ aspect. Would love to hear your thoughts on the other side of these aspects… maybe you already have a post on it somewhere? Thanks 🙂

  12. Hi Nadia,

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! The ‘love of my life’ has;

    Venus conjunct Ascendant (3 degree orb)
    Neptune in 1st house
    Venus in Scorpio
    Venus Semi-sextile Uranus (1 degree)
    Venus conjunct mars (in Scorpio)

    And to top it all he has asteroid ‘Casanova’ exactly on his AC. I bet he is the ‘dream man’ of many other women…………:(

  13. curious757 says:


    it sounds so immodest but I do attract everything under the sun. Well, not everything but ALOT.

    Lots of neptune contacts,
    Venus everywhere, swimming everywhere.

  14. @TheAstrochologist
    Thanks. It’s always good when you have examples quoted in the article, in your chart, so you can confirm.

  15. @Eme Kah
    True, Pluto/Scorpio does seem to attract a lot of manipulation.

  16. @Sheyna
    Great analogy! Good point that others don’t know how to react…charisma is no guarantee of smooth romantic relationships.

  17. @Kisses
    Could be that 12th House (secrets) Pluto energy; attractions that have difficulty manifesting in the real world. The solution is Pluto’s polarity point (6th House Pisces). 6th House energy is taking something and bringing down to the mundane world, practical applications, etc. Even though it involves Pisces, you want to find a way to make it part of your daily life.

  18. @Kabe
    8th House Venus: it can be similar to Scorpio, but with the 8th House there can be more difficulties with buried issues/psychological complexes. Depends on what sign Venus is in.
    Mars in Scorpio: become very aware of how you use its power. Actions that involve vengeance or manipulation will end up hurting you more than the other person. Best use of this energy is to accomplish something (something healthy/constructive) because it gives you a huge amount of focus and drive.

  19. @Sag
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  20. @Richelle
    That’s still pretty close to the AC…the orbs I used were rough estimates. I would say attractive, but maybe not the same oomph as if Venus were right on the AC. Great example with your boyfriend (others not noticing because they’re just projecting their own agendas onto him).

  21. @Debbie
    Be aware of the message you’re sending out and try to work on being more obvious. It’s difficult with Neptune in the 1st, but maybe placing yourself in a forum (online dating? single’s event?) where it’s a given that you’re available.

  22. @Glitter
    If Pluto is within 1-2 degrees of the AC it works similar to Pluto on the AC (in the 1st House). Read the reply I wrote to Kisses…Pluto in the 12th can create some issues with misdirected energy.

  23. @amy
    I don’t have a post specifically on Pluto/Uranus square Venus, but if you search in the archives on this site you’ll find posts on Venus/Pluto and Venus/Uranus. The “divorce aspect” relates to Uranus’ energy of freedom/restlessness. But divorce certainly does not have to be the only way this energy is expressed.

  24. @Marion
    Venus/Mars in Scorpio is very focused on one partner at a time, though.

  25. @curious757
    Thanks for sharing your examples.

  26. I have Venus in the 12th house, part of a t-square composed of a 9H Pisces Moon (conjunct the North Node) opposing 3H Pluto in Virgo. I think the fact that Venus is in the 12th has made it a lot harder to break through that t-square. The thing about manipulation is that the answer is fairly straightforward: As soon as I “sense” it, I have to stop participating in it. Calling it out gently helps (Pisces) and then refusing to get trapped in mind games (Pluto in Virgo in the 3rd). The latter include my own. Obviously, with a Moon/Pluto component, there was a lot of mind games in childhood that made it harder for me to discern that I kept replaying the experience as an adult and that I was contributing to it. I’ve had to learn to have faith in how things feel (Moon in Pisces) instead of telling myself that things should make sense (Pluto in Virgo). I’ve also learned that real love doesn’t make demands or insist on possessing. When someone tries to tie you down, that’s not love, that’s fear and fear kills love.

  27. It is 3 degrees. Pluto is at 8 and ASC is at 11, but I have Pisces 5th house.

  28. Thank you Nadia, will look into it 🙂

  29. @Nadia,
    It is 3 degrees. Pluto is at 8 and ASC is at 11, but I have Pisces 5th house. So does that differ from the Kisses response?

  30. Thanks Nadia, Yes his Mars and Venus are conjunct in Scorpio. Scorpio is also his AC. So hopefully as you said, his sexual Charisma gets directed on to one-woman-at-a-time.

    His Scorpio AC ruler Pluto is tightly conjunct my Sun. My Taurus AC is tightly conjunct his moon. Something to be happy about i suppose?

  31. @Eme Kah
    Great approach, especially the discernment between Virgo and Pisces.

  32. @Glitter
    You can apply what I wrote to Kisses (about the 12th House Pluto) to you as well. The polarity point is still the 6th House, it would just be the opposite sign to whatever sign Pluto is in. So mix the 6th House energy (practical application to your daily life) to whatever sign is in there (opposite from Pluto).

  33. @marion
    Those are strong synastry contacts, yes. The real question is…do you feel that what you have with him is solid? Astrology can give you some information, but the base instinct of the person who is actually involved in the relationship (you) is usually correct.

  34. Great article, Nadia! Would you consider Chiron 12 degrees Taurus with Asc 18 degrees Taurus in the first house, or too wide an orb? Also, what do you think about Venus in Scorpio square Mars in Leo? Thanks!

  35. Wow, helpful article thank you…sheds some light on some things…I have both Pluto and Uranus conjunct my Venus in Virgo…that has it’s own set of “complications” for me!!! But what I can never get is why I polarize people…either they love me or they are extremely put off by me…I think you may have shed some light on things for me…and that is planets on the Asc within 1-2 degrees acts like 1st house placements…would this be valid for other planets too and any aspect?
    I have Pluto and Uranus square my Asc…plus Neptune Quincunx my Asc all within 1 degree…how would this play out as far as how people see me…I would do a happy dance if I could understand why people react to me this way. And to add to the mix I have Venus, Chiron and Saturn square my Asc as well (wide Orbs of 7, 3 and 5). I am by nature totally into the Pluto evolution of self and need intense intimate contact…but I am wondering if Neptune is the one that acts like the fly in the ointment and why people are projecting what they will onto me…thanks

  36. @Danielle
    So Chiron is in the 12th House…too wide an orb, plus Chiron’s energy might be hidden. Venus in Scorpio square Mars would certainly be noticeable. Charisma, yes, but maybe too much (too aggressive?) for some people.

  37. @Dee66
    Any planet conjunct the AC would not signify sexual charisma, although those planets would be very noticeable. I’d say your Pluto/Uranus energies are so strong, that’s why people are polarized. These planets both represent extremes.

  38. Wow Nadia, what a great site is this. I was searching for answers and discovered that the person i am in love with has Pluto conjunct Saturnus, and no links to my Pluto in Virgo. Bad for me, i am obsessed. Then i discovered he has a conjunction between Mars and Uranus in Sagitatius, so that is also bad I think, i really don`t know what to do , i really like him from a distance,and I want more.

    But I have a stellium of Venus, Mars and Jupiter in the 12th house in cancer, sextile Pluto and Uranus in Virgo in the 3th house, and that was a revelation. A friend astrologer said one time that I am really spontaneous, and that has to do with the Uranus\ Venus.

    My starsighn is Leo ascendant, sun in the first house and Moon in Pisces in the 9th.

  39. I have natal Venus and Mars conjunct in the 10th house at 0 Cancer and 29 Gemini respectively but I am curious as to how this might play out squared to Pluto (in 1st) at 29 degrees Virgo (along with a Jupiter opposition in Capricorn as part of a T square). The article says that Venus smoothes out some of Mars’ rough edges unless there is a square to Pluto…how would the “unless” play out?

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