Saturn as Relationship Glue and the Capacity to Grow Up

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The Composite Ascendant and the Role of the Chart Ruler

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Getting There: The Function of the Sun in Composite Charts

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Latent Synastric Elements: The Secret Fuel of Love

Think your relationship is doomed due to incompatible elements? Check out this history of the greatest 20th century love story to see how important latent synastric elements can be.

Five Common Misconceptions in Synastry

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Unmasking Ourselves: The Power of the Outer Planets on Angles in Synastry

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The Outer Planets and the Angles: Paying the Price for Wisdom

When an outer planet hits an angle … watch out! But if you are prepared for these gods of disruption, they can positively transform your life and your relationships.

Your Sun/Moon Midpoint: The Key To Your Relationships

The Sun/Moon midpoint is your personal relationship button. When it’s activated by a transit, be prepared for a romantic milestone.

What Happens When You Meet Your Skipped Step? Repaying Karmic Debts In Romantic Relationships

If you keep finding yourself in challenging relationships that you just can’t pull back from, this may be your skipped step.

Inner Planets to Angles: Electric Bolts from the Blue

Synastry studies can provide an explanation for sudden attraction … if you know where to look. Find out how planetary contact with angles profoundly affects your relationships.

Synastry Basics: Who Is Really “Right” For You?

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Uranian Lightning: Uranus in Synastry

Relationships are supposed to be all about joining and melding. And Uranus, well, he’s about separateness all the way.

Unique Study Links Venus to Romantic Choices People Make

Why do romances wax and wane? Progressed planets play an interesting role in the progression of relationships.

The Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain: Venus Opposite Pluto

Venus opposite Pluto? Be prepared for obsession, possession, passion, and Machiavellian manipulation at its best … and worst!

Venus Opposite Saturn in Synastry: Finding a Solution in the Axis

This aspect between two charts does not have to be considered a dealbreaker.

The Astrology of Marriage in the Royal Family: A Suitable Girl and the “Bit on the Side”

A study of Prince Charles’ synastry between Camilla Parker Bowles and Diana Spencer.

The Top Five Synastry Aspects for a Significant Relationship

How do you know if a relationship will last, or if it will even begin? When consulting astrology about a romantic relationship, most people want to know if it will develop into a significant, long term union. The underlying question is, “What kind of an impact will I have on the other person?” While there are no guarantees, […]

Rethinking Venus/Saturn in Synastry

Most people approach Saturn in synastry as a necessary but bitter pill that must be swallowed in order for there to be some kind of longevity in the relationship. Even if we don’t look at him with dread, we furrow our brows when we notice where he falls. Saturn in synastry gets blamed for all […]