Sun in Capricorn Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

This ultra-serious relationship will blend Sun in Capricorn’s rules with Moon in Scorpio’s intensity. Both of these signs mean business when it comes to commitment, so this partnership is likely to stick. Capricorn’s authority will provide a suitable container for Scorpio’s strong passions, and each will respect the other’s resilience.

Sun in Capricorn knows what he wants

He is a master planner with drive and ambition to burn, but he approaches his goals with quiet, steady assurance. He approaches relationships in the same way; once he decides on a suitable partner, he’ll work to ensure that they can build a lasting union.

Sun in Capricorn is not interested in a lover who doesn’t take him seriously, although sometimes he can be a bit too serious. He can forget that his managerial skills in the office do not translate smoothly to his personal life. A partner who balances out his rules with emotional insight is best.

Moon in Scorpio knows what she needs

Depth, passion and emotional honesty are her relationship must-haves. Her lover must be courageous enough to explore uncomfortable (but ultimately rewarding) experiences with her.

Moon in Scorpio will not commit to just anyone; with depth comes discrimination, and her razor sharp instincts usually guide her in the right direction. If something feels “off” she won’t hesitate to confront or (if she’s absolutely pushed to the wall) amputate. She’ll go the distance with someone she loves, but she will not tolerate desecration of her boundaries.

Sun in Capricorn will respect Scorpio’s deep strength. When he attempts to lay down the law, she’ll quietly but firmly let him know which rules are acceptable, and which are not. Moon in Scorpio will respect Capricorn’s authority. She feels most secure with someone who is not scared off by her intensity. She’ll bring the passion to this relationship, while he provides the structure. Together, they’ll create a powerful union that is rooted in their absolute commitment to each other.

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